Toronto Van Sidewalk Hoax

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Whoops – looks like the van was being staged on the sideroad, and not on the main street [this may be an intentional red herring/confusion tactic].

The CPR they offer us isn’t convincing.


Here’s the timeline used to make all the video fit.

Nothing is left to question – all media released by the media is made to fit, if not confuse first.

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15 thoughts on “Toronto Van Sidewalk Hoax

  1. xileffilex

    Seems like the woman pushing the baby stroller at the start of the cross roads “citizen” dashcam footage has “emerged”. Was she part of the set up? Looks that way.…
    The woman seen in the video pushing the stroller reached out to Maclean’s after seeing the clip online. Bryna Kligman, who is three months pregnant, was walking home with her young son from an appointment with her obstetrician. They stopped at nearby Wanless Park—“a reward for my son being patient while I was at my appointment,” she says—before continuing on to her home just past Beecroft Road.

    Kligman could hear the van’s squealing tires before she saw the vehicle. “I thought it was actually going to drive right into the cars that were stopped at the lights. It was making a terrible grinding sound—it sounded like the brakes weren’t working. It made a very sharp left on Bogert Avenue. As I saw the police car coming down several seconds later, I was sort of waving my arms around trying to point to where the van had turned. I could see he didn’t know where the van had gone.

    “I was trying to point, but I don’t know if he saw me.”

    After Kligman had crossed the intersection she called her husband to tell him what had happened. Then she continued home, a five-minute walk from the traffic lights. Once there, she turned on the news, she says, and “my stomach dropped.” “Every day we do that walk almost. And just realizing that after heading through that intersection, it’s terrifying.”

    Scipted, I’d say.
    French-language education to non-native speaking parents or caregivers and their young children (ages 0-3 years) in a fun and interactive format
    Fully bilingual (English and French) / Experienced translator / Strong time-management and organization skills / Wonderful interpersonal skills/ Excellent telephone and email communication skills / Exceptional presentation skills……

    An embellished account from Kligman occurs elsewhere at Macleans…

    After her appointment, they had visited a nearby park, then taken the subway to Sheppard Station, stopping briefly at Whole Foods before walking west along Sheppard toward home
    She called her husband at 1:31 p.m., right after her near-miss.

    Like one does…1.31! the van was nowhere near her, and she bothers her husband [at work, one assumes] A nice convoluted story to put her at the crossroads and support the story.

    1. ab Post author

      My only counter to that is do we really know when they record the video? Like any movie, nothing is sequentially created which can lead to continuity errors.

  2. xileffilex

    Yup, an intentional release from an invited photographer.
    Strange thing is, this fake witness trying desperately to remember his scipt, Henry Yang, says the van started “hitting like post stands post boxes news stands, bus stop signs on the sidewalk” once it had mounted the pavement [allegedly]…
    “ in the movies, movies…” – fake witness Kasra Ebrahimi – another little joke from the controllers.

    The list of “victims” has that familiar ring to it of easily recycled people. A 94 year old woman must be the oldest fake victim ever!
    Here’s the list of new lifers/retirees…

    Note the “salt o the earth” Korean chef whose
    ” wife, who had been living in Toronto, recently returned to South Korea.”

    Well, fancy that.

    According to the Toronto Sun
    “It’s unclear why Chul Min “Eddie” Kang… was in North York that fateful day”

    It seems pretty clear to me that he was already off to South Korea before the pre-crashed van was parked up in Yonge Street.
    More suspicious CCTV –…

    Can anyone pinpoint the place the van was finally parked up? I can’t find it on Yonge Street google maps.

      1. xileffilex

        Ah, got it, Ab. Poyntz Ave, a nice easily sealed off location for a film shoot. Take a trip down Yonge Street thanks to this helpful video from Globe & Mail:…
        Don’t laugh too much, especially at the damage to the bus shelter.

          1. xileffilex

            Here’s the location with the Teheran sign on the building’s windows.

            It’s weird seeing those cosy, spacious homes with lawns and gardens on Bogert so close to the high rise strip of Yonge

            1. ab Post author

              Then it makes sense that it went down Beecroft to be placed in position. This downtown/uptown area was carved out of suburbia. It really doesn’t belong there but such is urban intensification in former areas of urban “sprawl”.

              1. xileffilex

                …but it would have had to come back onto Yonge St to be pointing the right way on Poyntz…unless it did a U-turn to park up neatly on the sidewalk.

                There are elements of the cunning Westminster Bridge 3/22 hoax here, where the rampant vehicle was only suggested [backed up by tampered long distance footage in London] and the still unknown method by which the pre-wrecked vehicle was placed in position and whence it came.

                I haven’t found yet the pavement section of the “rampage” in front of the Korean billiards hall.

                The intersection event on Beecroft was probably choreographed, involving. in addition to the dash-cammer, the large yellow truck [the signal] , the Flanagan truck, the white pick up and perhaps some following cars. All to show the police car in “pursuit”.

                It’s always interesting though how they shoot these #NDNGH films in semi-full view.

                1. xileffilex

                  PS See this Avalon video, where the billiards hall is identified and an UNDAMAGED van does a drive-by. The answer will be, I guess, that this van double hasn’t yet “crashed through a bus shelter yet” – this is on Yonge south of the corner of Finch.

                2. xileffilex

                  Just listening to Inspector Bryan Bott of the Homicide [why? #NDNGH] division of Toronto police give an account of the route allegedly taken by the white van.

                  He says it turned between 4980 and 4950 Yonge St then left onto Beecroft and left again on Bogert. Mysteriously it emerges onto Yonge , details not given then does a right into Poyntz. How does it get directly from Poyntz to Yonge? There’s no way through and if it drove through the park, the cop makes no mention of it.
                  We even get a nonsensical map from The Star

                  The cops aren’t bothered if the story makes no sense, to get the wrecked van double parked up pointing west.

    1. xileffilex

      Fake witness Henry Yang gave another more detailed interview about his chase…trying to keep to his script [funny how these fire hydrants seem to come off worse than the van, lol!]

      picked up by Avalon, who, in a better video, points out that the average speed of the white van down the sidewalk was less than 5mph according to CCTV timestamps……

      FFAC, who did some good work on the Humboldt hoax, points out the old banger of a cop car in pursuit without blue lights.…

      You know it’s fake when Henry Yang gives yet another interview with the same old BS script

      Even funnier is the GoFundMe/vigil weirdo preceding him in the clip who always carries blue gloves in his pocket around with him and attended to the “injured”.
      “you never know when you need it” [sic – the blue gloves]

      1. xileffilex

        Seems like Arias Reisiardekani ** aka Mr Blue Gloves at the start of the above BBC clip is another of the inner circle of trusted interviewees pushing narratives, in his case how wonderful “diversity” is and how strong the “community” in this “diverse” area.…

        Aras Reisiardekani tells us how a community came together to create an outlet for their grief…

        We won’t let this divide us,’ Arias Reisiardekani said with confidence that was almost serene, in the circumstances, but lovely. ‘The community will pull together’

        Overtones of the Jo Cox psy-op in the UK

        ** the name appears Iranian e.g Reza/Razi Ardekani. The white van parked up outside a building displaying the word Tehran in Farsi


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