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Faye and I review the week’s events.

Attention! This audio is only 55 minutes – that’s 27.5 minutes for your morning commute and 27.5 for your afternoon commute! You won’t miss a thing – so download it today and listen in!

When? June 10, 2018 @ 1111h EDT

Who? Faye and Ab go over the week’s events on fakeologist.com

Listen live @ fakeologist.com/s/radio2

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Good comment.

The sloppy execution of fake events may serve the purpose of dividing the observing public into two lists: The people who believe whatever they are told by “authority”, and the other people. Could they be compiling a list of people who see through the fakery? Once they have such a list then is it possible they would want to recruit some and eliminate the rest? Were this done systematically enough they might anticipate dividing the public into distinct classes of sheep and wolves. Operation Condor indicates to me that this sort of thing has already been done, and next time around they may hope to do a “better” job of it.

Since you are reading this blog, which list do you think you are on ?

Comment on In Defense of Miles Mathis by Alan Ackley cuttingthroughthefog.com/2018/…

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