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  1. xileffilex

    Not sure if anyone has seen this – it’s had many views, but once one has understood September Clues, it is obvious now how these images and clips were streamed from Fox to Sky News for this four hour “live” coverage of 9/11:


    Sky News went on to win a TV award for this broadcast, the anchor, Kay Burley having covered previously the fake death of Diana and, most recently a suspicious royal birth…

    1. Faye

      I have not seen that before. It is said to be a video recording of the real broadcast of that morning. Very valuable if so. Thanks.

      There is just so much material to research..

      1. xileffilex

        It’s an astonishing record showing how exactly we had the wool pulled over our eyes.
        Note Washington correspondent of SkyNews Emma Hurd who left Sky News exactly 11 years after 9/11 [@14 mins]
        @11m: “and another plane” said as if it’s just another bus coming down the road.

        Some of the names and faces are familiar – e.g. Rick Leventhal – others, David Lee Miller of Fox, less so.

        I need to do a time analysis of the various interviews and witnesses dustified “survivors”,, the “terrorism experts” who were dragged up at short notice for gloss..
        David Lee Miller at 1;09.15, breathless [lol!]

        And on Fox TV later that evening in New York [go to 12:30 in that parade of ‘on the ground witnesses’ :

        Miller was still at it, 16 years later

        Miller doesn’t seem to have been been mentioned anywhere at Cluesforum. His Fox News career started in …. London in 1996. hmmmmm

  2. Faye

    Does that mean the series kept the towers in that opening scene for 11 years after 9/11? I am asking because I never watched that film series and find it interesting.

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