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  1. Faye

    Interesting aspects brought by Tom, inspires me to also muse.

    The image of the place of birth is obscene in its making:

    It indicates an unexplorable space behind the hole – not on the material level, on the other level, that one, which gives life.

    And here – in this image – we have layed out the explication of power vis-a-vis the new life. Sun with or without black hole, with or without flames, the numbers – whatever numbers – are symbolistic not symbolic, they only disguise the power, which is of another nature here.

    It transfers the unexplicable onto an anvil and hammers it into a compact form on an amboss.

    1. Vespadouglas

      what the fuck are you on about? ……you should hook up with lori gale……seriously , misom , what the fuck do those ramblings mean……its just a jobby

      1. Faye

        Your answer is not so inspiring but nonetheless I will try to please your question as I am aware that my style is not so user-friendly when I take the freedom to articulate my thoughts recklessly.

        I am saying that TPTB visualize “their” control over the unknown, inexplicable, wonderful and ecstatic by hammering it into a solid forms.

        That is one of the oldest techniques of doing so, smithing: forging, shrinking, bending, swaging, punching, forge welding the metal.

        Of course, they do not execute these processes themselves, because they are not skilled enough, but they have their specialist.

        Their intent is to demonstrate their supposed power because actually they do not possess it.

        Nobody controls the unknown, inexplicable, wonderful, ecstatic.
        What is that? Life.

  2. Tom Dalpra

    That one in Bethlehem looks like a Sun with a black hole. Black hole Sun innit?

    I just thought I’d add the arrow and the flames above Number 10 Downing Street.

    Just to mention (don’t be distracted by other seven codes! ha) There are seven flames and seven window panels.
    It may mean nothing, but it does add up to 14 and there are 14 flames on the ‘black hole’ sun there.

    We remember too, that 7/7 was THE major terrorist attack in recent history in the UK.
    The two sevens as presented so vividly by that Op were clearly asserted – given ‘godlike status’. Excuse my musings.

    The Jesuit symbol there has the ‘classic’ (a la London Eye, UNlogo) 32 outer ‘flames’ the 33 we assume being the sum of the ‘hole’, if you will. The hole in the middle again….


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