Russians fake good

likes this

Explaining fake deaths. Of course, this story could be fake too.

To mimic gore, they used makeup and pig’s blood. They shot bullet holes in one of his sweatshirts. And to top off Arkady Babchenko’s staged murder, they even took him to the morgue.…

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  1. xileffilex

    A bizarre but important psy-op. #NDNGH, and they even admit it….. What ARE the script writers [and who are they in this case?] up to here? Is it to reinforce the fake East-West divide? Is it defence of the real death narrative? Or to reinforce the fake reality of suspicious deaths in the same arena?
    Case study #1 Anna Politkovskaya…
    A week after the assassination, Alexander Litvinenko accused Putin of sanctioning the murder. Two weeks after this statement, Litvinenko was poisoned with radioactive polonium.
    ho ho ho!
    or this gem from 2000…. Case #2 Georgiy Gongadze…

    Gongadze had disappeared on 16 September after dining with a friend and was last seen alive buying cat food in a shop on his way home.

    Nice scriptwriting, in the Skripal groove. [an MI6 production]
    Back in 1993 in Sukhumi…
    Gongadze was in a trench when over his head blew up an artillery shell.[9] Shrapnel hit him in 26 places including his right hand.[9] From imminent death he was saved by a steel helmet.[9] Two other people that stood next to him perished.[9] Those shards of shell forever were left inside of his body; and later were used to identify his dead body

    Oh, how convenient.
    Bringing the above up to date….
    I met a friend of Gongadze called Alyona [sic] Prytula **, who worked with him on his magazine and told me that he had shrapnel wounds which he had received when reporting fighting in Georgia. She had seen the body and said that “the corpse had shrapnel in it in the same places he did.
    How perfect.
    source Patrick Cockburn, Independent [UK] June 1 2018
    ** aka Olonya Prytula the alleged former mistress of Gongadze….
    Since 2013 Prytula was the partner of a married Belarusian journalist Pavel Sheremet. On July 20, 2016 after leaving her apartment, he was blown up in her car.
    Fake from top to bottom. One big and long soap opera.


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