6 thoughts on “FAC464-Faye, DaveJ, Napoleon, Seneca

  1. gaia

    People here keep claiming “they never made a movie of the Apollo landings”, which is demonstrably false. For All Mankind (1989) was the movie made about the "Moon landings" that woke me up to this whole charade.

    Not Capricorn One, not even A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon (that I saw much later), no, Hollywood’s own production For All Mankind.

    At least get your facts straight if you claim knowledge.

  2. matti

    The thought of death recreates trauma and cracks you open nicely for whatever comes after. You will pay complete attention as your re-traumatised body is on high alert but you are sitting on the sofa, safely enfolded in the glowing lights and music as the message is hammered home. Nothing like a drama to get people’s attention and nothing is more dramatic than being near to death.

    The other way to get attention and open people up is laughter. Comedy and drama – the two masks of theatre.

  3. gaia

    Typical empty misdirection talk. “Let’s discuss X, but then let’s park X ‘for next time'”. Glad I left that shithole behind. Crazy Dave can screw it up much better than any real truth seeker can.

    “A great resource” for you Ab. Embrace him and keep him close to your heart, if you have any. John Adams would be proud of you.

  4. Vespadouglas

    the chair is obviously occupied by misoms arse , crass dave is a born secretary leaving the post of treasurer available for AB of course……..on a point of order madame chairman……why are you creating an alternative fayegaipedia textstream…..is fakeologist not to your liking

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