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Baby Humble cuz it sounds like Humboldt

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Sometimes I think the script writers are listening to my broadcast or reading fakeologist.com.

I made the comment to Humble Howard after he ripped me over this to rename his show Humboldt and Dread as a tribute.

Do you notice how these lie Witnesses lay bare every irrelevant detail to totally misdirect you from the clearly fake facts of this staged event? Misdirection is a magician’s favorite tool.

H/t Xilefelix

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Forever grateful

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It’s been quiet here and at Cluesforum.info the last few weeks. That’s fine, because it’s the mountain of research into media fakery exposure at both sites we ultimately can fall back on for people to peruse, now and in the distant future.

While Simon is busy with Tychos.info, I will be forever grateful for his past work to fully explain the business of psyops. He will never have to do another post and still hold first place in this fakeologist’s mind.

Thanks for your replies and thoughtful insights into the issue. And yes, I do realize that my own scarcity of contributions to the forum (in later times) may be ‘part of the problem’. I must confess that (apart from being deeply absorbed by my Tychos model), I have also just been rolling my eyes at the incredible lameness of the Nutwork’s more recent ‘brand’ of psyops (truck & car “attacks”, frustrated plastic lady Youtube shooter, Hockey team road crash drama [well-covered over at Fakeologist],etc) and have simply lacked the energy and time to address them all – preferring to keep my head in (or above) the clouds so as to concentrate on my ‘cosmic investigations’…

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Toronto van attack hoax: meet the lawyers

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Since they decided in the psyOp script to let the sim-villain/actor live, lawyers are needed to continue the charade. In real cases, the crown usually gets a lead prosecutor. Let’s see if one is named as this drags on for years. One assumes that legal aid will pay the bills (ie. tax money). In Canada, we don’t have “tv in the courtroom” – and the US doesn’t either in real cases – so we’ll have to rely on sketches to “prove” that a case is actually occurring.

When Alek Minassian appears in court Thursday for a second time since his alleged van rampage on Yonge St. last month, he will be represented by two highly-respected and experienced Toronto defence lawyers, the Star has learned. Courtroom veteran Boris Bytensky confirmed in an email that he has been hired and has asked fellow Toronto defence lawyer Breese Davies to join him representing the 25-year-old.

Source: Veteran defence lawyers to represent accused van killer Alek Minassian | The Star

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