5 thoughts on “Toronto Van Hoax: Russianvids

  1. maggienow

    What more can you say. Because there is never a journalist who is questioning anything then the story is portrayed as fact. I once asked a copy paste employee why he would not do a survey regarding the long form census, for and against………………

  2. UNreal

    On a slightly off topic reflection on how we describe any PsyOp event – according to Wikipedia* the “official” name for this farce would be “Toronto van attack“.

    The increasing amount of staged events makes it hard to sometimes differentiate between many similar operations – and without the exact terms internet searches become ever more cumbersome. If we add hoax or fake to the mix in our queries, it seems even more important to get the “official” nomenclature right.

    I guess i’m of the opinion we might consider being methodical when we label any PsyOp and be careful including the mainstream terms as to constitute a solid base before finding more fitting descriptions to add thereafter.

    *Wikipedia article on the ‘Toronto van attack’ – en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toronto_…)

      1. UNreal

        As the staged events are becoming all the more repetitive, my remark was more general than pertaining to this event as we often use multiple names on any given PsyOp.

        There is a Norwegian saying that “a loved child acquire many names” and as we study Fakeology in depth we also develop an in-house vocabulary and several competing naming-schemes that might be difficult for some to follow – me included !

        As to the “Torronto van attack” it just so happens the acronym amounts to “TVA” which is textually the same as ‘Taxe sur la Valeur Ajoutée‘ in French*.

        But just as we use many different names for the events we research, so does acronyms also make our terminology less inviting for new-comers and public in general.

        *TVA would be the same as Value Added Tax (VAT) in english and already 20% in France – quickly closing up on the Norwegian 25% VAT..

  3. xileffilex

    RV made me laugh with his commentary.
    Actually I quite like these Canadian psy-ops, lots to notice.
    Invited photographer Nathan Denette…
    It doesn’t matter whether this is an actor with made up wounds or a dummy, #NDNGH
    another angle from Nathan –
    LOL! [obvs not the 94 year old….]

    and our brave firefighters are always useful keep-mouth-shut bit part actors/street blockers at any psy-op. Perhaps they sprinkled the shoes about for Nathan?


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