Half million for GoF***Me and the other 29 fictims

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Good cut for GoFundMe. The Toronto Van Attack hoaxsters set up their own swindleraising foundation to avoid fees. My guess is the actors will get far less than $500K each – I’m sure the corporations used to set up the scam will get the lion’s share and only dispense a small monthly annuity. Wouldn’t it be great if one of the actors squawked over their pittance?

“The GoFundMe campaign raised $15.175 million, approximately,” said Garinger. “After the deduction of fees charged by GoFundMe, the net amount the memorial fund anticipates receiving from the donated monies is … right around $14.7 million. Read more: St. Albert Humboldt committee to announce legacy campaign details later this month Humboldt Broncos face off against Saskatchewan league in trademark fight for #HumboldtStrong Humboldt Broncos returning for 2018-19 hockey season “One hundred pe

Source: GoFundMe charging $500,000 fee on $15 million raised for Humboldt Broncos | The Star

On a side note, a Jr. Fakeologist noted that one of the cuter vicsim hockey player’s instagram profile picture changed – after he 0;died”. It now includes his girlfriend. I’m sure they can come up with a suitable lie to explain that, but it was creepy to see “dead” people’s virtual lives change after the fact.

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2 thoughts on “Half million for GoF***Me and the other 29 fictims

  1. xileffilex

    Interesting timing- there has just been a plea for a National [UK] body to oversee fundraising appeals after what we here see as staged events with fictims. #NDNGH
    Clearly there has been some disquiet in the camp, as some fictims perhaps see themselves as £££ victims because on the surface some fictims’ families have received more than they have. I doubt there is a big “community” of fictims, each event being, I imagine , compartmentalised. The problem being that “We Love Manchester” raised £21 million. [the Humboldt fund was closed prematurely, since it was becoming too successful] +++

    Also, a staged event involving children and students [eg Humboldt] will always raise more money than, say, a bus load of people in their 80 which ‘goes over a cliff’.

    The call is from Nick Taylor CEO of the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation, who has called for the creation off a UK Disasters Emergency Committee” made up of charities that co-ordinate pubic donations, similar to one which operates INTERNATIONLLY to 3ensure aid is properly distributed to the victims of tragedies [which actually might also be staged….]
    Taylor also said it could help with major incidents such as the Grenfell Tower Fiure [£28m raised, 71 fictims] and to prevent donations to rogue funds [which might themselves be a psy-op to created news]

    Who are Parry and Ball, btw? ***
    Twenty four years ago, on Saturday 20th March 1993, the Irish Republican Army (IRA) exploded two bombs on a street in the town of Warrington in North West England. It was the day before Mother’s Day and the street was full of shoppers. There was no warning and the impact of bombs placed in metal bins was to create low level horizontal shrapnel that created little damage to buildings but devastating consequences to human beings, particularly children. **

    Three-year-old Johnathan Ball died on the street, 12-year-old Tim Parry had his life support switched off five days later, young mother Bronwen Vickers lost her leg and later her life, over fifty people seriously injured and thousands more affected by this act of violence.

    Another incident in the so called ‘troubles’ conflict and yet, as then then Prime Minister, Sir John Major, describes it to this day, the Warrington bombing was a ‘pivotal moment’ in the peace process, that eventually led to the Good Friday agreement and a move from violent conflict to democratic and political solutions.
    ** Boston hoaxathon style

    i.e to close down that particular psy-op.

    We need to have a look at Warrington 1993.

    Note the Dolores O’Riordan connection – she wrote a song about the 1993 event, and suddenly, mysteriously died in January 2018

    ***In 1995, Tim’s parents, Colin and Wendy Parry (supported by Johnathan’s parents) set up their own charity – The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation – as a legacy to the boys and to campaign for peace. Today, the Peace Foundation works nationally and globally to support those affected by terrorism and violent conflict. 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of the attack.



    “Walking into the hospital, it was like a scene from a disaster movie”
    A 25th anniversary recapitulation of the official narrative –

    I think we definitely need a thread on that. 25th anniversary having just passed in March 2018, and we approaching the first anniversary of Manchester Arena ‘bombing’ on 5/22

  2. xileffilex

    I guess it’s easier to divide up the cake amoung fairly similarly aged lads’ families although there were a few older coaches and a female who ‘retired’ also . I guess there might have been some squabbling over the Van attack fictims, when their ages variedi between 22 and 94…. better to have the departure fee agreed centrally before the ‘off’.

    The #TorontoStrong fund will distribute money to the non-profit charitable agency Victim Services Toronto — which offers help to victims of crime and disasters — as well as to other organizations that work on issues arising from the attack.
    The fund was created in a partnership between the city, Victim Services Toronto and the Toronto Foundation to make sure donations were collected in one place and properly distributed to victims and their families.


    e.g. Food allowance

    Up to a maximum of $400.00 per family
    per week
    (via pre-paid credit cards)
    Families* of deceased may receive food allowance for one week
    Families* of injured may receive food allowance for as long as their
    loved one
    remains in hospital up to a maximum of three (3) months

    *Family eligible to receive services paid by Victim Services Toronto via #TorontoStrong Fund as described above include:
    spouse/partner, parents, children, siblings, guardian or trustee.

    I can’t find any more recent update than the more than $1.5m announced on April 27

    Which seems a lot more than they need to distribute to fictims’ families.

    Present & CEO of Toronto Foundation, Sharon Avery, provides an update on the #TorontoStrong Fund on May 4.

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