Miles Mathis exposed @ POM?

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Has POM turned on MM?

I’ve posted many of the MM essays I thought were bang on. I’m not interested in many of them, so haven’t posted or promoted them.

Is he a team of writers, like Mozart and ?

What’s this fight all about? Is it a real fight, or itself scripted to misdirect from the voluminous research?

So … here’s a claim that keeps coming up again and again. In Taos, New there is a man with a mind greater than all the greatest thinkers in history. This man single-handedly is solving puzzles in physics and astronomy and mathematics and world history that no one else has ever solved before, and at a pace that seems superhuman. This man has accomplished these tremendous intellectual feats:

Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Clowns…

Comment thread on another blog

Update: Miles roars back with a defence.

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13 thoughts on “Miles Mathis exposed @ POM?

  1. Faye

    From the comments on POM:
    Lofcaudio asks MT what made him suspicious of MM:

    So what triggered the conversion? Was it one thing? A number of things? Did you discover something previously unknown?…

    MT’s answer:
    Triggered by 1) Kevin’s geneaology work, showing that his background was hidden;
    2) The head slapping face-palming realiziation that one man cannot possibly possess all that talent, and 3) The concept of house arrest.…

    To me this sounds more like a constructed exposition of MM.
    To me this sounds more like a strawmen apocalypse.

      1. Faye

        Exactly that is the reason, why I do not trust the whole story, Xile. None of the information given by POM for the change of mind is new to them and the one that seems to be new is a strawman argument (thanks, TomD for the private lesson): production and distribution of pornografic images.

        My hypotheses are:

        The “project MM” was set up in 2016 with the publication of Mathisian Physics… by Josh, who is a friend of Gaia as he told me.

        Core target of the project was/is to discredit the person and work of Simon Shack, who by 2016 was working already on his Tychos theory and whos September Clues can not be debunked.

        MM is a fictitious character under whos name all the material, physics, art, genealogy, hoaxes, etc. is being published. There is some guy who portrays MM in the photos and for the meetings, but this guy is neither an artist nor a scientist, he probably does not live there even.
        MM is constantly being compared and brought into every important discussion as a parallel figure to Simon Shack (SS as they call him). *

        POM, Cutting through the Fog, Vexman’s thoughts and Straight form the devils mouth are some of the writers for the material that is being published under the label MM.

        The exposing, debunking, partying and redebunking etc. etc. is the end of the project MM and the effort of POM to survive as a cleared, trustworthy outlet that breaks bonds with the deceptive MM project in order to state from that position: “Simon Shack is like MM, a deceptive entity.”

        A good example for the whole strategy was Gaia’s exemplary behaviour in re Tychos and his desired cooperation with Simon Shack: First to applaud and admire in order to come close enough so that he can base his assessment on “facts” when stating now “Simon Shack, his Tychos, is wrong “.


        1. xileffilex

          3) why do you say that MM is a fictional character? Did you plough through the primary sources in the KStarr genealogy? Whether one person, viz MM writes all those papers is another matter.
          Here’s his ex-wife, remarried.


          More bio



          These are facts. Everything else is speculation. (1-5)
          Let’s see what happens.

          1. Faye

            The genealogy research of Kevin verifies what you also found out, that is that such a name and history exists. But it does not verify that this person is a painter, mathematician, historian, etc.
            That is what I mean with fictitious character. He is hired for the project.

  2. Dave J

    ANYONE following his misleading will travel down a road and into a “pit” at some point. The word Fraud is too harsh for Miles Mathis, now that i think about it. He will have some good points to make about some historical so called events that are in fact hoaxes but then fall into the Lie world when it comes to the nature of the place we live. He refuses to understand the land around him. I feel the second is more important to be right about than the first.

    1. Dave J

      I will add this as well, MM is on the delusional side of important observations of fact. For example he claims that the topic of Flat earth became renewed as a result of his work on whatever he claims he was working on(mathematics or some such). SO then looking at the facts as we can detail this is of course poppycock. The fact we live on a plane that from See/Sea level has deviations called depth and or elevation was not born in 2009 but has been around since men/women talked about such things. SO then even to go to some texts from some time ago men/women put down for all to see their observations of this place called Earth(meaning dirt).
      just 2 examples from early 1900′.
      The Earth a Plane –…
      The shape of the Earth 1909…

      Now with the NASA crowd and those that are apologetics for that group they have nothing to offer but calculations that purport to prove their model, No real proof can or will be produced because it is a Planet in the Universe called Imagination.

      1. el sushi de la mancha

        Well dear Dave Johnson or whoever your real personae is, you also made quite a few fallacious claims in the past going downhill pretty quickly such as the 2nd Word War was fake and never involved any real military conflict (is that so? fake victims them I assume). MM keeps trolling about Hitler and his so-called Jewish genes. As for the Egyptian pyramids being built circa the 1700th yes thats an idea i quite did entertain over the last few years

        1. Dave J

          War is controlled demolition and strategic relocation and yes the so called Egyptian pyramids were built in the 1700-1800’s Period. You silly goatling my name is David Johnson, did you have some false witness to bear in regard to that? You on the other hand I have never heard of and hope to never hear from again. But if you insist on interaction with me you workless troll do me a favor and rage harder for me, so then i can ignore you.

          1. el sushi de la mancha

            9/11 was a controlled demolition, the 2nd world war wasn’t televised and it did happen and nor you or I were born when it did. Dave J, King David, yes, as mentioned in my previous comment, I would also tend to think that the Egyptian pyramids were built in in the 1700-1800’s period. Yes I am very keen on interacting with our dear fakeologists here.

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