Another candidate pilloried for 9/11 view

like this

Nothing like an election full of mudraking to bring out trutherism attacks. I wonder if he held to his view that he’d get more votes?

“Now if they could do something about Bush’s role in 9/11, people could finally get closure,” he tweeted on May 2, 2011.…

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2 thoughts on “Another candidate pilloried for 9/11 view

  1. ricky

    It’s a good question xileffilex, but regardless, the message being sent is no contrary views will be tolerated. Not only to any prospective candidates, but the public as well. Somehow you’re expected to purge those thoughts from your’ mind. Looks like another step towards full blown censorship.

  2. xileffilex

    Something like this recently occurred in the UK…

    Candidate dropped after it “emerged” she had made tweets questioning the official narrative of the Jo Cox and Manchester Arena bombing psy-ops. [both #NDNGH]

    One wonders whether these are actors supplied to bolster the offical narrative with scripted banana skins to close down “conspeerasee” thoughts.

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