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Anonymous webtroll

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I get a mention in the great Miles Mathis’ latest paper.

Now anyone who links or dares discuss MM is a troll? Get over yourself, man.

I don’t have this website for the fame or hits. I do it because I enjoy studying media, and how things work.

I don’t “promote” anything or anyone I have on this site. I simply blog what I inquire and wonder about.

I retain my semi-anonymous nature to simply save my family of any unwanted attention due to  my otherwise misunderstood views – not to mention people climbing all over my family tree, which I can assure you would yield nothing of interest.

Since Fakeologist is promoting Weisbecker as well as Flat Earth and Trannies, I think we have him pegged, too. And remember, Fakeologist is another anonymous webtroll, with no given name and no biographical information available. Why would you listen to anything he says? His rank in Arts and Entertainment>Music and Audio is 15,137. In the US it is 229,194. In the world it is 810,348. My art site by itself ranks almost 3 times higher worldwide, and far higher in Arts and Entertainment.


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FAK200-Faye and Ab take calls

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We’re live taking calls at 518-406-8464 starting at 1400 EDT for about an hour.

Call in, call often as we talk fakeology!


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