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Faye and I review the week’s events.

Attention! This audio is only 55 minutes – that’s 27.5 minutes for your morning commute and 27.5 for your afternoon commute! You won’t miss a thing – so download it today and listen in!

When? June 10, 2018 @ 1111h EDT

Who? Faye and Ab go over the week’s events on fakeologist.com

Listen live @ fakeologist.com/s/radio2

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12 thoughts on “FAK201-Fakeologist55

  1. Terran Downvale

    Holy moly, guys. The response here to the information UNreal has presented is quite baffling to me, to say the least. Quite similar to the bizarre scene that played out in the wake of John Adams’ suspiciously puzzling “surprise gift” to the normally BS-detecting Fakeologist crowd of the Annette Carrion death story and the door it opened to the strange and shady world of motorcycle clubs and stunt teams staging phony accidents, complete with coordinated social media memorials and GoFundMe pages. This is the Fakeologist site, right? Did I accidentally click the link for Nothingtoseeheremovealongologi…?

    When I first heard the “Bobby & Bobby Show” with absolutely NO prompting about the possible “secret identity” of one of its hosts, I immediately noticed the strikingly obvious similarity to Kendall in just about every aspect of speech data, in spite of the “audio problems” which to me seem suspiciously canned and not simply due to “incompetence.” And it seems Faye ALSO instantaneously noticed the similarity, again without any prompting. And it seems UNreal thought the very same thing. So we have three separate individuals (two of them non-native English speakers) who all quickly caught on to the “joke” here. So Ab, as an audiophile, you were not intrigued at all by this? Seriously? You did not want to hear more than just a few scant seconds before quickly coming to a conclusion? As we learned from the curious case of Carrion, looking into that story just a TINY bit revealed a goldmine of intrigue that would leave any event skeptic worth his salt no doubt that the story was a mighty suspicious one. And then follow the unavoidable and obvious questions: John Adams’ wife was a long-time friend of this woman? Why would he present a story like this to the Fakeologist audience the day after April Fool’s Day? Is this some kind of prank? Or maybe a “pop quiz” to see if the blinders of TRUST IN THE STORYTELLER are still affixed adjacent to our Fakeologist goggles and clouding our judgement? After all, this form of trust is the very thing that separates the “sheeple” from US when it comes to ridiculously obvious media fakery, right?

    Yet here we find ourselves again, presented with a similar “gift” or “prank” or “pop quiz.” How blind (or deaf) are we still to the hints and tells that are deliberately shoved in our faces (and ears) to jar us awake to the fact that “everything we know is a lie?” How many times must we fail this test before we understand we are being fucked with? How long will we remain asleep amid “The Apocalypse?” As for the “other Bobby’s” possible secret identity, please do yourself a favor and listen closely ON HEADPHONES to at least several of the shows. Try you best to endure the potty-mouthed carrying on of mystery host and focus on his VOICE, a voice that a skilled impression artist could tweak in any number of subtle ways. You’ll find that, strangely, each show seems to suffer from discernibly different “audio problems” with some making repeat appearances, the most comical being the “wind tunnel” effect on Bobby/Chris’s end. Seriously, guys. You are being challenged to wake the F up here. Apocalypse anyone?

    I’ll just close by pointing out some additional things about the very curious timing of the release of these shows. Faye already pointed out that they coincided with Kendall’s disappearance from Hoax Busters. But there’s more. Taking a look at the channel, you’ll see there have been 15 videos uploaded in total. The first 13 were all uploaded on the same date, April 2, 2018. So obviously these were recorded ahead of time and intentionally released on that date, which should ring another bell for anyone paying attention. It was the day after April Fool’s Day. THE VERY SAME DAY JOHN ADAMS DECIDED TO INTRODUCE US TO ANNETTE CARRION AND HER “TRAGIC DEATH.”

    So looking at the timeline, I see that John Adams had a spontaneous discussion with JLB about “The Apocalypse” on March 29, 2018. A discussion where it is suggested that the elite may very well be intentionally giving us hints in order to help “those with eyes to see” realize that basically, everything we know is a lie. Two days later, Annette Carrion is “killed” in a tragic motorcycle accident near the curiously named Candy Store just down the Ortega Highway from the grand reopening of the Hell’s Kitchen Bar & Grill, an event that had been delayed several times for various reasons, one of them another tragic death. Then two more days later, John Adams dangles a tantalizing morsel of conspiracy candy (purchased at the Candy Store?) in front of the Fakeologist crowd’s noses. Any takers? Up steps “Crazy Dave J” (who was conveniently introduced to the Fakeologist crowd as an “abrasive nutcase” a month earlier) with his breakdown, focused entirely on a reasonably dismissable flurry nutty numbers. Much controversy ensues. John Adams breaks ties with Fakeologist. His marriage is even reportedly in shambles because of the drama. Oh my, what a fateful day that was, April 2, 2018!

    And on that very day we have the debut of The 138 Show w/ Bobby & Bobby with its two strangely familiar-sounding albeit tragically audio-mangled hosts. And what’s the title of the first episode? “Everything You Know is a Lie.” Again, can I interest anyone in an Apocalypse here? One that’s been expertly crafted and custom-designed specifically for YOU, the Fakeologist? No takers? Fine, I get it. Nothing to see here, move along. This seriously may be the last thing I ever post here. I’ll be sure to close the GATE behind me. Not in anger, but in courtesy. 🙂

    1. ab Post author

      What’s with all the ultimatums from people? If you want to leave, please leave. If you want to unpaypal me, then do that too if you want. My gut reaction is it’s similar, but not the same as Chris. I don’t think Chris is a deceptive character. John didn’t stick around long enough to explain himself, but I like his readings. If he was here to disrupt and later bomb out, too bad for him. I’ll listen again to that hard to listen to podcast, but I will go with my initial reaction that it’s not Chris. Let’s stop with the self righteousness, it’s too narcissistic for my liking. That said, I appreciate the depth of research into the B&B show. I’ll look again.

    2. ab Post author

      Listening to show #1, it does sound like a parody of our show and shows like ours. “Bobby” is inaudible, but the whole episode sounds like mockery. Imitation is flattery, or in psyOp land, it’s misdirection. I still don’t think it’s Chris.

      1. Terran Downvale

        It’s not an ultimatum, just an expression of disappointment that in recognizing these as “tests” (that do appear to be connected) and coming to the conclusions they naturally lead to, I am in the minority here and bundled with Fakeologist’s serendipitous new scapegoat Dave J with his likely intentionally-worn auto-dismissal cloak of Tony A = Tony B. After all, only three members bothered genuinely researching the Carrion case for whatever reason, which led to some pretty significant revelations about the nature of the “truther scene.” And now this new discovery will quickly fall into the memory hole with no lasting conclusions drawn either. It just makes me realize that the pursuit of truth really is ultimately a solo exercise, which I guess is fine. Not self-righteousness, just extreme surprise to see a gem like this so unceremoniously tossed aside (especially when it appears to continue the narrative of a previously discarded gem). Second chances? Maybe I went a little overboard in my frustration. But I think it’s time for me to move on anyway for many other reasons.

      2. UNreal

        …the whole episode sounds like mockery. Imitation is flattery, or in PsyOp land, it’s misdirection. I still don’t think it’s Chris.

        When we look at shows like Alex Jones or Jeff Rense, i think genuine Fakeologists today realize that the characters involved are all de facto acting and thus making a caricature of the message the “conspiracy audience” are fed. Jeff Rense and Alex Jones are indeed mocking their audience – and we might all have been fooled by these characters before – i know i was.

        It might be convenient to persuade ourselves that we can’t be fooled anew – and especially not by researchers we like and admire. Unfortunately, it is exactly such trust and admiration that is required to actually deceive us as most of us have built up considerable “conspiracy mileage”.

        For anyone to deny the significant similarities in the voice of Chris Kendall and ‘quiet’ Bobby from ‘The 138 Show’ is in my view deliberately misleading – sorry Ab. I can get that you and others are not convinced ‘Bobby’ is Chris just yet if you’ve listened to only one show*, but to not admit the uncanny similarities disturbs me. And to dismiss the suspicions around Chris Kendall after John Adams has been unmasked through the Carrion investigation is a curious attitude and devoid of logic.

        “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”
        – Mark Twain (1835-1910)

        The quest for truth unfortunately often consists of identifying falsehoods – so to avoid such topics out of fear of discomfort is a poor decision in itself. On the contrary, we should pursue the clues that let us discover false constructs despite the grief some might feel – this is the cost of getting closer to reality as it is – not as we hope for it to be.

        In a curious turn of events, the evidence against a character like John Adams is today too solid to excuse those who refuse to admit the Carrion fraud and lies that accompany that incident – they are part of the deception. This situation force even Fakeologist to take position as sitting on the fence in this case is equivalent to taking sides as it refutes the obvious conclusions from the research conducted on this very site.

        In light of recent development, it also bothers me that there still is a donate button for “Hoax Busters Call” on this site as Kendall and Adams very clearly have been ‘Hoax Busted‘ in their own capacity as gatekeepers and disinformation agents* – despite how likeable the fake characters of Chris & John are – or have been.

        *there are thirteen (13) episodes to listen back to that will allow for a thorough investigation of the legitimate suspicion that ‘The 138 Show’ is parody and mockery with actors using voice disguise, and among them none other than Chris Kendall who despite his best effort is not a skilled impersonator and definitely suspect at least (very recognizable is my conclusion from listening to all the shows)

        *looking back, it is not the first time for Hoax Busters Call as a conspiracy outlet – past co-host Marcus Allen was equally caught red handed for multiple postings and false avatars on this very site

        1. smj

          i got that likable fake character drunk enough to jump into lady bird lake. he stayed in his likable fake character the whole time though. feel free to believe in bobby kendall. i don’t. so i’m deliberately misleading of course.

  2. tokarski

    Since our discovery of the true (or just original fake) identity of Amy Goodman, Bill O’Reilly, Bill Maher, Dr. Phil, it is not hard of me to understand that American media is just a large shopping mall with big outlets on either end (NBC, FOX, CNN, CBS), some larger specialty stores nearby (NPR, PBS, Rush), and nook merchants in small out-of-the-way side routes (Democracy Now!, Prison Planet) and even smaller outlets in kiosks that come and go – Rense would be selling fashion eye wear that way. But the whole of the shopping mall is owned by the same people, merely catering to different tastes with different personalities.

    How to spot a fake? I’ve been listening to Proper Gander, who reminds me somewhat of Crrow, and it has good content and … flat earth. He’s Intel, limited hangout. But I like what he goes on about as it resonates with things I already know. Nothing new going on, however. Flat earth is, as they say in poker, a tell. Be wary, but don’t be afraid to listen or view and use your own brain in the process to sort grass from cow shit.

    By the way, how hard is it for Alex Jones to distort his voice, either by hours of practice or some software that does the job as his real voice is processed through the microphone … if they can correct Brittney’s singing using Autotune, they can do the opposite as easily, giving Alex that gravel.

  3. UNreal

    The use of voice disguise in alternative research is not in any way an outrageous proposition. Voice and accent is essential for acting – and a very important element to any scripted character.

    Even though there is much debate still as to which respective alternative researcher is part of what we consider controlled opposition, there is little doubt that there are indeed many conspiracy outlets that are in fact intelligence operations.

    When a conspiracy researcher is scripted for any particular operation we cannot expect say Jeff Rense to merely act, behave and talk as he would in his day-to-day life. On the contrary, the character Jeff Rense is created with much care and artificial – and just as in a movie he’s using theatrical artifacts to make his character viable. And voice and accent is part of the theatrics that would be used – in addition to hats, wigs, mustaches and cowboy boots.

    In other words, when the actor that plays Jeff Rense the conspiracy talk-show host calls you when on vacation – chances are we would never be able to guess who we were talking to anymore we could recognize him without the wig and mustache.

    In a nutshell, whether you believe any given conspiracy theorists is an agent or not we must consider that those that are do use classical theatrical techniques to portray their scripted character – voice included.

    When we then approach the conspiracy realms of Fakeologist .com it very soon becomes apparent that most of the characters and personalities we might discuss will mostly be known from just audio and writing. No need for hats and wigs. But indeed a need for scripted characters with voices and accents that support the role they play.

    In this sense it appears nothing less than fitting that the online entity previously known as John Adams actually is a gifted voice-impersonator from his own exposure of these very skills. In other words, the character John Adams most definitely did not use an accent or voice that represent his real day-to-day voice when he went on air. Just as Jeff Rense would not wear his ridiculous wig in private.

    The question that arise when we know that intelligence operations like Miles Mathis clearly use multiple accounts to create a large number of contrived truther characters – is it possible that intelligence operations also manufacture audio-versions of these entities and do they use the same actors to portray multiple roles ?

    On the outset it doesn’t seem necessary to have one character play more than one audio-role, but then again the level of spontaneous content that is needed to master in order to go live on air with conspiracy buffs might make the choice more limited than we would expect. In other words, there might be more job postings and then actual candidates for some of the roles that needs to be covered.

    As outlined in this post – voice disguise is clearly in use by actors that are part of controlled opposition as they play a scripted part – lifestory and accent included. By deduction, if we discover that an online figure uses an altered voice or a false accent we also know they’re part of controlled opposition.

    If we go back to Bobby Kendall i can already see how many simply wish for Chris Kendall not to be an agent, and therefore choose to ignore the fact he actually could be, and that there is now proof to examine. This type of researchers will answer questions about Chris Kendall being Bobby from The 138 Show by NOT doing any research. And discourage others from doing their own research as well – often by using fallacies of ridicule, hasty generalization or simply shooting the messenger.

    The fact is that a voice involves a lot more than merely the language that is spoken and would in the case of deliberate voice disguise require a lot more attention than a brief listen. In fact, there is a whole field of study that is used in legal matters alongside other material proof – forensic voice analysis and identification*.

    Most of us might not have access to any forensic voice expert or dispose any voice biometrics program used for criminal investigation, but we do have the innate ability to discern and recognize sounds and especially human voices.

    To be able use our intrinsic abilities of audio recognition, we cannot of course do a good job by merely using a one-minute sound-sample from Bobby on The 138 Show to compare to Hoaxbusters hundreds of hours of audio recordings when we suspect deliberate voice-disguise to be the case.

    In the best of worlds of course, we would have been able to engage forensics experts to break down the voice biometrics with modern, advanced tools and make an objective assessment of the likelihood of Bobby being Kendall – or not. Thus far, i would suggest that any longtime listener to Hoaxbusters Call would need to equally listen carefully to some hours of The 138 Show before they pronounce themselves with any degree of certainty.

    Despite the poor audio quality, i personally have listened through all of The 138 Show‘s thirteen episodes and my assessment is that Chris Kendall is very clearly recognizable as playing the role of the ‘quiet’ Bobby.

    *more information on voice forensics here : International Association for Forensic Phonetics and Acoustics

    (hereunder Jeff Rense in his disguise with his wife-time actor Megan)

    1. Tom Dalpra

      nah, I don’t think it’s Chris Kendall either, Sean. He does sound a bit similar and I suppose you could get confused listening to it in a third language, (in fact, how could you even really tell?) but, ‘get out of town’ I’m certainly not going to listen to a minute more of that crap trying to hear it !

      That UNreal writes 350 odd words below in support of the idea, is mildly eye-brow-raising.
      UNreal says – ”With the unmistakeable voice-match between Yeah-Yeah-Bobby and Chris Kendall we might have a new addition to the toolbox of disinformation agents — truther voice impersonation.”

      Oh no: T.V.I !!! Aghhhhhhh!!!!! Not, I hope the cue for another thread of spurious, unfounded yet seeminglytantalisingly-compelling-to-some, claims.

  4. UNreal

    Very listenable discussion as usual from Ab & Faye.

    Around 20 minutes into the show, Faye mentions ‘The 138 Show‘ that has adopted a similar timelimit format akin to FAK 55 (post on the Savechat here)

    At first, it might be hard to discern the distinct voices of the two hosts, but once you listen to whole discussion on several shows, it is hard to rebut what Faye noticed straight away – Bobby Kendall.

    We all might be aware that unscrupulous “truthers” like Miles Mathis or Marcus Allen uses multiple Aliases to popularize their rhetoric. With the unmistakeable voice-match between Yeah-Yeah-Bobby and Chris Kendall we might have a new addition to the toolbox of disinformation agents — truther voice impersonation.

    We were used to hats, beards, wigs, cowboy boots and website graphics templates – now we also get the fake voice and accent to complete the picture of a perfectly crafted gatekeeper.

    Of course, if the voice actor is as skilled as say Jay Dyer or John Adams – i’m quite sure we’d still be in the dark as to such on-the-surface far fetched ideas. It nevertheless seems that we might just got some extra help in the case of “The 138 Show” – a ‘piss poor’ voice actor.

    Just as it is difficult to understand exactly why John Adams chose to discredit himself with such an obvious fake death such as Annette A. Carrion, it is just as curious why Chris Kendall would choose to appear as someone else in another conspiracy themed show than his own Hoaxbusters Call.

    Acting as Bobby this time, Kendall appear in the 138 show to be mostly in favour of Flat Earth which he vehemently opposed just recently in a curious interaction with another internet disinformation personality : Jeran Campanella aka Jeranism.

    Unfortunately not much airtime was given to voices of the 138 show on Fakeologist 55 (FAK 201) and it is true that the audio quality is rather poor. However, the conspiracy candy content is very high as true deception demands many talented rolemodels – but where every disinformation agent obviously do not have the same level of voice acting skills.

    Anyone can speak faster or slower – but changing your voice is more difficult, especially for Kendall in this case as his impersonation is lacking talent and thus constitute convincing proof of the same type of mockery his partner in crime John Adams authored not too long ago. And who knows if John Adams is the only truther John Adams can impersonate convincingly – he might Carrion..

    The 138 Show – iTunes Podcast

    The 138 Show – Achor FM

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