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18 thoughts on “FAC459-Rollo, Originalsimulent, Vapsh111, Exoteric64, Faye, Seneca, Ab, Patrick

    1. gaia

      That was Faye trying to poke. She doesn’t believe he died, but knows him of course.

      I don’t know about his stance on 9/11, but don’t care either. His Wagging the Moondoggie was a great piece of work, funny too.

  1. Vespadouglas

    AB…..how in the name of whatsofuckingever is anyone going to direct an inquisitive mind to your blog…….to find this absolute shite audio and pathetic comments……#HRDPAR all day

    1. Vespadouglas

      dont you fucking see it ?……….this is fucking unique…..think 20 years ab…..who in future is gonna see this……youre being played methinks…..mucho respect

  2. xileffilex

    What’s the problem with the NDNGH page at Fakeopedia, Gaia?
    The concept of psyops in fact does not include the occurance of real victims or injuries

    Aside from the small spelling infelicity. [occurrence] I don’t have any problem with that, NDNGH is a very useful concept and one which quickly and succingly gets right to the heart of the make-believe world we have shoved down our throats by the media, a concept which seems to upset online gatekeepers greatly. We could just delete the phrase “in fact” However, as I read it. the phras “in fact” here refers to and distinguises psy-ops from “real events”, whether they are real crashes, real murders, genuine epidemics, accidentally started fires…. [where provable, which is about as difficult as proving a psy-op] The fall-back position that people really die in psy-ops is a lame gatekeeping operation of last resort.

    1. gaia

      You exactly illustrate what is the problem here.

      The divisiveness.

      Nobody has an overview of those psyops. While I agree that most of them are hoaxes; staged events where nobody died, we cannot be sure about many others either. Especially when wars come into play. Or semi-wars. Take the Dos Erres massacre for instance. I know the military juntas in Latin America have committed very bad and dirty operations. They can and do stage certain events (like bombings in big cities), but also commit real crimes at the same time.

      One of the motivations behind a staged event which is a hoax about “terrorism” in the West is that it is easier, cheaper, safer and more profitable to not kill civilians. I completely agree with that view. Giving lots of people new identities, just inventing vicsims who only exist on paper, in the West that is easy.

      It gets different with rural communities of (illiterate) farmers in -let’s say- Latin America (Dos Erres, FARC, Zapatistas, Sendero Luminoso, etc.) or in wars. To claim no soldier ever killed anyone, to claim no soldier got hurt (what are all those maimed soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan doing; chopping off a leg to keep the idea alive? -roll- ), is ludicrous.

      It is very important to stay on the safe side on what we can claim or not. For our own credibility and also to not fall into the same trap as the mainstream (claims without evidences).

      On the Sydney Siege, which indeed looks like a completely typical staged event to me, if Rick really knows someone who got a bullet hole, it doesn’t help to call him a liar (apart from him not deserving it, if you know him). There may be alternative explanations:
      – the person in question lies to Rick completely (no bullet wound) and he believed the lie
      – there were real bullets shot, and most of them didn’t hit anybody, but some things stay out of control (for instance a cop who turns up and is not briefed well enough)
      – the person in question got a bullet wound from another occasion and passes this wound off as from the Sydney Siege

      On NDNGH:

      I described it at Fakeopedia as follows:

      Nobody Died Nobody Got Hurt – NDNGH is a phrase emphasizing the probability that in military psychological operations real injuries or fatalities are unlikely to occur, yet these are scripted and staged for the needs of the operation.

      Which is a lot more nuanced than:

      Nobody Died Nobody Got Hurt – NDNGH is a phrase introduced by researcher Dave J aka David Johnson. With this slogan Dave J proposes to differentiate between real accidents, natural or human made, that are not planned and executed by the military intelligence apparatus or other specialized organizations and on the other side those events, that are conceptualized, planned and executed by the military intelligence apparatus or other specialized organizations as psyops. The concept of psyops in fact does not include the occurance of real victims or injuries, it includes though the destruction of material and the mediated propaganda of the psyop narrative. For Fakeology the term Nobody Died Nobody Got Hurt summarizes in a short and striking memorable phrase the starting hypothesis for the research and analysis of psyops.

      1 – RESEARCHER??? Are you kidding me? The crazy guy produced a video in just 30 min after John Adams came with his personal experience with someone he actually knew…
      2 – “the concept of psyops does not include the occurrence of real victims or injuries”? Are you kidding me? Vaccination deaths? Cold War psyops? Other war psyops? Coudenhove-Kalergi, overflowing Europe with immigrants who, at least in part, cause trouble (no matter stories about “terrorism” are staged, there is real crime and injuries happening at the same time; the one doesn’t exclude the other), people put on AZT and dying because of that “medicine” instead of “AIDS”?

      This whole I-know-it-all-safely-from-my-armchair-position is very destructive for real truth seeking (like AAMorris does state all the time). It is also completely untrue. We, by definition, cannot know everything.

      The most important factor for truth seeking is Logic.

      1. xileffilex

        Logic is the last thing we should be using when trying to work out what “they'” are up to and how they’re creating this fake reality. At least you didn’t cite the gatekeepers’ favourite, Occam’s Razor.

        1. gaia

          No, it is the first thing, and looking at your last point (none of which addressing my post), you haven’t even read what is under the link.

          1. xileffilex

            You’re right, I didn’t. But, having read them, the contents of the link don’t interest me, as per my own point. It seems more suited to your own favourite “psychopath” John le Bon rather than a simple fakeologist like myself who can smell a staged event a mile off without recourse to logic. If it waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck, i’m not going to spend too much time consulting the lucubrations of Epictetus in determing what it is.

        2. Terran Downvale

          LOL. Occam’s Razor, the hoax denier’s favorite spiritual murder weapon. How many times have we been told the “simplest answer” is that an event really happened and people actually died? For me, this faulty reasoning goes along with the idea that the controllers want to do what’s “easy” (and “cheap”) or are in some way “stupid” and “lazy.” It may appear that way sometimes, but as we often see when we look deeply into these psyops, beneath the layer of seeming banality and “incompetence” there lies an impossibly complicated network of interconnecting elements that seem to somehow make the magic trick more effective. Sure, there is probably some kind of “logic” to it, but not logic as we know it. Is it “logical” to painstakingly plant “Easter eggs” in the form of intentional “mistakes,” anomalies and other hints into their hoax presentations?

          There is definitely some kind of “voodoo” at work here that we don’t or can’t understand from our perspective. We can assume it’s all a misdirection (as many here are inclined to believe), but I don’t, and I have my reasons for it. I’ll just say it possibly gets into an area where standard “logic” does not apply and our adherence to that limited way of thinking (which we have been conditioned into believing is the epitome of “intelligence”) prevents us from ever fully understanding what’s really going on here.

  3. Dave J

    Patrick, YOU are a false witness of War and of death in general You have NO firends that did any Killing in the gulf so called war. YOU saw nothing, know nothing and only are repeating what anyone could call thier own story had they only watched CNN, Period

    1. gaia

      Such a “valuable resource” this lunatic.

      Patrick, I enjoyed you sharing your experiences with actual war, something most of us luckily have no first-hand experience with, which may lead to delusional keyboard warriors as the guy above me here.

      Great to have Seneca joining, work on your audio, it was horrible at times. But we stay in contact about TYCHOS, your great comments and criticism of Fakeopedia and more.

      Faye, I made several attempts to directly contact you, had to register to Fakeologist’s channel at Discord for that specifically, as you unfriended me. I sent you various messages, saw you were online and tried a call, all without response. Categorization is an important aspect for searching for the content and I’ve spent many hours on it, apparently you couldn’t handle that and refused contact with me, so you abused your powers to demote me to a lower status. I just blocked you for a day (as you refused normal human contact), but you found a way to circumvent that.

      The addition of NDNGH as “fact” is ludicrous and exactly what Seneca was referring to, but on a much more important level than some movies. Probable, likely, possibly are words to use here. “Fact” is bullshit; we don’t have all the answers and claiming so is just the same BS we get from the mainstream. The fact (here it is applicable) this acronym was invented by the same delusional clown who cannot stop calling his fellow truth seekers “LIARS”, doesn’t help either.

      If you go on that path, the Fakeopedia is yours and yours only.

      1. Dave J

        You are a Sick and twisted freak. Maybe you would “Enjoy”some “killer stories” down at the Local Infant ICU you sick minded troll.

        Now rage for me.

  4. Dave J

    Whoever the guy is at the end talking about “deep state” and then “knowing” a Survivor of the USS liberty …..IS a deceived Person and or a Liar. He uses Hoax events to justify his very shallow understanding of the world in which we exist. WHere do these people come from , Are most that come to this page and the Discord one foot in and one foot out Mentally. Why is it they have to and feel completed to False witness death.

  5. Dave J

    Let me tell you what bud, I will not only tell you here, but to your Face the same thing. You joined this Group because of me? really you sorry troll. Let me make sure you do not miss this point. YOU are a LIAR all you do is LIE and spread false witness of Death. That is your Lot in life. BY your own free will you Born false witness of death with regard to the Sydney SIege. NO REAL rounds were FIRED period, That means NO real Bullets, Nobody died and nobody got hurt with regard to that HOAX period Nothing Not a single word thought and or deed of yours will ever change that or make your witness of death true. IS THAT MORE CLEAR.

    SO after all of this, He the Liar false witness of death has yet to offer any proof of his Lies. Just threats .

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