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Attention! This audio is only 55 minutes – that’s 27.5 minutes for your morning commute and 27.5 for your afternoon commute! You won’t miss a thing – so download it today and listen in!

When? May 30, 2018 @ 2033h EDT

Who? Faye and Ab go over the week’s events on fakeologist.com

Listen live @ fakeologist.com/s/radio2

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29 thoughts on “FAK199-Fakeologist 55

  1. ricky

    I’m glad to have scrolled back to this thread, anytime “Unreal” has something to say I’m interested. My opinion is he has the most accurate view on the fakery we witness through the mass media we’re bombarded with. It’s more consistent with our daily observable reality despite how we’ve been “educated” and propagandized to believe otherwise. The girls on the beach I grew up around were way more sexy than the “Supermodels” in the media, why was that? It’s a tough idea to accept but look at Serena Williams or “Big Mike,” is it really that big a stretch to go a bit further? What about the properties of water, do they conform to a contained flat system or a spinning ball, has anyone witnessed a curve in the earth? I’m not claiming definitive knowledge but no longer blindly adhere to my “training.”

  2. watermanchris

    Hi Ab,

    I just listened to this podcast, it sounds like you are saying that the “flat earth renaissance” was rolled out to counter Simon Shack’s Tychos model. Is that your position? If so, i have a couple of questions.

    1 – why would the Tychos, a model that includes flying rocks, gravity, and the “vacuum” of space, be any threat to the people who run the show? Even IF (I don’t think this is even remotely possible) Simon is correct, and the masses started to accept his model (again impossible), what harm does that do to the status quo?

    2 – we know that the majority of people believe that man flew to the moon, walked on it, played golf on it, and drove dune buggies on it. This despite the fact that it is obviously ridiculous. Why would you think it remotely possible for the masses to change their beliefs to accept an alternative model?

    Any model that accepts flying rocks is a non-starter for me as nobody can show me any evidence that rocks can fly nor can anyone demonstrate how the “vacuum of space” can exist above our atmosphere without some kind of barrier separating them.

    Finally, what primary source documentation exists for this Brahe character? Seems to be a completely fictitious story.

    1. ab Post author

      My interest in this is limited, perhaps I can redirect the questions to Simon if we do an audio.

      1. UNreal

        Hope you do look at the message here Ab – and that you do not merely trust the messenger. I for one do not hope for an interview on a mathematical, abstract model of a fantasy (Tsycho?) Universe.

        The Tychos model of the solar system is based on faulty presuppositions and imo an unworthy topic of Fakeology – it is actually classic mainstream science cross-dressed as original alternative research.

        And to consider the “Flat Earth movement” to have been organised to counter Clues Forum, Simon Shack or the Tychos model is nothing short of ignorant and selfdelusional – Flat Earth and Spacetravel have been been topics infested with deception and agents for centuries in popular culture.

        (hereunder an illustration of life on the moon as published in The Sun, New York 1835)

        1. ab Post author

          I am only interested in the shape of the earth from a deception point of view, via NASA, the leading purveyors of space lies. Simon gets my attention due to his leading edge research in media fakery. These are the boundaries of my interest.

          1. UNreal

            The launch of a book and a dedicated section on Clues Forum sure has gotten attention – but once we are attentive – we do have a duty to evaluate what is proposed – be it Simon Shack or anyone else.

            Cult status is often achieved and even developped in order to mislead us more effectively – which is (imo) Shack’s actual contribution in the “Flat Earth” debate*. As it was John Adams role to persuade us truth is found in books and that secondary celebrities do not fake their death or funeral.

            Reknown is no guarantee for valuable work, rather the contrary.

            *the term “Flat Earth” is equally a deceptive notion as the only consistent, flat substance is the Sea (article) – but not anyone is attentive to such a simple and verifiable model

            (herunder the 21st century scientific conclusion on the actual shape of the earth – measured with the same scrutiny as they survey the distance to the stars and planets that surround us – Tacos or no Tacos)

      2. watermanchris

        I will gladly participate an any audio chat I am invited to about the “Tychos” but I have a feeling that I will not get the answers I am looking for. Simon Shack is the only person I have ever heard claim that he can “see” a curve in the horizon. I’m not going to call him a liar but it’s strange to me that he can see things that are impossible for others to see. Maybe he really is superman like many of the members of CFF believe.

        One question I have that is very base to any discussion of the “solar system” is why does Simon believe that the lights in the night sky are solid physical objects? The mainstream belief that there are flying rocks, all hinges on the ridiculous Cavendish experiment. Does Simon believe that man can determine the mass of the earth using heavy balls and a torsion balance? If so, why?

        Another question I have is – What is the best piece of evidence that Simon has seen to convince him that Tycho Brahe was a “real person”?

        Finally, how does Simon purport to “know” what will happen in 25,344 (7/11 anyone?) years? He says that “this period of time is commonly known as the procession of the equinoxes”. Who commonly knows this time and how was it deduced. I can’t find any credible written records that go back more than 250 years, how can we “know” what happened 25,344 years ago or what will happen 25,344 years from now? This seems to fit right in with the “earth is billions of years old and we are just specs of dust” BS that is pushed by psience.

        I don’t think Simon is a bad person but if he is going to go at the cosmos, he should truly start from scratch and throw all of the psience stuff out. There is no way that humans would look up in the sky and think anything up there was solid unless we were conditioned our entire lives to believe that.

  3. UNreal

    “I won’t spend any time responding to the two silly clowns (UNreal and DJyoutube) who just commented above…”

    Kind of humorous that Simon Shack mistakes ‘above’ from ‘below’ in his comment as he chooses to opt out of habitual threaded discussion*, place his response “top-level” and mix DaveJ and myself in the same bag.

    I’m not surprised by Simon Shack’s unwillingness to defend his presuppositions for his planetary model as they are indeed inherited from a real clown in his own right : the man with the brass nose (Tyge Brahe) who died from his inability to Pi (11 days urinary infection). So much for “Round In Circles” and circular orbits imo…

    “I was actually thinking of stopping by and visit you, Ab – but couldn’t find any airfares which suited my shoe-string pockets.”

    In alternative research, i’m more alert to literal encodings than numbers and therefore it is quite ironic that Shack’s “shoe-string” budget also can be understood as a joke derived from his chosen artist name* which is a direct back-spelled phonetic anagram of “Cash”.

    Another detail that we are involuntarily exposed to from Simon Shack is the private discussion on a meet-up with Ab. Such personal discussion should of course normally happen in private email, which makes the dialogue somewhat demonstrative and suggestive. Like the doorbell in a Jim Fetzer audio, Chris with no electricity or internet or John Adams driving home from the bullet factory. Natural, but possibly artificial.

    *as demonstrated in this comment – i’ve opted out of the inflammatory word-war that ensues below and “unthreaded” my response to stay on top..

    *Shack : Cash (phonetic anagram & semordnilap)

    (Brahe was exhumed in 1901 and hereunder in 2010 by Danish scientists – so just like other dead dinosaurs of science we definitely know he was real, and also how his nose was not made of either silver nor gold, but from reddish brass)

  4. simonshack

    Dear Ab and Faye,

    Phew… what can I say? I’m very glad that you exist because if you didn’t, there would be – at this moment in time – exactly ZERO ‘third party’ radio podcasts (apart from the Clues Chronicles and the Swedish Cui Bono podcasts – although they don’t really count as ‘third party outlets’ since both are run by close friends of mine) even mentioning the TYCHOS. I’m doing my very best to understand why you both appear to think that the whole topic (of our solar system’s configuration) is too complex and “way over your heads” – or that it doesn’t “fall within your sphere of interest” (if so, Ab, why have you even considered F.E. as a possible reality of our universe, for the last few years – and even tried to prove it with your own camera?). However, I warmly wish to thank you both for your kind words and intelligent discourse – the sort of which is hard to find nowadays! I won’t spend any time responding to the two silly clowns (UNreal and DJyoutube) who just commented above… oops, I just did! 😀

    Warm summer hugs to the two of you – and Faye, please don’t go awaye !…


      1. simonshack

        Dear Ab,
        We could possibly Euroconvene for a TYCHOS podcast sometime next week (let me know when it suits you best). I’m quite happy to talk about it – although it really is a topic that needs to be supported by visual graphics: for me to explain it on air (with words only) is a fairly tough affair.

        Having said that, I’ll take the challenge – were it only to hone my skills at expounding my TYCHOS model in spoken (English) words. In two weeks time I’ll be hopping on a plane to the USA (the land of the free and home of the brave) – and hopefully diffuse a bit of the TYCHOS around the place with the help of Hoi Polloi, perhaps the smartest person I’ve ever met in my entire life. Wish us luck!

        PS: I was actually thinking of stopping by and visit you, Ab – but couldn’t find any airfares which suited my shoe-string pockets. Yet, it would be great if we could meet up at some stage! I’ll be staying in the US until September 1. Hop on a plane and join us!

        My dream: having Faye as my personal “secretary”…

        1. davejyoutube

          Maybe you can look into getting a grant from the family of the late PT Barnum for your planned roadshow, They know the circus business. With regard to your ripped off TYCHOS model all that can be said is, A sucker is born every minute, SO I suggest everyone in proximity to your tones take a minute or two off.
          Being that I am a Clown in your view, That would qualify me to know a circus when I see one and your Latest Musing are those 0f a Charlatan.
          I will save the time of anyone wanting those savings. The TYCHOS model like any other that includes gravity, vacuum and flying rocks as the planets in our “solar system” and such are in fact non-since and no more fir for anyone except those with the minds of fanciful children.
          You should do more of the name calling and such of those that can see you for what you are. That fits better than the “warm summer hugs” poppycock.
          Nothing, not a single word, thought and or deed will ever make the 16th(7 hoax coded) century work of Fiction you have lifted a work based in any reality. What you see above your head is nothing more than Lights. That is all they have or ever will be they are not destinations and they are very close to the plane of this existence. There where you live at a level above what is called Sea/see (cc/33) level on what is called and referred to as a depth and or elevation.

          For anyone paying attn, you can see some Numbers i left in my note have you seen those around. maybe you see/Sea why? Now? or will you continue to be lead by the blind.

          1. simonshack


            Thanks for showing us, once more, your imbecilic nature. Also, thanks for mentioning the TYCHOS model so many times in your writings. Haven’t your handlers taught you to REFRAIN from even mentioning the TYCHOS word ?

            If I were your handler, I would slap your fingers. Remember: your job is to discredit folks like myself – and NOT folks like yourself. You are supposed to gather credibility – with the stuff that you write. To act like a complete idiot will not do. Unless, of course, your paycheck is signed by Donald Trump.

            You are one of the many trolls that have infested this valiant Fakeologist website – and it is now time for you to fuck off.

            1. davejyoutube

              Lets take a look at what you are going on about. You are pushing an obvious (7 coded hoax) and borrowed SO called mathematical Model upon those that can not or do not want to simply walk outside and observe the Nature of existence. I have made public several videos that explain what one can do on their own without any input from others to Prove to themselves the Nature of this Place. I have even taken the time to share experiments others can do and all have the ability to do if the Desire for truth is in them.

              ** You on the other hand have resorted to calling me an Agent (for who and for what end?). PROVE this statement. PROVE you are not a False witness and a LIAR of your accusations of me.

              You have also brought in the Char-actor of Trump.

              I have stated and all those that can bear witness to my statements will tell you, All politics period is a Sideshow, it does nothing but waste the time of those that participate.

              AB has a Soft spot, or hard spot depending on one’s perspective for you as a Person. ONLY he can explain why that is. You have taken the time out of your day to falsely accuse me because the Truth is not in you and you can not speak to any truth but that of your own inflated EGO. Nothing Not a single Word, not a single Thought and not a single Deed will ever make the False witness you made of me true and more important , not a single word, thought or deed will ever make the poppycock model you present any more than SCI-ance Fiction.


              Now get to proving your personal false witness of me. (agent and handler bs)Or take your own advice of your last sentence.

              Recall this , IT is not how a race starts that matters it is how it ends. YOU are a fraud and you are pushing Fiction All will come out before the end. Until then we are just passing time.

              1. simonshack


                I just suggested that you “fuck off” from this valiant website.
                Of course, this is just my personal wish / opinion. This is not my website – and I have no power to block raving imbeciles like yourself from Fakeologist dot com. However, should Ab (the founder of this website) decide to let you continue to spew your cretinous babble to his readers…

                …I will just wonder:


                Are we not fighting the idiocy of our mainstream media, Ab?
                Are we going to let our OWN, tiny / “grassroot media outlets” contribute to this idiocy which pervades our lives, 24/7?”

                1. davejyoutube

                  What I will do in return is trust AB to read our back and forth and see for himself who has an ulterior motive showing. I have already left his Discord so that the natives in there would not become so overheated everyday and they could get back in to their daily Figure 8’s (“is that a death…no Is that a death…no is that a death….no, this Life sucks routine”). This on the other hand I have not left and will not leave. SO as far as your personal wish/opinion, IT is not granted.

                2. ab Post author

                  Au contraire mon ami. I think it’s better to let those that we think are trolls expose themselves. If we are trying to explain to the uninitiated right from wrong, I’d rather it be done in a controlled burn environment. Our forums have different tolerance levels, as Hoi has said in the past

        2. ab Post author

          I’d be very pleased to visit with you. Keep me posted on your itinerary. Chicago is a possible place I’ll be for a few days in the summer. Weekends are best for audios due to the time difference.

        3. Faye

          Dear Simon, you are a source of inspiration for me and I thank you so much for your encouraging words.

          I am certain that your decision to attack the official cosmological account is right and bears many chances to set in motion a chain reaction in the field of cosmology and pseudo-sciences but above all in the field of questioning authority in all aspects.

          If the Copernican model will prove wrong, the Pandora box will open. The research of many people who have access to digital technologies will be unleashed.

          In my estimation the Tychos project is the main reason for the setup of controlled (funded) outlets that have been created since ca. 2014 in order to counter its implications.

          Therefore I understand that the chances are massive that the Tychos can achieve a deconstruction of the Copernican cosmological model; and therefore, I support your project fully.

          Despite the fact that cosmology is out of my capacities, it is namely a major political issue, maybe THE political issue at all. Who constructs the ideas, the imaginary concepts and models that shape our being in the world.

          I hope that long desired Tychos chat will happen soon.
          (I would be insane not to accompany you on your tour in case I could)

          1. watermanchris

            Hi Faye,

            You say – “If the Copernican model will prove wrong, the Pandora box will open.”

            Why do you believe this? The official story is that “everybody” used to think the earth was flat but now “everybody knows” the earth is a spinning ball. That seems like a pretty big change that the people who run the show were obviously okay with. Why would “The Tychos”, an adjustment of the Copernican model disrupt the status quo? It still maintains that the lights in the sky are solid physical objects, a position for which there is exactly 0 evidence.

            1. Faye


              The Copernican model is not only a cosmological model in the sense that it describes the cosmos “out there”. It is also the model that shapes the world in which life happens.

              It is the vision of the powerful, with which they projected into the future, their desire to conquer, occupy, control and own the world.

              It is also a strategic plan and a political statement and last but not least, it is a programm to expel life from the epicentre of our understanding of the cosmos to a peripherie of it.

              It reduced the importance of life, not only human, also animal, plants, metals, all resources of our world. It degraded them from meaningful and meaninggiving and threw them out to an unknown naked place in a cold cosmos where everything is of no importance other than what the powerful, who are able to overview the cosmos and represent it as a model, decide.

              The Copernican model is therefore not only a description of our world but the instrument of control and exploitation of life.

              In my speculation about the Tychos model, it is that meaning of power, which is interwoven with the heliocentric dimension of the cosmos, that is being deconstructed. Obviously with similar methods and tools, as the Copernican model uses. I can not judge about that, because I am not a scientist.

              The act of deconstructing the Copernican model and proving that it is wrong by its own rules and laws is therefore -for me at least- an act of rebellion against the degradation and destruction of life.

              I find it very couragious by Simon Shack to take this way to open a debate about the importance of life enabling constructivistic models in the age of the abandonment of hope that is being propagated all around.

              1. smj

                i reckon simon could be a bit more courageous in taking on stellar parallax. in simon’s model we are still on a flying rock in an incomprehensibly vast universe. what’s the big difference?

                1. Faye

                  I support the deconstruction of the copernican model and the questioning of authority it implies. That is the reason why I support Simon Shack in this aspect of his work.
                  I do not know where we live on and I do not research it myself with the language and tools of the military which btw applies also to the so called ball scepticism.
                  Is that so difficult to differentiate?

                    1. Faye

                      Obviously I am not clear enough…
                      Is that a serious question ?
                      We must talk more!

              2. watermanchris

                I don’t personally believe that the “Tychos”, a model that is being claimed by the mainstream (see wikipedia) has been around for close to 400 years, is any threat to the status quo.

                As long as it maintains that the earth is just another flying rock in a vast expanse (universe) of other flying rocks, it discounts the specialness of this place we live and by extension life.

                Also, the ridiculous timelines like 25,344 years, a period of time that is incomprehensible to humans, are a clue to me that this model is far from reality. Nobody will be alive to “know” if this model is true that far in the future just as no one is alive to attest to the reality of Tycho Brahe.

                Using ultra-long timelines is a tactic of hoaxers and charlatans (see evolution/psientism, “ancient” history, and the “bible”) as examples.

                I am not claiming SS is a hoaxer or a charlatan. I just think he’s wrong, which is not a crime. However, the way he treats dissent, both at Cluesforum.info and in discussions here, is a bit suspicious. For instance, why has Simon not addressed our questions regarding the validity of this Tycho Brahe character? I am fairly certain Brahe is completely “made up”. Also, why does Simon believe the lights in the sky are solid physical objects? There are many other questions that have been asked but the only answer we get is – “read my book”. I doubt that the book explains that everything hinges on the silly Cavendish “experiment”.

  5. davejyoutube

    COuld not have said it better myself. Part of the reason I bailed from the group is this constant treading of water. This however seems to be a PUSH for an Idea that is not new in any way shape and or form.

    I find it instructive however that many that claim you can not know, are also ones that DO not do. There are many observations one can make and state for fact what is seen and thus build a Modal from those observations.
    The fact that Ab calls SImons Model “working” is another red flag for me as far as motive goes. Not sure what this push and what the game here is about. But I have come to a conclusion that there is never going to be any There ….there.

    People live in darkness because they themselves refuse to see any Light.

    1. davejyoutube

      Again Not New, Not True and Not “working”. More 16th century (aka 7 coded BS)

  6. UNreal

    Hope you both Ab & Faye manage to find the sweet spot and thus continue your enjoyable FAK 55 show. The 55 minutes format and content benefit from regularity which you’ve been able to keep up in a fairly good way so far.

    I’m not surprised that anyone sees value in Simon Shack’s contributions on media-fakery and particularly 9/11 – but i really disagree about the value and pertinence of his Tychos model and find his “DBA strategy” a particularly poor and fallacious argument in the flat earth debate. An excuse to do no research..

    Conspiracy Fatigue (CF)

    The “Tychos” model relies on so many ill-supported facts that it kind of becomes irrelevant from its presupposition of gravety, vaccum and flying rocks as the planets in our solar system. How can a man as familiar with science fraud as Shack actually even consider that a Tyge Brahe is anything but another scripted character and as false as any other historical “genius” is curious at best. Brahe supposedly worked as the Royal astromer of Danemark where he lived on a remote Danish island in company with a pet elk and a psychic dwarf (weirdopedia).. And of course, Tyge Brahe also has a museum, just as the victims of 9/11 (museum website)

    Maybe Shack is secretly quite amused how anyone can believe anything he says out of fandom – because we obviously should not consider his Tychos theory anything else that an astutely crafted mathemathical model of a fantasy universe with exploding stars and far away galaxies that awaits man once he can gets space ships and time travel working (not so of course).. As a reminder for the pundits that believe we need to read the book here to make a good case – we don’t. Because when the input is bad (vaccum of space, gravity, distance measures) nothing that is concluded can be good or even worthwhile of our time and attention.

    GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out

    When it comes to “Discredit by Association” it is a clear red herring put in place to avoid and shame any factual discussion of the matter at hand – the shape of the Earth.

    The sea isn’t flat because Mark Sargeant says so, it is flat because it always has been and thus unvariably serve as the measure by which we measure the topography of earth. And we can all go to sea or a great body of water and verify it for ourselves by observation on a clear day. There is no arch-meter used by ingeneers and architects even in nation-wide planification and structures such as bridges where a curved surface would have had an impact of importance, even endagered the security of many projects.

    Flat Sea’er

    Now what is indeed surprising is how effective the fallacy ridden argumentation against researching the topic of earth’s shape has been. The proposition made with DBA fallacy is that we need not investigate, because the messenger is an agent.. What ? Lol – this is so infantile i’m offended that someone even will bring up such an argument in an intelligible discussion. The message – which is what we should discuss – is that scientists lie about the shape of the earth. So, as established science lies about the shape of the earth we already have a first answer about it’s shape using deductive logic – it is not a blue marble (aka not a sphere).

    Either way – the mere belief that there is any part of our reality that is left on its own without gatekeepers and secret agendas is naive and does not reflect what we as Fakeologist will find in every topic we study – contrived material. And for that record, i think Mark Sargent was well identified as a gatekeeper from the get-go on this site, at least i tried to make that point clear in the “Flat Earth roundtable” some time back allready (FAK 139 from march 2015).

    (herunder Brahe bust “man with a golden [Pinocchio] nose” from the Raffeisenbank building in Rostock, Germany)


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