Richard Stengel on propaganda

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They’ll never talk about who supplies the propaganda – the intelligence networks that create the whole master narrative.

0;I hate last questions”. Amusing ending.

Start at 1:15:00


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waiting for the face splitters to say Richard Stengel is Tommy Lee Jones.

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2 thoughts on “Richard Stengel on propaganda

  1. tokarski

    Well, that’s going to cost you a buck nineteen. I used to write about this stuff, but it was too deep for most people, that “propaganda” is normal and considered necessary by the leadership, so don’t act all surprised when one of them states it outright. I remember listening to late night radio many years ago, before podcasts, and a guy, an Intel type, saying that the US is an unusual country in that it holds together, that there are no rifts or breakaways. That is the effect of propaganda, when done correctly. It unifies us against common enemies. Within that sphere we are allowed to fight among ourselves, be Democrats or Republicans or Chomskyites or Democracy Nowers or Drudgers, but we do not break the bond. We disagree on minor matters but all buy into the essential propaganda, that we are a country and that we are morally superior to other countries. Ellul wrote that book by that name in 1964 and offended people by saying that if there is mass media, there is propaganda, and that it was a force for good. People hate being told they do not think for themselves, that all their original material was sublimely supplied to them by others, but that is what goes on. Step outside that narrative, for most people, not me, and there is a disconnect, a feeling of not belonging. Propaganda is us.

    Time Magazine covers are State Department/Intel cartoons, the whole magazine propaganda front to back cover, always has been, and they know it and are shameless. I unsubscribed in 1972.

    1. ab Post author

      Thanks for subscribing to Fakeologist! CFR constantly tells us half the story (they leave out who’s driving the agenda). Their video output is difficult to keep up with too. I stopped trying a while ago.

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