Toronto Van Hoax: Tribute to an urbanist?

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As I eluded to in a previous comment, I wonder IFF they are creating vicsims from whole cloth, that they model them after certain people that locals may be familiar with.

Geraldine Brady

Geraldine Brady used to pull out photographs of her great-grandson, dotingly telling visiting friends about the little boy, and rifle up newspaper clippings to show off articles about her daughter and the farm she ran.

Source: Geraldine Brady remembered as a ‘lifelong friend’ with a ‘positive attitude and smile’ | The Star

If so, this entity looks a great deal like the anti-car urbanist that came from NYC to Toronto in the 60s to give her vision of a livable city, Jane Jacobs.

Makes sense if the goal is transform this commuter route into a slow moving, downtown-like streetscape.

Jane Jacobs

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3 thoughts on “Toronto Van Hoax: Tribute to an urbanist?

  1. Tom Dalpra

    Nice idea, and it’s the type of thing that could be done and maybe I missed something, but I’m not sure if it is a tribute to Jane Jacobs. A trade-mark silver bob, yes, but no, trade-mark glasses in that key shot. Also I’d expect there to be some oblique reference in the text of the newspaper report, but I couldn’t find any.
    Interesting character though.


    1. ab Post author

      It’s probably a stretch for the hoax corporation to create such a reference. The glasses and nose were the trademark, but the fact that I saw it means other locals may too. I wasn’t even a fan.

  2. xileffilex

    For [Feanny] Xu, her visits with Brady were always a solace from stress. She’d been visiting her Toronto home more lately, she said,

    – yeah helping set up her new life.

    I touched on this media savvy [twitter, facebook..] Fanny entity previously . she who seemed to know the identity of her “dead” friend before the coroner did. 24 hours later and she’s soooo sad [to see good love go bad, perhaps, as sung by Don and Phil]
    I bet it wasn’t an open casket visitation, shame we missed it yesterday…

    Perhaps someone can pop along to the funeral at 4pm today?

    “Passed away unexpectedly” – like one says when a “loved one” has been mown down [allegedly] by a homicidal maniac.

    Here’s another insider, Claudia Bohorquez, with Gerry. Claudia is a frequent visitor to key retirement area Arizona.…

    The RS Kane funeral home as also been “entrusted” with the funeral of Betty Forsyth, 94. Same routine, I guess? No!……
    “private cremation”

    Well that was nice and simple.
    Tragically passed away on Monday April 23, 2018, at the age of 94 years young. Beloved aunt of Robert Forsyth and his wife Nancy, dear cousin of Jackie Ritchie and Helen Maylin. Cherished friend of Maureen Williams, Barbara Puckering, Mary Hunt and Sylvia Gangursky. A truly independent, spirited and colourful character, who lived life to the fullest, her way. In accordance with Betty’s wishes, a private cremation will take place and her cremated remains will be interred in the family plot in Newhaven, England with her mother, her dear sister Joan and her brother Bob

    Actually, there are several photos of Betty uploaded on the funeral site, but only one of Gerry. Perhaps Betty did die on or before that date? A fictim could in theory just have their name forwarded by a coroner, retirement home, etc and hey presto – they were on the sidewalk when the van rampage occurred.


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