Joshin’ about this fetid stew

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Good luck navigating the infinitely nested single comment on the Mathis fan blog.

Pingbacks are an automatic feature of WordPress. I think this is the only Pingback site (or non) to link to the Josh site.

I have decided to delete all the pingbacks from fakeologist. I can’t stop them from linking to my blog, but I’d rather they didn’t. They promote obvious like Flat Earth & “transvestigations” along with dishonest, hypocritical shills like Weisbecker. So I don’t want them trying to blackwash this site or Miles by mixing it in with that fetid stew.

We need to use discernment, and the fakeologist approach of promoting every cockamamie theory in the name of having “an open mind” simply won’t do. We need sharp minds armed with good defense mechanisms in order to thwart the non-stop attempts to stir our brains.

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6 thoughts on “Joshin’ about this fetid stew

  1. watermanchris

    The Mathis sycophants make me laugh. They have “real” discussions about things like the lights in the sky, stories found in books and online with no primary source evidence to back them up, “research” done on genealogy websites, “radiation”, and “atoms”. None of those things can be independently verified but Mathis skips right over that and goes on treating them as 90% true, we’re just being lied to about the details. Ridiculous!

    As one example, take the “Salem Witch Trials” that Mathis and his fans are constantly touting as groundbreaking even going so far as to “out” Jan Irvin as a “project” because he didn’t agree with Mathis. The funny thing about the whole thing is that NONE of it ever happened. It’s all just made up as the first time this “event” was ever written about was 200 years after the event supposedly took place! The “illustration” of the “trial” on Wikipedia is dated 1878!?! Wouldn’t Mathis, an artist, realize that painting a scene that “happened” 200+ years ago is kind of difficult? Lol

    I don’t think Miles Mathis or Irvin are “paid shills” sent to infiltrate the truth movement since I’ve come to realize that there is no truth movement, at least not one that’s a threat to the people who run the show. These guys just aren’t that smart. Discussing minutiae of “events” that likely never happened is a total waste of time but I read Mathis for entertainment so I hope he continues.

    1. Vespadouglas

      a true disciple………but seriously…..i am open to the suggestion that the people who continually raise the subject of “paid shills ” and “truth community ” could actually be part of a process of CREATING a truth community ……….not for today , but for “posterity” …..chronological,categorised and witnessed personally by the content creators…..5,10 ,20 years from now ……..when you look at the obvious actors that appeared en masse to “this scene” in such a short space of time i am , as i said , open to the suggestion that actors outnumber real people by a considerable majority……….thank goodness for junior fakeologists (if such a thing is even allowed) in 10,20 , 50 years………….the history of the truth fakery sceptic bs by youknowwho

      1. xileffilex

        I have no idea whether ‘paid shills’ exist. JLB thinks not. However, there are some very erudite people out there who spend an inordinate amount of time patrolling videos and forums such as this, whose sole function is to reinforce the official narrative, however silly or shaky it is, with wordy well written arguments and occasional virulent abuse when countering claims of fakery, from the moon landings downward…. There can only be two views – either it is indeed their day or night job, or it’s a very strange and unpaid but time-consuming [as our own individual voyages of discover are] hobby to have.

  2. joshg

    You keep linking to the infinitely nested comments, so apparently you don’t have any trouble navigating it, so it can’t be too hard…

    1. ab Post author

      Wrong. I use an RSS reader to navigate your tangled mess. Btw, do you have any idea why Miles insists on PDF files? Is there a nefarious reason behind it?

      1. joshg

        Hah! I don’t know but always assumed it’s just easier to manage. He can write with the comfort of a word processor without having things on line, then convert to pdf instantly and upload. This also makes it easy to do updates. Some of his papers are very long. It would be nuts to try to do them in html or some kind of markup language, and he isn’t plugged into wordpress — although even there it is far less convenient and efficient. Some of his older science and art criticism papers are html, but at some point I think he realized it was much easier to use pdfs.


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