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The sloppy execution of fake events may serve the purpose of dividing the observing public into two lists: The people who believe whatever they are told by “authority”, and the other people. Could they be compiling a list of people who see through the ? Once they have such a list then is it possible they would want to recruit some and eliminate the rest? Were this done systematically enough they might anticipate dividing the public into distinct classes of sheep and wolves. Operation Condor indicates to me that this sort of thing has already been done, and next time around they may hope to do a “better” job of it.

Since you are reading this blog, which list do you think you are on ?

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  1. tokarski

    The idea that there is something to be learned about the population in these fake events is farcical. These events are simply our form of governance, keeping the sheep in the herd, frightened. When I was a kid they used atomic bombs to frighten us in school, having us do duck and cover drills in case of atomic attack. That is in-your-face manipulation of the herd, getting us at a young age. Now they use school shootings as a stand-in for duck and cover. The idea is to get kids into a state of fear and then keep them that way with larger events, like Las Vegas and 911. That is governance, cradle-to-grave manipulation via fear.

    All of the rest, the president and congress and courts, news and Russian hacking, is play acting, but with enough reality to keep the audience captive. Down here at the lowest levels, they really do count votes and there really are bribes going every direction, as there are real stakes at play, as in access to natural reaources. It is like football where the players are real, talented and trying to win, but the referees can step in at any time and change the outcome.

    There are always a few who don’t fit in and who have to be quarantined, but not by threats or violence. That is unnecessary. The ‘conspiracy theory’ meme serves that purpose. People turn off their brains, show no signs of curiosity, and imagine themselves smart in the process! That strategy alone is enough, and I have to say, it is brilliant.

  2. UNreal

    Nothing like some nice and scary simplistic duality.

    The fact is that the whole “operation Condor” is in itself a giant psyop where they claim over 60.000 left wing radicals were brutally “dissappeared”, killed* and imprisoned. A fairy tale often referenced in movies and litterature, and as scary as the Holocaust to many South Americans.

    Condor – Con d’Or (Hoax of Gold or Golden Idiot*)

    This kind of scaremongering “truther” claims is nothing less than conspiracy candy built on the ill-founded myth of danger, death and destruction. It gives alternative researchers a delusional ideau of self-importance.

    No doubt we are being studied, but every conspiracy-researcher death encountered thus far has turned out to be fake deaths. So no – the Elite do not hunt “truthers” or throw them jail – they simply keep them misinformed and paranoid – which the above comment actually seems elaborated to contribute to.

    *the litteral code of the false Condor operation is in partly or as a whole translated from french, which was commen practice in intelligence related affairs but seemingly less employed today as english has become the one world language

    *the practical benefit of dissappearences is of course that there is no need to produce a body in order to manifest death – and high security IMAX prisons and concentration camps are as we see with Auschwitz, Alcatraz and Guantanamo merely props that exist only in film and fiction – possibly reconverted into museums or memorials for more after-effects

    1. xileffilex

      I see it now, Guantanamo Memorial Day, with governmental apologies to all past “internees”. Recreate and relive the Guantanamo experience. Direct flights to Havana, with bus transfer. Book now.

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