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Fantastic chat between two of my favorite fakeologists.

Also Anounceofsalt.

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  1. antipodean

    So my Father’s cousin is missing in action ? He was actually killed whilst inside a tank. Once inside the tank it was difficult to get out. The Germans nick named them Tommy Cookers, because any kind of direct hit meant you were fucked or rather cooked.
    My Grandfather for all I know could have been fishing on the beach at Gallipolli, being a Brit he wasn’t used as cannon fodder like the Australians and NZers were.
    As for Abbott & Blair how many times do they have to be seen in the same place before it’s safe to assume they are not as one.

    1. Dave J

      None of those “war” stories are in fact true. you however are a false witness of Murder and of death. Second sentance or so..(see cannon fodder).No people of any make model and or form race color and or creed were used as “cannon fodder” Period. People like you are what true “Evil” (dark-mind, one whos brings the Idea of Death into rooms/minds for no reason but self pleasure) is about in this so called world. DO you not have any idea the darkness you spread by doing that ? FOR ALL (mia then died in tank yah yah)you really know your fathers cousin could have found a women he liked and decided to make a new life there instead of at home. YOU choose a ghoul story instead. Not sure why as of yet but the War Hoax is the hardest to break of those from GB/AUS/NZ this maybe becuase the AMericains have made so many movies about the sham known as “war” again (War is controlled demolition and stratigic relocation) that thier “ego” feels the need to fill that empty space or void with a more Fervant belief (see Anzac Hyde Park, Sydney for example, Very dark sick and twisted minds built that) in the lie and thus Propose grander stories as well.

      You are Just another name to chalk up as no more than a Murderous minded(by your own free will) story reteller. One who passes down false witness of Murder and death to as many who can be duped into falling into the grave with you. YOU link stories of death without true witness. Do some real work into the subject and you might see that truth of the matter. I do understand all the neat Memorals and family stories have thier “charms/spells” on you.

      As far as TA-TB atleast two would be nice. Known as second source. THe reason i say that is this. How many(so called researchers) go by one source and then call that truth. Most do the work themselfs and or find a second third forth witness and then still verify that story. SO then One source is fine for some, not for me. I am perfectly willing to say they are not the same guy. Or if no second source can be found what reason they might not be seen together. Is it that they were in office in periods that thier paths would not have crossed. Did they not go to UN functions at the same time. THere may be a reason. I asked simply Years ago now that people that were coming after me do some work on thier end. All i have seen since 2013 when I saw it then was that video.

      1. Dave J

        Added point,

        If a man/women aims a gun by intention or accident at another man/women pulls the trigger and kills them, They are in fact Murderers. Nothing no point of law or papers drafted by man changes that fact. Within Man’s Law so called you have degrees of Murder but Murder regardless. This is regardless of so called Court cases and or trials after the fact. This goes to the first and base act

        There are at NO time governments(so called) that send men to line up, (land on underfire beaches, paratroop under fire, etc) at each other and then shoot to kill each other in what is called “war” that does not happen. Period

        1. Vespadouglas

          not all killing is murder you fucking halfwit ……the guy you strangled cos he raped your niece ? …..that aint murder …..you are the fucking gHOuL here dude ……shhoo now locust

      2. Vespadouglas

        strange how crasss div failed to tell anyone about this video hes been sitting on for 5 year ….did you know about this video franksalt? …..do you need a “second source” too?

        1. Dave J

          That was all gone over back then(2013)(as well as the added questions for clarification of timetable) had you followed the videos/chat at that time. You, however are a workless drone as far as i can see, and from the content of your posts, nothing of substance at all on anything. so you can run along doug. But, before you toddle off troll, not that anyone here was talking to you, However i will say in general a second source (on any subject or a third or forth etc) would be nice as I said then and still say today. That i am sure most would agree you being mindless do not need to consider this point. Apart from that cartoon(politics) charactor debate what if anything do you add here other than snipping. Hint it can be summed up with one word, Nothing.

          Lets be clear I expect nothing of substance from you on anything. You have nothing at all to offer. Bye troll, go run along and drop letters in boxes, the sum total of your use to anyone. . you will not be addressed by me again for any reason. As Fakologist’s advice to me goes DO not worry about the trolls Period SO I say Good riddance troll.

      3. antipodean

        Firstly you (Davej) need to go out into the real world and purchase your self some much needed perspective.
        It’s more likely that an attractive motor cyclist named Annette Carrion (who was known by an estranged poster on this forum) was killed in a road accident, than Tony Blair is masquerading as Tony Abbott.
        As for my Father’s cousin it’s highly unlikely that once he arrived in France he thought fuck this for a game of toy soldiers, did a runner met a French chick & didn’t return to Engaland. Especially as he had a farm to inherit.
        At the time my father thought his death was very appropriate for someone who enjoyed blowing up defenceless animals at point blank range with a shot gun (karma & all that).

        TPTB do not give a shit about human life many a decision by the likes of Churchill would have been made in regards as to which groups of people were more expendable that others.
        Every small town in New Zealand has a memorial listing the names of those sacrificed (used as cannon fodder) by the likes of Churchill.
        As for the POW source that web site I linked to, simply confirmed to me what I already knew (+more)about him, from what members of his family have told me.

      1. Vespadouglas

        tell him “im a fakeologist , fuck off and mind your own you DGBugger you ” rollo ……..youre real……i fink……..easily led , but real …..HBC have shown their calling….surely you see that ?

    1. due2romney

      Thanks Ro11o much appreciated…reminded me of a joke i heard in Primary school…why did da man put an egg on his head ?..Bloody funny ; )

      1. due2romney

        0h wait…he thought he was a Griller…lols.I learnt a valuable lesson from OBF on The Real Deal threads where Fetzer went from 200 listeners to practically 0…he said when I’m speed reading these comments i dont bother with obvious obfuscaters such as Clair Kluehn…I apply the same method with Crazy Dave but occasionally give his unread comment a down vote so he can think he is herd…

  2. antipodean

    Hi Tom I’m an ex pat Brit (POM) living in NZ after having spent a few years living in OZ.
    (Antipodean describes people or things that come from or relate to Australia and New Zealand.)

    I’m pleased the Blair is Abbott has been put to bed.
    Wars also happen where combatants get killed in action. I’ve a Grandfather (my mother’s father) who survived Gallipolli & a 2nd Cousin (my Father’s cousin) who was killed at the D day landings.
    Plus the Guy who’s name I posted on fakeopedia at Discord, was actually incarcerated at the same POW camp featured in the Great Escape movie. (now that should ruffle a few feathers)

    1. Dave J

      It ruffles nothing, , btw (Your Father’s cousin nameless witness to this point) who YOU claim was killed at the D day landings. Was not Due to WAR(if your reporting of death is even true, only your dark heart knows why you would do what you do) as reported as D day was a HOAX (war is controlled demolition and stratigic relocation Period) there was no Landings under emeny Fire at all period You also have a Grandfather (your mother’s father) who survived Gallipolli. That is like saying you survived Going on a Fishing trip etc. Nothing not a single word thought or deed of yours will ever change the facts as I have stated.. Anyone (this includes you your father, grandfather etc) claiming otherwise is a Liar and a false witness to murder. Full stop. Ok fine one more for a Bonus, YOUR POW BS story is just that Bullshit. IT is always you that claim the family Stories that are the worste when it comes to repeating the Liea and fairy tales of previous generations.

      Now as far as the TOny A and TOny B, you showed a video that is nothing new to this story. It was seen(as well as talked about) back in 2013 and is still the only proof used by those that claim they are not the same. If this is all people need than that is fine. However I would expect those that look into this kind of topic would require more than one source. It is not really a Important topic next top your False witness of Murder above. It is more akin to debating is elmer fudd is also yosemite sam. In the end they are just charactors in a Play that will run forweard regardless of the players placed into this or that role.

      As TOm likes to use the Term Strawman , you are using a reverse Strawman, Meaning bringing in something *most will readily agree with you about TA-TB and then Spreading you sick and twisted false witness of WAR and death.

      Now maybe you can prove your Death WItness and account for your false witness of Murder (shooting guns at eath other killing os in fact murder) if that happens in any and all cases. Get to it

  3. Vespadouglas

    ab….ive just been to cf and seen my entrance exit for the first time in years …..i lasted longer than i remember……pretty much bared my soul too huh ?……..theres an opening comment in your blog archive somevhere ,as i said

  4. Vespadouglas

    misom……the only person here whom i can categoricaly say is 100% aware of my “ethnicity” is Zallian …..others perhaps watched a couple of videos of mine a while back and heard my voice ….or maybe not…..Zal did and i mentioned him….does he remember ? ….fuknose , ask him………others , who you are quite “fond off” know my ethnic background offline………….hi tOM

        1. Vespadouglas

          i lasted 2 maybe 3 comments at cf and was booted for bad grammar…..i write how i talk , im legible and people get my point……societal norms of grammar no longer apply to me

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