Is Miles Mathis a 9/11 gatekeeper?

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Miles Mathis does NOT admit that the 0;footage” was faked.

Miles Mathis does NOT admit that the 9/11 “victims” were faked.

Over 16 years of Miles Mathis pretending 9/11 “footage” was real.

Over 16 years of Miles Mathis pretending 9/11 “victims” were real.

The Question of • Case Closed on the Miles Mathis “Genius” Clown.….

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6 thoughts on “Is Miles Mathis a 9/11 gatekeeper?

  1. xileffilex

    The MM Conference [of 7 plus MM] intrigues me.
    An essential read is this PoM post and comments, especially those lower down.…
    And I am still as in the dark as I was previously about this particular “conference”.
    It comes across as very abstract, no mention of any agenda, and only Mark mentions a “session” , or to be precise, sessions [science sessions at that, but again, all very nebulous, as with the “science” they do on the ISS]
    Was there a post- conference write-up? Surely something new “emerged” from the interactions of these great minds.

    1. tokarski

      There was no agenda, no post-conference writeup. We each paid $400, and that might have been the reasoon to have a conference. You’re making much too much of it. I came away with my one question answered, that there was a man in Taos named MM.

      1. Faye

        Mark, are you sure the person you met – you know..the blonde guy with the blue eyes, whom you have photos of – are you sure his name is Miles W. Mathis? And if so, what makes you sure?

        1. tokarski

          Of course I can be sure of none of that, any more that I am that your name is Faye or that you are in Europe.

          I put my birth certificate up on the blog. As far as I know, I am the only living boy in New York.

  2. Faye

    Well, the assessment is, I think, ok, but since MM is not only MM, the case is not closed – in my opinion at least.

    Gopi, Mark Tokarski and Josh took part in the “conference” of 2016. I would like to hear from Gopi and Josh, what they say about the hypothesis that MM is an intelligence project.

    I also would like to hear from Gaia why he promoted MM and diminished the 9/11 entries on the Fakeopedia and integrated the disinforming entry that on 9/11 4 plane crash psyops took place.

    9/11 2001 09/11 130 0

    4 planes crashed; American Airlines Flight 11 (92), United Airlines Flight 175 (65), American Airlines Flight 77 (64), United Airlines Flight 93 (44).

    War for terror, Zal rule: many
    Kreindler & Kreindler involved.


    I asked Mark Tokarski on June 4 via direct message on discord, if he wants to talk with me in a live audiochat about the MM topic and he answered on June 4 that he is willing to discuss with me about it.

    We have not yet fixed date and time but our conversation will be limited – from side of Mark – to about half an hour.

    I am looking forward to that discussion.

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