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  1. davejyoutube

    If you recall I have tryed to explain this to you several times. I even went into explicit detail with the mind computer video set. Yes If you can control someone mind you control thier Body. It is this simple the Body goes where the MIND leads not the other way around. Words mean things. WOrds have power the Tounge is a weapon of Good(truth) and or the LIE(evil).

    People however are children, they are sold products by cartoon animals, they are spoken to by PSA’s as children, the Powers that be talk to them as if they are children. They are also thier own Jailers. They give power, aka voting .participation to the very system that enslaves thier minds by proaganda and lies, by HOAX craft aka SPELL craft.

    Blah blah blah Blah I have said all this before to no avail, so what. Right.

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