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I get a mention in the great Miles Mathis’ latest paper.

Now anyone who links or dares discuss MM is a troll? Get over yourself, man.

I don’t have this website for the fame or hits. I do it because I enjoy studying media, and how things work.

I don’t 0;promote” anything or anyone I have on this site. I simply blog what I inquire and wonder about.

I retain my semi-anonymous nature to simply save my family of any unwanted attention due to  my otherwise misunderstood views – not to mention people climbing all over my family tree, which I can assure you would yield nothing of interest.

Since Fakeologist is promoting Weisbecker as well as and Trannies, I think we have him pegged, too. And remember, Fakeologist is another anonymous webtroll, with no given name and no biographical information available. Why would you listen to anything he says? His rank in Arts and Entertainment> and Audio is 15,137. In the US it is 229,194. In the world it is 810,348. My art site by itself ranks almost 3 times higher worldwide, and far higher in Arts and Entertainment.


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27 thoughts on “Anonymous webtroll

  1. Faye

    I have no problem if a person or even a group of people do not want their real names to become public and therefore create/hire an entity to allow them to publish under that label.

    For a while I thought the MM thing is a money scam. I had heard from an alternative researcher that there is money scam, tax evasion, etc. going on in the alternative medium big media.

    To publish research (edited by professional staff) under one name can be financially somewhat of interest. I mean, what do those alternative outlets sell other than reengineered material which they present as their genuine research… Doesn’t really bother me tbh.

    I have the feeling though, that MM is not (just) that. And the comments explosion in defense of MM count as an indice for that. It hardly can be interpreted as spontaneous reaction of the MM world revolutionaries…

    As of the papers: They keep coming in a posteriori modus. Two days earlier I asked on an audio where are the 911 theses of MM and no ten hours later they where published on his site and announced by Josh on CTTF – unfortunately all with the same publication date of April, 2017 (internet does never forget). So not in 2008 or 2009 and not on different dates. Where they all written on April, 19 2017 between 16:00 and 17:00 ? WOW that’s really an output… Someone tell Whyspicker..

    Here is my hypothesis why MM does not give interviews: He can not debate his “own” papers because he can not understand them.

    And here is my advice: Dont fuck with our intelligence.

  2. xileffilex

    I’m still waiting for Miles’ update paper on Mark Staycer, who not only seems to have vanished from the face of the earth but about whose continued existence, nobody seems remotely interested. Hmmmm. Even actors continue to eat and poo, occasionally dying. Seems like MS is doing none of those things. One more red flag, the spooky Tap blogspot chose to give the Staycer paper an airiing only 6 months ago…

    The Staycer paper seems to have brought MM a lot of followers, from what they write on Josh’s blog.

  3. davejyoutube

    I told you from the JUMP that MM was No good. You can see these guys a mile away. Some good stuff but nothing you could not have figured out if you took the time to think about it.

    I heard the talk you had with Phone in talk you had. You talked about another in the LIne of a MM and that is none other than simon shack.(yes the holy sainted SS himself) Yes indeed you did not hear it from me first but I will repeat it so that when it does dawn on you you have yet another source for this revelation. I heard you claim that “they” might be keeping “simon’s” work suppressed because it has some truth to it. I find that interesting. One you have to believe basically all of the Current model of space to believe his Model and here is the SHocker and I assume you know this or maybe you have not done a google search and do not know this. That is NOT his model it is has been around along time and had the powers that be decided on that as the go too , SS would be talking to you about his fever dream of a Heliocentric blah blah….anyway.

    His goal be it for pay or self congratulations etc etc is to waste your time. Every second you waste in his made up Universe, you will never get back. and all that time will be spend following a pied piper and a obvious mathematical hoax that again is not new and not original. SO never let it be said you were not told from the jump on this one.

    Here is the Wiki link you might choose to do some reserch on for a proper interview of SS. When you have him on. He has recycled a Lie and called it his own. I hope that you would call him on it.…

    Then you can ask yourself What can you see what can you observe and what can you test. you have the capabilities to figure this out. If you have the MIND(care) too.

    SO for the record, Yes i am saying SImon Shack will before all is said and done be found to be a Troll/shill and for lack of a better term a gatekeeper. BY his will or some other (s) is really the only question. The reason he losses his wig when he sees me around is He knows I know. I will not say you should know better, I will just say I hope and would think you would know better.

  4. xileffilex

    I wondered whether the quondam and occasionally amusing “Fakeologists” Youtube channel was a Weisbecker side project.

    Anyway, there’s are some interesiting contributions from Josh [June 3] in the latest mega nested comment scrum here [go to Anon June 3], whose British avatar introduces another neatly introduced sub-routine for the aunt sally treatment, 9/11 and September Clues, allowing Josh to say that Simon Shack comes to the conclusion that a cruise missile was fired into the “building” [which one? ** and much more….. Hmmmmm [but doesn’t want to cogitate upon the great big 9/11 magic trick – l’ve lost the reference to a time lapse video of the towers from across the river showing what looks very much like massive smoke machines in action]…

    ** the “missile hypothesis” which “cannot be discounted”
    source –….

    Once again, here is the live TV feed from Sky TV [Fox affiliate’] in the UK on 9/11. It becomes blindingly obvious that constantly recycled pre-recorded imagery is fed into the talking heads’ live studio broadcast with interwoven lying witness interviews…

    Here’s one of the 9.11 studio “experts”, who just happened to be on hand that morning, 16 years later, still at it….

  5. ricky

    Well, according to my ranking, “Fakeologist” is in first place. The only people that have these petty “turf wars” are quite rigid with their own belief system. How can anyone outside a deep insider claim any real knowledge about the shape of the earth or “space” or the “EGI” topic. What sets “Fakeology” apart is the lack of arrogance in claiming such assurance.

  6. watermanchris

    Don’t sweat it Ab, Miles Mathis fully believes that a man can weigh the lights in the sky with heavy balls and a torsion balance in his shed.

    He says that he “starts from scratch” with all his physics stuff yet he assumes the lights in the sky have mass. What objective evidence exists that rocks can fly? That should be enough to tell you who you’re dealing with.

    I don’t think he’s “an agent”, i just don’t think he’s as smart as he and his sycophantic fans think he is. He’s bragging about his web ranking?!? What are we in high school?

    1. due2romney

      Watermanchris Explain Meteorites…besides shooting stars which all bar the blind can see(Give best cartoon theory/speculation)i have seen a meteorite for possibly 20 seconds at most Lit up the whole night sky split in three pieces and the biggest piece appeared to have landed about a mile away but the night stayed pitch black nothing glowing in the dark that I could see…you seem like an intelligent dood so could you explain to me the Single FACT that sold the flat eerrrfff to you ???

      1. watermanchris

        Have you ever seen a meteorite on the ground?

        Shooting stars are lights, that’s all. If you have any evidence to the contrary, I would be glad to evaluate.

        I don’t know the shape of the earth, nor do i claim to. All I’m saying is that there absolutely 0 evidence that rocks fly.

        Why do you suppose no average, every-day people find “meteorites”?

        1. due2romney

          The Meteorite i seen on the Nullarbor plain (Australia)hit the ground as for the average person they probably wouldn’t even recognise one and even if they did its not like they could pick it up and carry it to the car lol…examples Hobart n Melbourne Museums big SMOOTH rocks reddish brown assorted specks…could they be Substitute rocks ? Possibly but why fake something that is Real…i have lights on my ceilings but they have a source electric or battery any idea what the source for your lights in the sky ? maybe dat big light we call de Sun ; )

          1. watermanchris

            Did you see the “meteorite” on the ground? If you would have found that “meteorite”, you would have probably become rich and famous as only rich and famous people “find” “meteorites”. See old mate David Elliott in Winton who found not only a “meteorite” but 2 “dinosaurs” on his property! What a lucky fellow! If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.

            As for “meteorites” in museums, I believe they are just rocks that are terrestrial in nature. If you believe they came from “outer space”, that’s cool. I’m not trying to change your mind. I just have never seen a flying rock that didn’t originate on the ground and while I know you saw a light streak through the sky (as have I), you don’t have any evidence that it was a rock.

            Why are they in museums? I don’t know the motives of the people that put them their but perhaps they are there to convince people that flying rocks exist.

            I have a few questions re: metrorites – why is there no video evidence of a meteorite hitting the ground? Cameras – surveillance and cellphones – are EVERYWHERE. Also, why do “metrorites” always “land” in the middle of nowhere? Why don’t they ever land in densely populated regions? Finally, if shooting stars are truly what we are told, why have none of the “important” stars EVER burnt out and “fallen”? I’m talking about the stars in “constellations” and the “named” stars?

            With regards to the lights in your home, do you know exactly what “electricity” is or how it works? I don’t and I’m an electrician. I know what it does, ways to produce it and how to make things work, but I’ve never met ANYONE who KNOWS what it actually is and how it works.

            I definitely don’t know how the lights in the sky get their power nor do i think it is possible to know.

            1. due2romney

              Surely you do not expect me to accept a logical fallacy as an Argument do you ??? Comparing Meteorites to Dino Bones,you certainly fall into the mould of your GuRu JLB but add that certian touch that one could almost call Floridian in nature Possibly but you both seem to lack an element of critical thinking namely common sense and logic…let us assume for just for a moment to indulge you that Meteorites and Dinosaur bones are Completely DIFFERENT both chemically and physically as i am unaware of ANYONE who has become Rich and Famous from Seeing Finding or Collecting a Meteorite Please correct me if I am wrong,Yet when we enter the Mythical realm of the Dinosaur Bone that is a whole new ball game and fame and fortune is almost Garaunteed but it seems to be that the Meteorite is as big a mystery to you as the elusive Dinosaur Bone…I do realise that the basis for all your thoughtful arguments ie rocks don’t fly,they just lights in the sky,i dont know what electricity is etc etc is the fact that you use your lack of knowledge as an actual argument that Meteorites are not Rocks ??? Now let us assume once more for the sake of the argument (discussion)that not everything we were indoctrinated with in school was false ie 2 × 5 = 10 or last year was the 10th anniversary of cyclone Tracy when the town of Darwin was flattened or when you run this wire to this frogs leg nerve and touch it to an electromagnet charge ie a battery the leg will kick Amazing some of the things you learn in school both mentally and physically lols…Now let us take a term of which we both have learned as Gravity often referred to by flat eerrrfffers as being dense or massively Dense but of course us of sound mind and reason know this term as simply meaning what goes up must eventually come down (dont get me started on them Towers lol) now the point of this reasoning is to show you that certian conclusions are inevitable Just in case you dont know once again and try to use that as some sort of illogical argument,now im sure that at some point in your life you have thrown a ball or a pebble or even a feather duster so what was the outcome of this amazing throwing experience ? if the object was not intercepted or caught What was the inevitable outcome ??? I put to you that there was only one possible outcome and that is that the object landed on the Ground Yet you Say to me who was fortunate enough to see a large meteorite flaming towards the earth at however many miles an hour DID YOU SEE THE METEORITE ON THE GROUND WTF as if I’m going to walk out into the Desert at 1 o’clock in the morning to find the Meteorite that just gobsmacked me,are you Serious do you think your i dont know argument is even worthy of consideration °• what you think the meteorite got within an inch of the ground then did a sneaky left turn and shot over the horizon and went back to its fellow lights in the sky of course the fuking Meteorites are on the fuking ground…Are you sure you not a flatty without an ounce of credibility,Someone who cannot draw a logical conclusion but would resort to an i dont know as some sort of an answer to keep the flat eerrrfff door open in order to destroy their own sanity and Credibility so as not to admit that YES ROCKS DO FLY…by the way there are over 38 000 well documented meteor finds and lots of filmed Meteorites on you tube…i would suggest you do your research in the future before making your Fanciful claims…

              1. watermanchris

                I only mentioned Dinosaurs as David Elliot in Winton claims to have found a meteorite and he’s obviously full of it since dinosaurs aren’t real. It was testifying to the credibility of the man claiming he “found a meteor”. This is not a logical fallacy.

                Your claim that you saw a flying rock but didn’t actually see the rock on the ground is what is called a non requiter. How can you claim it was a rock if you just saw a light streaking through the air. What part of the light streaking through the air made you think it was a rock? I would guess it was stories told to you as a child.

                For someone who took a long time to say that what goes up must come down, I never claimed to the contrary. As a matter of fact, I am the only one in this conversation claiming that anything that falls, came from the ground. You are the one claiming that there are things flying around up in space that could fall on us at any moment.

                Like I said before, I am okay with you believing in space rocks. I just don’t share that belief. It seems to bother you that I don’t believe what you do. Maybe you should ask yourself why that bothers you?

                38,000 well documented meteor finds? Please do us a huge favor and post 1 with supporting evidence that will hold up to scrutiny

              2. watermanchris

                I guess we should start by defining our terms. When you say meteorite, what exactly do you mean?

       defines meteorite as – “a mass of stone or metal that has reached the earth from outer space; a fallen meteoroid”

                Let’s grant for the sake of discussion that you actually saw a flaming rock flying through the air. Why do you think it originated in outer space? What do you know about outer space and where did you learn it? Have you been able to independently verify any of the things you learned regarding the properties of what is referred to as outer space? Since the answer to the last question is obviously no, will you at least admit that your belief in meteors is just that, a belief?

                I hope that you are not making the claim that since 5×2=10 and many people learned that in school that everything else we learned in school is equally true. That is another non sequiter.

                You accuse me of logical fallacies and of not having common sense or logic but you have not put up any kind of logical argument whatsoever and have used many non sequiters and appeals to ridicule. Can you name the logical fallacy you think I committed?

                As for rich and famous people who have “found meteors”, David Elliot is one that I mentioned earlier.

                This article about meteorites by the Smithsonian is full of red flags. For instance, the first guy who went and found a meteorite was given an award by the Royal Society. That would make you pretty rich and famous.…

                If flying space rocks are real, why did it take until 1803 for that to be accepted?

          2. xileffilex

            This meteorite find looks pretty fake to me

            Air is very cold that high up, so many meteorites should be very cold to the touch if they’re found immediately after hitting the ground. Perhaps the homeowner made a mistake, thinking the intense cold was heat (if you’ve ever touched something extremely cold, the sensations are very similar).

            Metoerites must be one of the easist things to fake, especially when they have been “lying around undiscovered” for ages at “ambient temperature”, neither hot nor cold.

            Why fake it? Perhaps the finder was getting rich for so doing.

              1. watermanchris

                It boggles the mind when people make comments like that on this blog, but it seems to happen all the time!

                Remember Soundwave trying to claim that man went to the moon? Take your outer space nonsense to a NASA fanboy website.

                Nothing leaves or enters this place we call earth. It is a closed system as CRROW777 likes to say.

            1. due2romney

              Any examples of anyone becoming rich from finding a meteorite Felix…do you imagine that i am the only person to see a flaming meteorite hurtling to the earth and Dissapearing at ground level ???

              1. due2romney

                Well unlike yourself watermanchris when I see a flaming ball of fire high in the western sky turning the night almost to dawn yet not being consumed by the flame and coming towards me as it loses altitude and breaks into 3 pieces with the largest piece landing what appeared to be about a mile away i assume that it was a rock falling from the sky and not assume it was a Feather Duster…what is your best cartoon theory/speculation on what it could have been…im figuring because you don’t know you will come up with another fallacy or claim you do not know and dare not have a logical Guess…how do you ASSUME a flaming object travelling at a phenomenal speed could MISS the ground when that was the trajectory from the beggining of first sight and do you dismiss ALL the over 38.000 documented meteorite findings…and videos on you tube…my fone will not post here simple search…

                1. due2romney

                  Put simply your logical fallacy is if you found it it was there if you didnt it missed the earth which is fleffer psyOp material from someone who claims to be sane…waterbrainchris…

                  1. watermanchris

                    Apparently you are having a hard time following me. I’m not contending that the thing you saw missed the earth. I’m contending that the thing you saw was not a space rock and you have precisely 0 evidence to back up your belief that it was. The stories told to you by authorities in school and elsewhere are the basis for your belief. You are misrepresenting my position. This is called a strawman argument. Perhaps you should brush up on your logical fallacies.

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