6 thoughts on “Do we believe Chicagoland stats?

  1. Dave J

    It amazes me how people of otherwise good intentions or so they say will seek out death and murder to “believe” in. Even that disgusting graphic you show is a Swastika Sun sign in code (aka 4-7’s) 3.29 / 17:42 (14 2-7’s and 142 more 7’s to make your 4 7’s swastika Light of illumination, this then becomes your PERSONAL witness, YOU OWN this lie as you push it as reality. Taking the first grab from the so called story displays the Hoax code as I have told you over and over again. False witness Murder all you like but never , ever claim you were not told different.

    At 10:16(8 detail the Lie(devil) in in the details) a.m., Moore, 25(7), was standing near the street in the 700(7) block of North Lawndale when someone fired shots at him from a passing vehicle, according to police and the medical examiner’s office.

    Moore was shot at least once(1) in the back and taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 1:57(13 +1 14 or 2 7’s) a.m. Wednesday, authorities said.


    Men shall seek death and it will flee from them………………………I am out of here have a great LIFE, Live it seeking LIFE and not Death.

    1. smj

      perhaps you could show us an example of a potentially real death in the media. i don’t pay attention to it myself. i assume its all bullshit but i ain’t silly enough to believe nobody’s getting murdered in cicago this weekend. several folks have tried to murder my dumbass. i gotta a bullet in me rite now..

    2. Tom Dalpra

      So is that it for now ? Is Dave taking himself away ? Is his work done here for the time being ?

      Ab’s original post was a (crass – blood spattered! ) graphic with the valid question along the lines of ”How real are these stats ? ”
      Typically of Dave, in his recent sojourn here, sought to jump on it and cry ” Death seeker! ”.
      Erm, no, not really, Dave. Not how I read it. You can spin it how you like, but some adults here are trying to have an intelligent conversation about some real things.

      He bunged-in a bit of his eyebrow-raising ‘sevencode’. Now, If Dave J has really found a way of reading the numbers in news stories then I want to know about it, fantastic! BUT, my feeling is, that it’sprobably not worth wasting too much time trying to work out what he’s saying.
      ‘Moore was shot at least once(1) in the back and taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 1:57(13 +1 14 or 2 7’s) a.m. Wednesday, authorities said.’

      Really? This seems tenuous. If anyone thinks this theory has any validity, by all means explain it to me, but until then I’m happy to pigeon-hole this ‘sevencode’ in the ‘Horseshit’ category. And why mention that story anyway ? Ab hadn’t linked to it, he just posted the graphic and asked the question about the stats.
      Foisting-in the nonsense there ?

      Dave, long having made the MSM and having been quoted as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ must surely have informed us of some things ? The MSM were happy for the masses to look at Davej’s stuff; he wouldn’t have been quoted if it didn’t serve a purpose.
      Who else has made the papers ? Youtubers Russianvids, Junglesurfer are a couple off the top of my head.
      They’re obvious ‘agents’ aren’t they ? You don’t get in the mainstream press talking about this shit if you’re not some kind of controlled entity. Not with this stuff.

      Whatever. It looks like Dave might be out of here for now.
      Interesting little visit.

      I have to remind myself sometimes. I’m IN a world of disinformation. What else should I expect but to meet such characters ?

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