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  1. Faye

    I like the phrase “Truth does not require belief”.

    In the conception of Truth in times prior to the roman legal system truth was bound to the realm of nature, it had nothing to do with Veritas, which is the truth that has to be verified within a given legal frame.

    Truth that does not require belief reminds me on that understanding of truth which transfers the idea of an uncompromised although unreachable nature of things.

    Belief on the other hand, is bound to obedience or disobiedience, a military conception.

    Truth is an outlaw.

    Of course everything can be sophisticized to mean any booshit you wish, it depends solely on the interpreter himself.

          1. Faye

            I never talked with him about that so that I can have an impression as to if he pretends or not. If I get a chance I will do that.

        1. Faye

          The Fakeopedia started after you discussed your idea with Fakeologist and he agreed to host it. Since you attack, discredit, diminish and ridicule Fakeologist.com I do not see why you would like to contribute to the Fakeopedia.
          If you nontheless wish to do so, you can ask Fakeologist to give you access again. In that case I will demand some explanations from you in order to cooperate with you again:

          1. Why did you diminish the 9/11 category entries on the pages and blocked me, when I reverted them.
          2. Why did you attempt to block my IP on the Fakeopedia.

          Enjoy your shtick

          1. gaia

            You “demand”? The Great Dictator of Fayekopedia? Haha.

            After you made those changes I made several attempts to contact you, even had to reregister at Ab’s Discord for that, because you unfriended me. All without response, first in text, then a phone call I tried almost an hour later. You were online and working at the Fakeopedia and refused all contact about the relevant recategorizations I made, as I understand how proper categorization is done from years of experience. So then I blocked you for one day giving a reason.

            You think you have the right to ban me indefinitely on Fakeopedia for what? I haven’t edited in days so there was no reason whatsoever to ban me, if ever. I have made 1 satirical user page of a known troll who:
            – attacks – shown over and over again in text and audio chats
            – discredits – idem
            – diminishes – idem
            – ridicules – idem

            The so-called “civilized”, “policorrect” Faye always turned a blind eye to the demonic behavior of that troll that goes by the name of DaveJ. Yet opens up that blind eye from before, if someone who actually not only has done research, but constructed the whole thing and even cleaned up the mess you made, dares to criticize “The One And Only Holy Dave Christ-was-all-about-slandering-other-people Johnson”…

            On top of that the guy has the spelling of a delusional teenager (talking about “maturity”), added that to Fakeopedia and neither him nor you cared to repair the damage done, and his “research” exists of posting some videos on his YT channel claiming all kinds of crazy beliefs.

            You really did show your true colors and your strategies have been clear earlier on. It was the Faye voice that made your spell work for a while.

            Better call it Medusapedia from now on.

  2. gaia

    Ah, DaveJ, proclaiming “Truth does not require belief”!

    Are we talking about DaveJ, who believes the Earth is Flat, believes Tony Abott and Tony Blair are the same person, believes the Moon is a hologram, believes all kinds of wacky religious stuff but shows in every action he doesn’t understand the “teachings of Christ”, believes in calling real researchers “the text book definition of a SIck twisted piece of human trash , you are an example of the worst of the worst of mankind. you bring demons into others lives for no reason but your own selfish pleasure.”, “SCUMBAGs”, “SUMBAGs”, “spiritual murderers”, “liars”, “workless trolls”, “deceivers”, “a BULLSHIT artist and a LIAR as is his BULLSHIT story he is spreading it is a Obvious HOAX period. HE is a purveyor of the worste [sic] that human interaction has to offer. He and people like him are the dung,.”?

    The “valuable resource”, “controversial YouTube researcher” who cannot even type one sentence right, in his native language, and doesn’t bother to correct it either, oh yeah, a really excellent con-tributor, this cuntroversial DaveJ!

    Well done Ab, thanks for (unwillingly?) boosting HBC, while your channel seems to attract the gutter trash, over there actually it is very interesting, civilized and uplifting with many good people. A job well done!


    [one of] without a doubt the best fakeologist finds of 2017

    1. Dave J

      And then at band camp……. PS what people call “the Earth” is Flat, Tony Abott and Tony Blair are the same person, and yes the Moon is a hologram aka A light among many other things

      YOu are not as slick as you think you are, that again is a fact. .

              1. Vespadouglas

                its quite remarkable that the “researchers ” and “content”creators (since 2009 you know ) didnt know this shit was out there…..or did they , and the “i accept i got it wrong videos are already in production

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Dave said : ”PS what people call “the Earth” is Flat, Tony Abott and Tony Blair are the same person, and yes the Moon is a hologram aka A light among many other things”

        I find this comment from Dave an interesting one. My take in this context, is the straw man works by being stood up against something real in order to discredit it.
        With the straw man argument here being ”Tony A is Tony B” , which one of these ideas might hold , or do both hold , truth ?
        A – ”what people call “the Earth” is Flat”
        B – ”the Moon is a hologram aka a light among many other things.”
        I suggest somewhere there we might well find truth spoken by davej.

        Another thing that struck me was in the sign-off.
        ”YOu are not as slick as you think you are”

        That was one of Dallas Goldbug’s favourite lines. I’m not saying DAvej (sic) is Dallas Goldbug (ha!) , but considering the Tony A is Tony B comparison is so ”Dallas Goldbug” in nature, that line there gives the whole thing a ring of familiarity.

        Mirriam Webster.
        Definition of straw man
        1 : a weak or imaginary opposition (such as an argument or adversary) set up only to be easily confuted

    2. Dave J

      Also to be clear “John Adams” is a text book definition of a Sick twisted piece of human trash , He is in fact an example of the worst of the worst of mankind. He does bring demons(Death lies) into others lives for no reason but for his own selfish pleasure. ANd when called out runs like a cowardly and scalded Dog. Fact is he is a troll as you are a troll.

      As far as that group at HBC. Maybe you can bugger back off over there. Nothing of any substance or importance will ever be born of that group period. It is by that Perfect definition defining that group which makes “it” your perfect home.

      Nothing, not a single word, thought and or deed will ever make what you say do think and or feel relavant to anyone or anything. And that goes for your whole crew over ther even those that double dip.

      Read more: fakeologist.com/blog/2018/05/1…

      1. Vespadouglas

        hahaha……….what dave said …..ish……..that whole HBC branch of the fakery tree , adams , kendall , dyer ,irvin has exposed itself for what it is

    3. ab Post author

      You are changing into quite a bigot. I don’t agree with everything you say either – but I enjoy the things we do agree with and listen. Your rage against Dave may just be a function of your maturity level, but I hope you learn to play well with others in the future. Best wishes in the forums you favor.

    4. Dave J

      Gaia, First this falls under the category of speculation from observation. I will admit to assume that this is in fact not your name(Gaia) but that of the Spirit (mind set) that guides you. You are thus a Female inside of a self despised Males body most likely a Homosexual by what you would call nature. This is regardless of the outward appearance you may or may not have and what you claim yourself to be keep in mind.
      SO then you may ask, why does this matter, It does not matter however it will explain your Daddy complex with regards to those you look up to. For one example John Adams. SO called…..SO then you See him as a father figure a “Daddy” for lack of a better term. He is one that reads out of books for you and tells your stories that brings you into your comfort zone.
      This being as close as you can come to being part of him that you wish to Physically be part of or at least have Enter you. Yes You wish you desire that he enter you in all matter and form. SO lacking that you settle for his so called intellectual penetration and when your Daddy figure is brought down by others that know him to be a fraud. YOU lash out like the Women Scorned. Your mind darkens as your “love” is being brought into question. Your Idol has been smashed at your feet, you are left unfilled and disappointed.
      You go out and be the best women you can be from this day forward. No longer fall for the hypothesizing dangle of a man you will never have or ever become. Become who you are and your Female fire(spirit/desire) inside will be thus controlled.

      If not then all I can say is RAGE for me.

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