Gofraudme dialectic

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A story to simply supply contrast to the Humboldt Hockey hoax gofraudme campaign.

The idea that police would actually get access to medical records is ludicrous. The whole story is likely fake, to lend credence that the HHH fraud is legit.

A Calgary woman who police allege lied about having cancer has been charged with fraud in two fundraising efforts.

Police say they received an anonymous tip earlier this month about an online group promoting a raffle to assist with health-care costs related to a cancer diagnosis.


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2 thoughts on “Gofraudme dialectic

  1. xileffilex

    Fraud around a fraudulent event passed off as real in the media is a recurring theme with the hoax scriptwriters. At the Grenfell Tower psy-op, a Vietnamese guy was used

    Fraudster who claimed family died in Grenfell Tower jailed for 21 months
    Anh Nhu Nguyen claimed £12,500 after pretending wife and son were killed in fire


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