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Another blockbuster from our biggest Aussie fan.

With Rollo, Gaia, Originalsimulant, Napoleon Wilson. Later joined by Velocet, TomD27, Exoteric64

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  1. ricky

    @UNreal and xileffilex, thanks for the follow up posts to my anecdotal recollections. That info is so educational and comprehensive, you two are cutting edge thinkers in a field that will be perpetually denied by the mainstream. LOL! One idea that has solidified for me is that there are real people that inculcate themselves into communities to be the media “linchpins’ to cement these ops as legit, like Steve Webster. As xileffilex alluded to, the key “victim” that ties the U.S. into the mix, throw in some sentimental bullshit, ala the Olympic “rags to riches” tales and you have a “winner.”

  2. ricky

    I knew one of the “victims” of the “Bali bombing,” something I never really questioned until putting on fakeologist glasses. His name is Steve Webster, I met him surfing at a So Cal surf break around 1980. I was a top surfer at the time and a local at this spot, the reason I mention this is for the social implications, you get to know everyone because they want to be your’ “friend.” It’s considered bad form in surf culture to push your way into any local surf scene, the pecking order at any spot has been well defined by skill and seniority. This guy showed up and tried too hard to be part of the local scene way too fast, I didn’t like him and thought he was a superficial dip-shit. I stopped surfing that spot after a couple years as the crowds became unbearable. Many years later I heard he died in the “Bali bombing” through a good friend who continued taking photos of surfers there. When re-thinking those years there are a couple things that may be relevant, this So Cal city at that time was “ground zero” for the explosion in surfing commerce and the related “lifestyle” promotion. CA leads in culture creation and surf culture was considered avant-garde at that time. I’ve looked into this guys history and it seems to start around the same time he showed up on the scene, that the “bombing” and his “death” occurred over ten years after he showed up suggests there may be “plants” in many culturally relevant locations. Sometimes they may be useful, sometimes not, how long are these “stunts” planned in advance and how do their stooges figure in? It begs so many questions.

    1. UNreal

      The 2002 Bali bombings with 202 vicsims stands out as an important event in Southeast Asia – even going to trial and with penalties as severe as executions*.

      It appears that your (Rick) acquaintance Steve Webster was a very likeable guy and nicknamed “Insta-bro” according to his brother Brian. Among Webster’s two friends who travelled to celebrate his birthday (41) – especially John Parodi makes the whole story appear more than phony.

      “Lying by the pool, drinking beers, Bob and I heard this enormous blast and a succession of windows shattering down the street. We saw an orange glow and then later, flames 400 feet in the air. I knew it was over near the Sari Club. Soon, droves of people, bloody, maimed and burned, walked down the street. I headed to the main road and was thrown into the middle of a war. There were bodies on top of bodies on top of bodies. People still alive, burning. People still alive who were torn in half. Moaning, groaning. I took some guy’s pulse, and he was cold as a fish. I know CPR, but there was nothing I could do.”
      -John Parodi, NY Times (article)

      In addition to the blatantly scripted numbers of the 2002/202 Bali Bombings, it is clear that there are also textual puns inserted to the story for both duping delight and redactional ease. To have Parodi give his witness account in the NYT is pretty in-our-face and close to representing some form of an exhibitionist ritual.

      “He [Webster] was screaming underneath the roof, I tried to pull him out but it was too hard because there was too much fire. I have brain damage, traumatic brain injury. I can’t remember a lot of things…. When the explosion happened, it was big, it was massive, and I hit my head very hard against my friend’s head… and (it) exploded my [left] eardrums.”
      -Steve Cabler 2012 trial testimony (article)

      Webster’s second surfer-buddy Cabler (another Steve) is not much better off that the Parodi version, but he appeared in the Jakarta trial and also was himself caught in the explosion loosing most of the hearing in his left ear (article). Thankfully, we have the Orange County Register* that keep track of many real events, and also the Bali Bombings and the 10 years commemoration of Webster..

      *the executions happened inside a high security jail at midnight and there does not seem to be any “live” footage published or leaked

      *the OCR or Orange County Register also broke the recent tragic passing of Annette A. Carrion

      (Below Steve Webster’s friends and family gathering for a ‘surfing in circles’ tribute in 2012 – ten years after a the bombings)

      1. Tom Dalpra

        UNreal said – ” it is clear that there are also textual puns inserted to the story for both duping delight and redactional ease.”

        With respect, UNreal, I think you misunderstand the term ”Duping Delight”.
        That term, as I understand it, means an involuntary reaction from someone who is lying. A deliberately inserted pun by its’ nature would not be evidence of so-called ”duping delight”.
        Excuse my pedantry , it’s just if people start using the term ‘duping delight’ for anything other than that flash of hysteria from a liar, it might get confusing and it can be an important tell .

        1. UNreal

          What i meant to say in my post still remain pretty clear i hope.

          As for the meaning* of ‘duping delight’ it was used in my text as “the pleasure of being able to manipulate someone“. In my opinion, textual puns are in part written into PsyOps in order to demonstrate and provoke pleasure from manipulation (duping delight) – as i take is the case with the choice of the name for John Parodi.

          *duping delight – a neologism coined by Paul Ekman in the book ‘Telling Lies’

          1. Tom Dalpra

            Yes, I think your suggestion of the Porodi-Parady allusion is fair enough certainly a very possible ‘inside joke’.

            There’s been some classics over time, for sure.

            Regarding the term ‘duping delight’, I get your point.
            The writer of the script just couldn’t help himself, perhaps ? We certainly see some obvious inside jokes within these narratives and you could extend the term to cover that, I suppose.

            Drummer Lee Rigby’s nickname – Riggers springs to mind. 🙂

          2. UNreal

            The correct spelling of Steve Webster friends name is not “Porodi” but the more telling “Parodi”.

            At the night of the bombing, John Parodi was lying by the pool drinking beers with Bob in Bali (BB). The terrible events happened at the Sari (Sorry..) nightclub where there today is an imposing memorial…

            (the Bali memorial is known locally as the ‘Ground Zero Monument’ – photo below taken by Jonathan Liem, a family name some will decipher as ‘M lie’)

    2. xileffilex

      Thanks for the lead, Ricky.
      I’m going to open up a Bali thread when I get some time. “Webbie” aka “Insta-Bro” is the US poster boy to get the story into the US press.
      I’ll definitely use these links [plenty more just on Webster]

      Straight away we can see how this sub-plot was created and who the back stoppers are [and one was still at it 10 years later for the “trial] Hey darling, you just go off to Bali and I’ll look after the kids at home, you’ve been working soooo hard lately….. And one friend was “ill”[the lucky escape]

      who picked up surfing after her husband died, to better understand his passion for the ocean and along the way has made many friends who were by her side during the memorial.
      “They saved me,” she said. “He’s just an awesome guy. There’s so much to say about him, he was incredible. He’s so missed.

      son [nothing to see]


      Once you’re in it, you’re in it for good.

      Not sure if this family friend is, quoted by CNN back in 2002, holding a vigil then…

      Other “best friend” Steve Cabler, allegedly injured, seems to have kept a low profile following the trial in 2012, the only American to testify…
      There was the concussion, the burns to his hands, the loss of his teeth and, initially, the loss of his eyesight.
      source www.nbclosangeles.com/news/loc…

      “He’s dead. We cremated what was left of his body at home,” Crabby testified.
      giving devil’s horns hand sign –

      April 5 2012
      David Holzman Steve was my roommate and we were as close as 2 guys could be as we both worked out of the house on Seashore drive in Newport Beach. Steve was a great guy and a family man with 2 kids, RIP Webby!
      David Holzman Crabbie is a legendy of Newport beach surfer and rock and roll music star!

      NB The LAT in 2012 quotes Cabler’s room mate Mike Sarcoz.

      Here’s Cabler in 2016, editorial director of Orange County Society [editor in Chief Skip Snead] He takes us through the script at 5:00….

      PS I was researching and posting the above “starter” when UNReal posted, hence any duplication

  3. Dave J

    THis Rick guy is AS I SAID from the JUMP a troll a Liar and a false witness of Death and terror I could go on and on with this however the 3 posts below cover my Problems with this guy.

    I will ask this, Can anybody link the FIrst story he is claiming is real. He said he went throught the Numbers and stuff blah blah, He knows nothing about that subject. I would like a link so that I can do a proper breakdown and make a video.

    1. Eva

      I lived in Israel for fifteen years and found it to be a wonderful country. Not one that has clean hands or is perfect by any means.. Not everyone hangs out in bars and bases their opinions of a country by talking to drunken patrons.

      1. gaia

        I’ve been to Israel for 12 days and will recommend anyone to not go there. It is a country full of indoctrinated people, extremely expensive, but above all the culture of the people that will put any sensible human being off. The most unpleasant, impolite people I have encountered in 60 countries.

        Israel and India score the lowest two places on my list and being there says quite something.

        You may have had a good time, I know people who had that in fecking Siberia, but the culture of the people, being so horribly rude and indifferent about their visitors doesn’t change…

      2. ab Post author

        Most people in most countries are lovely – and deceived. Most are influenced by small samples and erroneously extrapolate it to a whole group of people.

        1. gaia

          Policorrecting strokes do not affect the underlying painful painting.

          But what do I know. After all the waffle-reviewing truck driver from Toronto has spoken. And he knows. Just because.

  4. xileffilex

    Pay attention please – [thanks Rollo for letting the chat get diverted for a moment from Port Arthur]
    Bali bombing – 3:59:30 onwards “too many witnesses” “so many local people died in that one”
    . “Where are they [the reported dead] , in Antarctica living dual lives now getting paid by the government? What bullshit; like fuck off””
    So once again, we have yet another “this was real” contribution.
    and another immediately following –
    “I’m sure Bali was real and people did die”

    Right,let’s get back to 9/11, 7/7 and all the other NDNGH psy-ops.
    People did die, did they? Oh dear oh dear. Funny isn’t it, when it’s an event close to home, it suddenly becomes real.

    Further reading matter –
    Hoax management of the event, 2018

    Cluesforum “our research has seen the same pattern emerge in all the so-called “Al-Quaeda Terror Attacks” around the world (LONDON 7/7, MADRID 11, BALI, MUMBAI, etc…).

    And note this hyper real story of Bali “fictim” Annika Linden”

    It’s too silly for words.

    1. UNreal

      Well put, xileffilex – false assumptions seem to be long lived and popular worldwide.

      It is recurrent by now to make a point of back-pedalling confirming some events must be real because they are “too big and difficult” to fake. As a bonus – we now learn from a local resident that the Australian press “used to be free” and doing true* investigative reporting until Murdoch came along in the 1990s.. lol

      What is always the case with the type of slander that aims to undermine the contrived nature of popular culture is the lack of research and fallacious logic such as knowing someone concerned like a victim or here a journalist – all unverifiable of course.

      Another curious trend regarding a fraction of truthers are the meet-ups that tend to seem grassroots on the surface, but as in the case of Miles Mathis clearly smell of contrivancy. Maybe the social-media epoch we live in has made conferences moot and social verification a much better platform for solidifying the narrow avenues of some alternative researchers and their fans – who are often a natural extension* for disinformation outlets and personalities.

      *good to learn about the authentic, free Australian press – this goes against everything learned so far from Fakeology, but we’ll take Rick’s word for this being factual

      *fictitious fans, supporters and donors are commonplace for company marketing campaigns these days – so why not use such tools to popularize gatekeepers as well? Gnostic media comes to mind for donors as Jan Irvin announce them “live” on air

    2. Tom Dalpra

      Yes, thanks xileffilex , I wrote a quite long-winded comment for this audio saying a similar thing , but didn’t post it in the end.
      I’ve never really looked at the 2002 Bali bombing but always thought of it as kind-of ‘Oceania’s 9/11’, and hence a faked event, including victims.
      The fact it happened on 12 October 2003, exactly 1 year, 1 month and 1 day after 9/11 does make it seem like a carefully planned aftershock.

      Exoteric64 talked about the rugby league team Coogee Dolphins who were said to have lost several players in the bombing. He suggested that their faked deaths were unlikely, but if we think of the Munich crash and the Humboldt Hoax, it looks like it’s quite doable.
      This is key with psyops isn’t it ? It seems to be impossible to a critical mass of people (even cynical people) that deaths are faked from within groups of people.

      Rugby League, looks like it was used prominently in Oceania’s 9/11 with at least 4 other teams from the region losing players in the event. As well as the Coogee Dolphins-
      ”Four different rugby teams were in the path of the carnage, clubs from Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong were devastated, losing 27 players and supporters between them. The HKFC spent the next few weeks mourning 11 of their own.”

      Seems like rugby was an effective way of spreading the message of this Op to the masses across the region and unlikely that this one would suddenly involve real deaths.

      1. xileffilex

        I haven’t had time to listen to much of the above chat, I was just flipping through it and found those gems. [Tonight’s homework….]
        Sports teams are great vehicles for hoax conveyance, as seen recently in the Humboldt Saskatchewan bus “crash”.
        I touched on the Bury St Edmunds rugby club who were “unluckily” involved in the Turkish Airlines flight 981″crash” near Paris in 1974

        and links

        with the usual lucky escape stories…

        1. Tom Dalpra

          Ah, ‘Sweet Bury Saint’, just down the road from me.

          Are you suggesting this was a fake plane crash. xileffilex?
          I’ve no idea. Certainly the 21 fatherless children are keeping the story alive on television all those years later, Just…I dunno. I couldn’t link to any research .

          No terrorist whip; no geo-political agenda served here, not that there has to be. but was this really an air industry Op ? What purpose does it serve broadly speaking ?
          I’m open to suggestion, but in the meantime I’ll not be popping down the road and telling the locals I think their plane crash was a sham, just yet.

          1. xileffilex

            There were many more fatherless and motherless children after 9/11, just to pick one event out of the hat. A smaller number, say, after the Aria Grande “bombing” e,g, Charlotte Fawell [Wendy – check her out] just to pick another name at random.

            We will never know what the drill organisers are up to or what the inducements are. Many , perhaps a majority, families split up of their own accord and fathers/mothers disappear from the nest voluntarily. Read the comment here by Richard Malpas in one of those very recent and popular MM posts….
            “…it would seem that you cannot just hire crisis actors. You must hire their families who must all live the rest of their lives protecting the lie.”
            this is the real meat and gravy of the psy-op, and it seems quite reasonable to me. In fact, I think he’s referring to Charlotte in the rest of his comment there.

            1. Tom Dalpra

              ”There were many more fatherless and motherless children after 9/11, just to pick one event out of the hat. A smaller number, say, after the Aria Grande “bombing””
              Yeh, I know that. You misread me. I was just looking for evidence that this
              plane crash was a hoax and offering the 21 children promoting it years later as possible evidence for this.

              I certainly don’t need convincing that multiple deaths can be faked.

              1. xileffilex

                I think we can take the discussion over to the air crash thread, if you follow [sic] Tom. I had already started it, but it needs fluffing out with photos from the supremely isolated crash site in the forest of which there’s a plethora Wasn’t a plane falling out of the sky the supreme terror back then? In fact you can even post photos there which convince me how REAL it was iyo.
                I am more worried however about your reversion to the default setting that the media reportage of the “black box” mass killing event in Osmington, W, Australia, was REAL.
                [3:39:51 onwards] Rick – “went through the numbers…looks like one of then usual farming family tragedies” “narrative of the story rings true” [Rollo -“duping delight” ]
                “it looked rigid, not the 9/11…” “hyped as usual”

                So the Wiki’s not big enough for it to be fake…..hmmm

                No photos, so we’re entirely dependent on the police narrative.
                Perhaps the farm shooting’s an Australian hoax staple. Why change a winning media script? Going postal rurally? As hinted at in this Guardian research –
                [from a Brisbane Journalist, psychologist, yoga enthusiast, dog walker, menagerie manager, ocean swimmer, weekend chauffeur]

                Rick – “murder suicides do happen” “nothing suspicious about it” [Osmington] “operation that went wrong [Sydney]”
                Tom Dalpra “I am very open.to this idea [that the Osmington event was real, not staged] …I think it’s good,I iike that sober approach, ** we need to come to it, not the assumption that it’s a psy-op, you know….

                Exoteric” too many people dead technically”

                So, if I might interpret Rick, we had a diverse press, we’d just write in a letter to the Cambridge Evening News “Dear Sir, Steven Hawking is a fraud” I remain, Sir, your obedient servant…
                and they’d publish it.

                I’ve never heard so much booshit for a long time.
                ** As opposed to the fakeologist approach.

                1. Tom Dalpra

                  Mmm, I just got drawn in to livestream and was asked about something I have/had no clue about. I wasn’t making any assumptions and I certainly stand by the statement that we shouldn’t assume everything is a psyop.

                  As far as Rollo displaying duper’s delight, that’s a fairly big accusation. Are you sure he wasn’t just drunk ?

                  1. xileffilex

                    Listen to it again, Tom, I’ve time stamped it. I was briefly catching what people said because it was an important discussion. Rollo had spotted “dupers’ delight” in the aftermath interviews in Osmington. Perhaps he can link to some videos here? It saves a lot of our precious unpaid free time to assume a worldwide media event [red flag] like Osmington IS a psy-op and work backwards looking for any grains of reality.

                    1. Tom Dalpra

                      Ah, I see. xileffilex.
                      Unlike you, I can’t assume, in this case, it’s a psyop.
                      Re, Rollo’s ”dupers” I haven’t detected any obvious duper’s delight from either the father or anyone else connected with the Margaret River killings, in my brief perusal.
                      I’m not saying it’s real, I just can’t make that call right now.
                      Some things seem obvious to me, but this case doesn’t , is my honest answer. That’s all.

                      As you know, I’ve been questioning media events for some years and I think my track record speaks for itself. I called-out some major British psyops before anyone else in the world did, I’ll have you know!
                      I demand some respect!
                      (That was said with a smile!)

                      We’re all different. We all experience things in our own way and reach our own conclusions in our own time.
                      I remember taking the time to explain to you how I thought that MM’s idea that Mark Staycer was John Lennon was complete and utter tosh, when you were giving it some credence, some time back.
                      I’m glad you’ve evidently seen the light on that one.

                      You see my point? That was blatantly obvious bullshit to me but it wasn’t to you, at the time.

                      In the case of the Margaret River shooting, it is not obvious to me that it was a psyop. Likely ? Well, yes, it might well be, but I’m not going to make that claim on the evidence I have at this point.

                    2. xileffilex

                      “Duping delight” – It was mentioned at 3:42:20, in fact it was Velocet who, while believing the official narrative, noted that the “man on the street” intervews didn’t seem emotional,giggling, at which point Rollo put the words duping delight into Velocet’s mouth which he repeated..”a bit weird” he opined, but nothing else which put doubt into Velocet’s mind.
                      Perhaps Velocet can link to a “man on the street” interview.

                2. ab Post author

                  I think Rick needs to study the vicsim report and learn about the methods used to build these deceptions. He’s a little too entry-point when it comes to HRDPAR/NDNGH. He also suffers from TCTH syndrome – too close to home – that influences his beLIEf system.


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