Toronto van attack hoax: psychological casualties

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There’s hardly any story to report , at least one that’s true, so the media resorts to reporting on itself . Wonderful how all of this is neatly tied into the main reason for this blog .

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3 thoughts on “Toronto van attack hoax: psychological casualties

    1. xileffilex

      I’m not sure whether it matters whether there were one or two vans [the damage looks the same, wheel alignment excepted] because it’s always a magic trick in these vehicle psy-ops; nor whether the stroller near miss on Beecroft/Shepherd [Avalon makes a good point about the pointless diversion away from potential victims] was on the same day or not. [the weather continuity looks OK , but we can only rely on the stroller mum testimony, which is worth nothing] All we can be certain of is that NDNGH and a van ended up as the backdrop for a pantomime on Poyntz.

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