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Serial killers: cold case sponges

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Wouldn’t it be nice if all unsolved cases could be blamed on one bogeyman? The bogeyman that is everywhere at everytime, and is so smart he never gets caught in over 40 years?

If we called him a serial killer and built a Hollywood legend around him. Would people believe it?

I have no doubt Bruce is a Sim. I’m am pretty sure most of his promoted victims are sims. The cold cases they quietly assign to him may be real, as they’re too old for anyone, including survivors, to worry about.

The probe into accused serial killer Bruce McArthur is hitting multi-jurisdictional overdrive as cops try to link the landscaper to unsolved homicides.

Some of the unsolved killings and missing person’s investigations date to the 1970s.

Cops look for links beween accused serial killer and unsolved murders torontosun.com/news/crime/cops…

Californian has their own 66 year old white (preferred color) dude.

As the San Jose Mercury News put it, serial killers were “part of the tapestry” of the final decades of the 20th century.

The arrests of the alleged Golden State Killer Joseph James DeAngelo, 66, two weeks ago and accused Toronto serial killer Bruce McArthur, 66 in January, might give the impression that mass murder is an old man’s game.

Intelligence must be pushing serial killers this year.

SERIAL KILLERS: Monsters dormant but NOT dead

But is the day of the serial killer really through?

“Nope. I would say that cops are just catching them faster,” criminologist and cold case expert Mike Arntfield told the Toronto Sun.

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Miles Mathis exposed @ POM?

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Has POM turned on MM?

I’ve posted many of the MM essays I thought were bang on. I’m not interested in many of them, so haven’t posted or promoted them.

Is he a team of writers, like Mozart and Shakespeare?

What’s this fight all about? Is it a real fight, or itself scripted to misdirect from the voluminous research?

So … here’s a claim that keeps coming up again and again. In Taos, New Mexico there is a man with a mind greater than all the greatest thinkers in history. This man single-handedly is solving puzzles in physics and astronomy and mathematics and world history that no one else has ever solved before, and at a pace that seems superhuman. This man has accomplished these tremendous intellectual feats:

Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Clowns pieceofmindful.com/2018/05/06/…

Comment thread on another blog

Update: Miles roars back with a defence.

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