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  1. smj

    …all the world’s a stage; tricksters taught us to call a globe.

    Mercury and Commerce – Norway House, 21-24 Cockspur StThis muscular Mercury is on Norway House, 21-24 Cockspur Street, facing Trafalgar Square. He isn’t wearing much – he has no sandals and the wings on his head are on a little headband. He is cradling a globe and looking over his shoulder at a ship – so he obviously symbolizes Travel or World Trade.
    The building was erected in 1914 without a definite tenant, so the decoration was designed with a fairly generic theme of business and travel. Several of the buildings on Cockspur Street were offices for British and International railway and steamship companies, so this fits right in.

    1. smj

      “These two somewhat camp figures stand in front of Globe House, 4 Temple Place. The bronze figures were sculpted by Sir Charles Wheeler for the previous building on this site – Electra House – which was built in 1933 as the HQ for Imperial and International Communications, which in the following year became Cable and Wireless Ltd. The building had another, secret, purpose. Secret links were laid to the Central Telegraph Exchange in Moorgate which enabled the telephone lines of every foreign embassy in London to be monitored. So – Mercury may represent communications, but not necessarily public or transparent communications!”

  2. xileffilex

    Actually, a few years ago, immediately between the new US embassy site and the SIS HQ was a scene of industrial dereliction, an easily sealed off area, few residents who could see anything, two derelict and empty tall buildings overlooking the site [since demolished but ideal for controlling the film actioni] , more offices scheduled for demolition right beside the “crash” site and… in fact a perfect place for a filmed psy-op, one of the most daring I have ever studied and which went completely under the radar of most.
    Two fictims, paid liars, “citizen journalists” and shedloads of media coverage.
    Just a “helicopter” crash with little wreckage ought to have given the game away immediately. No doubt controlled from the above building, and there was even a calliing card left at the scene, a torched vehicle with the registration M15 [MI5] [seen at 2.03 in the video below] How the crane was wrecked, I have no idea, but the building firm had to be onside. Perhaps my favourite psy-op of all time. Fear porn at its best

    The new US embassy SW11 7US at #33 is situated at the bottom left of the map at 0.40 in the video.
    The ‘crash’ was “uncomfortably close to the MI6 building which was just a few hundred feet away” lol!!

    1. xileffilex

      Vauxhall crane hoax management
      Hoax management – you have to be able to replace the crane before you start the psy-op, so it would have been scoped beforehand. As I said, a fantastic psy-op.

      through to


      Very expensive but a good advert for the building and the crane hire company.

      But how they achieved this
      I will never know.


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