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Leaving children in hot cars hoaxes

like this

This is the third baby in car hoax I’ve posted. I believe all these stories are simply Noble lies. This story has all the usual occult numbers in it. In addition, it is set in Halton region Police District, like the past stories. It is too much of a coincidence to believe that these stories could only be limited to one specific region of the greater Toronto area. It appears that certain types of hoaxes are consigned to certain areas. This may be an efficient use of hoax management but sadly it makes the stories more implausible to any fakeologist.

“It was quickly determined that the child’s mother had been shopping in a nearby store for approximately 90 minutes,” police said in a statement.

Halton paramedics were contacted to assess the 11-month-old infant, and later cleared the baby of any physical harm.

Thuy Thanh Tam Nguyen, 29, has been charged with abandoning a child and failing to provide the necessaries of life.


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