Only those that confirm the LIE can be confirmed as professional liars

like this

More proof that no fakeologist could ever hold an elected office ever. Even if 90% of the world’s population believed in fakeology the small percentage who are in control would make sure they could never go anywhere publicly funded institutions.

This is why you never hear the truth from those who rule over you or would like to rule over you.

On the anniversary of the terrorist attack in 2012, an Ontario Liberal candidate suggested the attack that killed thousands was an inside job.…

The name of the candidate has an interesting compound ethnic name.

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3 thoughts on “Only those that confirm the LIE can be confirmed as professional liars

  1. Rollo

    Dear Marieke,

    Do you not read the Crappy Copy you Pump out to the Ignorant Masses?

    “TAMP” them out!!! WTF even a f*cking spell checker should have picked that up.

    Oops hold on what does tamp mean…lets look it up

    verb: tamp; 3rd person present: tamps; past tense: tamped; past participle: tamped; gerund or present participle: tamping
    1. pack (a blast hole) full of clay or sand to concentrate the force of the explosion.
    “when the hole was tamped to the top, gunpowder was inserted”
    o ram or pack (a substance) down or into something firmly.
    “he tamped down the tobacco with his thumb”

    Wow you were being too clever by half, so you do know the buildings on 9/11 were brought down by Concentrated Explosions a.k.a.Controlled Demolition HehHeh

    There’s silly old me thinking you meant “Stamp” them Out.

    Cheers Rollo for the real plain speaking truth

  2. Rollo

    Barry “Business as Usual” Obama couldn’t “TAMP” out those pesky Conspiracy Theories. Does No-One Read or care about their own copy these days? (Even if it is Bullshit Lies) Obviously not.

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