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Another blog, more MM drama.

Mark actually emailed me on April 8th, asking if I’d send him a picture I’d taken of a group lunch during Miles’ conference. Apparently he was in the middle of a debate over at, and he was trying to convince them that Miles was ‘real’ and that Mark was actually at the conference.
I emailed with him a few times, and he gave me no reason to think that he had any ill will toward Miles. Quite the opposite.
I have no idea what’s going on at POM… but I agree with Josh, that something is fishy.

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9 thoughts on “More MM drama

  1. xileffilex

    Did MWM really not twig at first that Robert Zherunkel is “Bob’s your uncle”? Or has the phrase really not crossed the pond? Aha, clearly an MI6 in-joke [not] “Shown to be British” AHA! A brilliant deduction, Inspector.

    I think we desperately need an “update paper” from Miles on the musical career of Mark Staycer. Perhaps his lower incisors are starting to resemeble those of late period Stephen Hawking.

    Meanwhile, I need to do some revision. Here’s a good place for me to start……
    Cheers – Myfanwy zur Arndt. aka

      1. xileffilex

        This from Lux, op. cit.
        I doubt he’s a shill. I think he has just not yet discovered how far the fakery goes.

        whaaaaat? pi=4, Mark Staycer… Steps too far, perhaps.

        An entertaining discussion at CF, nevertheless, featuring Gaia, Seneca, AA ” Proper Gander” Morris and other favourites.

        1. lux

          posted by xileffilex:
          … whaaaaat? pi=4, Mark Staycer… Steps too far, perhaps.

          My post which you quoted was written in Jan 2015, nearly a year before Miles posted his Lennon/Staycer paper which also happens to be one of the very few of those written by Miles that I don’t completely agree with. That is, I don’t agree that Lennon and Staycer are the same person. I don’t even think that the “John Lennon” who allegedly died was really John Lennon.

          Also, at the time I wrote the above comment (January 2015) Miles had not yet written all that many papers on fakery. Since then he has written nearly 100 such papers and my current view is that Miles does indeed see “how far the fakery goes” so I no longer think that he doesn’t.

          As for your mention of pi=4:
          As I’ve stated many times, I’ve not read any of Miles science or math papers so I have no opinion on any of them. My comments about Miles are related only to his papers on fake events, psyop projects, etc found on his “updates” page.

          1. xileffilex

            Lux – I’m curious, have you engaged with Miles W Mathis over his serious error, as perceived by yourself, relating to the mysterious Mark Stacer entity? Or indeed over your “multiple Lennons” theory? What suddenly caused MM to wake up, one wonders. post 2015, and suddenly to “realise how far the fakery goes”?

    1. UNreal

      Another discussion thread that might be worthwhile looking at for a glimpse of the armada of former fans that used to pop up in defence of Miles Mathis – the Fakeologist “Black Frosting” article has as many as 77 comments, many in defence of MWM being a lone genius and polymath both keeping active as a painter, physicist, mathematician AND an accomplished alternative truth-seeker capable of writing 10.500 words a week as a part time endeavour……

      1. xileffilex

        A recent “paper” on flat earth by MM 4/16/18

        What IS this nonsense about Samuel Birley Rowbotham? [the flattie who attempted to measure the curvature of the earth along the long, straight Bedford Rivers near Cambridge, which Tom D. has touched upon at]
        He was Samuel Rowbotham, dying at 49 Haverstock Hill, Hampstead on December 23 1884, aged 68. No Birley. “Birley” was a one year old baby, of no subsedquent consequence, when Zetetic Rowbotham died, who himself died in 1933, without will, aged 50 in Lancashire.
        Easily found within a few minutes, and naturally, the Wiki page is wrongly titled but the error has diffused around the internet nicely.
        Rowbotham was only the secretary, briefly, of the Hodsonian utopian commune, but was ousted by 1839. Hodson was the Owenite and ultimate gatekeeper of the colony.
        As with many of these early communes in the 1830s and 1840s, inadquate capital, insufficient acreage per dwelling and infighting caused their collapse, NOT some psy-op [for once….] There is ample evidence of this from primary sources – e.g. Armytage, Dennis Hardy, Alice Mary Hadfield and others.

        It’s a sloppy, lazy drive-by to bundle up flat earth, early utopian social and economic experiments [e.g the Co-operative movement which was globally successful, incidentally] and their incorrectly diagnosed [by Dr MM] failures with the peerage.
        In fact, Rowbotham is so incidental to the history of the Manea Fen experiment that he is not mentioned in this extensive 2016 study.

        Just another deep mind f-ck in the Staycer mould.

  2. tokarski

    I know the name of the emailer there. I will addresss him/her: This is not personal even as the back and forth can be intense. I asked for the photo on April 8 because Faye had implied that I was a liar about having met MM in Taos. She asked for it, and thanks to you, I supplied it. After that I ended further contact with Faye, as I did not like being ambushed in that manner.

    Way back in early March I started up the “Miles Mathis Discussion Page” with an intro to the effect that I believed in the man, which I did at that time. Since that time there has been activity behind the scenes among us, and I was beginning to doubt, especially with Kevin’s hard genealolgy piece which exposed in detail that Miles is indeed juiced. Bob Z’s piece was composed of logic alone, and I found it, combined with Kevin’s work, to be persuasive. During the time all of that was going on, I elected to stay high road in public.

    We have seen some real ‘tells’ in “Miles'” public responses, that is, things we know he knows in private but opts in public to misdirect his readers on, MI6 for instance, a bold lie. That plus some other small items convince me we are in the right path here.

    “Miles” has attacked scores of public figures and allows no responses. Maybe the MMC operation is a clearing house for release of information in a “now it can be told” fashion. It is up to his readers now to use their own brains to try to ascertain what is true and useful, and what it false and misdirection. I think he was right on JFK, Tate, OJ, Custer, Lincoln … a lot of stuff.

    After publishing Kevin’s piece today, we are done.

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