8 thoughts on “FAC471-Faye on the Jewish PsyOp

  1. teardropexplodes

    Surprised to hear Hannah Arendt used as a source for Fakeology! 🙂
    Faye should find the work of the Frankfurt School very interesting. I suggest she reads The Authoritarian Personality. Written just after WW2, it details the theory that the white male dominated European family is the root cause of fascism. It also has a lot to say about our anti-Semitism or racism.

    1. Faye

      Thank you for your feedback, teardrop.

      My research into the “jewism psyop” is actually part of my 9/11 research after the realization that it was a complete 100% fictitious event and narrative.

      “Jewism” as well as the automatically evoked (forbidden) “antisemitism” played an important role in the 9/11 military operation. The jewism/antisemitism narrative is massively propagated also in the major geopolitical psyops in europe of the last decades. In the general empire agenda of the occupation of the middle east jewism/antisemitism is the smokescreen again, behind which pipelines and boundaries are drawn, whole regions are driven into statelessness and refuge and above all the multipolar distribution of power and control is being consolidated.

      I started to see there a pattern: every time major geopolitical powers were restructuring their territories of influence because new technologies allowed them more control, the jewism/antisemitism narrative was the central deflection screen.

      My question was: If the jewism/antisemitism psyop is interwoven with all major geopolitical psyops of the last 150 years, as it seems, is that an immanent occurrence emerging from the statelessness of the jewish population or some other “exceptionalism”, or is it a construct which based on the jewish statelessness pushed the agenda of the dissolution of the nation state?

      Hannah Arendt was an exceptional thinker of her time, in today’s words: outside the box; I feel free reading her texts to associate and produce my own interpretations. For the specific topic I consulted her because she had the experience of both jewism and antisemtisim and the consciousness for both. Although fakeology was no term in that time, she was close to understanding the suspicious nature of the narrative she had to deal with.

      I studied the Frankfurt school for many years as part of my early curiosity of “what has been said and thought before I came to this earth”. But honestly, today no gun hold to my head would be a sufficient argument to convince me to read Adorno again.

      I understand form what you wrote that the topic interests you. If you want you can join me in my next audiotalk where I am going to fakeologize Giorgion Agamben and his thoughts about the jewism/antisemitism psyop and the distribution of power after 9/11.

  2. gaia

    Ah, according to Ab “I am spending my Fakeology currency”, like there is any “currency” here. There is just people with different views. But apparently it is not encouraged to challenge those views (Crazy Dave, Unreal with his sick and unfounded attacks on John Adams and now even Chris Kendall, Fayescist herself), as that is called “juvenile” or “troll-like behavior”. Where were you when Dave was using swear words every fucking sentence? Right, “that is just his personality”. So there are different standards, typical for hypocrites. And if there is a “currency”, apparently there were 5 Fakeologists who spent their cents on my post, so who exactly are you speaking for, Ab?

    With Snaketongue even saying “he doesn’t understand anything”. Right. I don’t understand anything. I see right through you, ma’am. Very sly you are, glad I figured that out, after many warnings from other people that I waived away, being under your spell.

    Are you really surprised “nobody listens live, nobody calls in”? I am not.

    The ones who appear to be “trolling” are those who fail to address the critical points in my post.

    Fecking Hannah Arendt? As an “authority” to brush off any jewish involvement in:
    – conspiracies/plots/scams/scandals
    – wars
    – banking and the related money fraud (usury)
    – lying through media, Hollywood, psience and other disciplines
    – whorenalism (Richard “Gut”jahr was mentioned -apparently I know anything, because I know his name, other than Snaketongue who talked about him-), also Hannah Arendt here
    – “social” psiences
    – …the list is endless…

    That is all just “coincidence”, right? There are no jewish powers in the world? There is NO way any mentioning in any jewish book that they are “the master tribe”, there “to rule the goyim”, doesn’t exist. Just deny it, maybe it goes away then. The misdirection away from that very observable fact (fecking Henry Kissinger, George Soros, Barbara Spectre, the whole Nazi Party leadership, Karl Marx, Benjamin Disraeli, and so many more of those psycho freaks) is astonishing.

    I don’t go into speculation “what” you are, Snaketongue, I know you’re a sly and underhanded unreliable backstabber, that is enough. I don’t care if you’re jewish yourself or just playing mind games to direct our attention away from jewish power grabbers and other crazy culture creators. It’s irrelevant what “ethnicity” you are. Hence my mentioning of awake jews who see right through the scam, as Finkelstein, Shlomo Sand (in his academic way) and Henry Makow.

    What is not irrelevant is my own research, which is way bigger than yours, as shows, and what is not irrelevant are the arguments made. But those are just “juvenile” I guess.

    I encourage the ones who liked my post to speak out and indicate why and bring this discussion to a level of more content and depth, to counteract the running theme with Miss “beating around the bush and never becoming concrete” Fayekopedia…

  3. el sushi de la mancha

    Gaia is a JEW psyop, I declare. lol
    Irony aside, the more it goes and the more I am starting to doubt Gaia’s character personae and authenticity.

    Eric Jon Phelps, you saying?

    He’s an israeli jew whos into diamonds and pearls and who also happens to be CEO of a proeminent sionist company . Beurk beurk.
    “Vice President and Chief of Sales for an Israeli affiliated company, www.lowvehm.com, wants you to know that the diamonds and colored gems he and lowvehm.com sell come direct from Tel Aviv, Israel. Sure, they will cost you a lot but, Phelps insists, Israeli diamond cutters are the best in the world. “

  4. matti

    Geier or Geyer: pronounced Gaia:

    Geier {m} [auch fig.]
    vulture [also fig.]

    8th SS Cavalry Division Florian Geyer

    (Geyer’s) Whorl Snail – Vierzähnige Windelschnecke.

    Sorry, just a joke – couldn’t resist.

    I really enjoyed the talk. The ‘jews’ are ‘used’ as whipping boys – look up whipping boy. Read the new testament.

  5. gaia

    What a great display of misdirection and obfuscation by Snaketongue this was. At least until minute 55:00 (really), I couldn’t stand the sly disingenuous misdirection anymore.

    The voice of John “Don’t mention ze jews” Cleese was in the background.

    Jewish overrepresentation in all areas of mind control, business and politics is clear, but maybe that is just “coincidence theory”, hmmm, yes.

    There was 1 comment that held a little bit of truth in it; “we don’t know who are really in power”. Yes, in a literal sense we don’t, but we know who are at the lower levels in the areas of business, banking, mind control (media, Hollyjew, CGI departments, etc.), “social” psiences (Frankfurt school), etc. etc.

    To suppose the Hidden Hands in power behind that would place some jewish -non-related- puppets there, just for us to direct our arrows against “the jews” (only stupid ones do that) is unjustified. Those in the Hidden Power Structures place their trustees in there. If they are Talmudic, Family-related or otherwise circumcised into submission, they will do it. That is how human power hunger works.

    Who is really responsible for the Hand in the Back, indeed remains obscure. But read Spiridovich’s great work “The Secret World Government or Hidden Hand” and you get a lot better view on how it is arranged, especially in history.

    Snaketongue managed to quote “a thinker” [her words] Hannah “whorenalist who propagandized the (((Adolf Eichmann))) show trial” Arendt without questioning, suddenly the “Fakeologist” cap is put down when a filthy jewess is there to propagate a counternarrative; that of political correctness (Newspeak) and “no, we cannot criticize any jews, that would be ‘xenophobic’ or ‘racist'”.

    Quoting Mainstream Arendt and not Norman “The Holocaust Industry” Finkelstein or Henry “Hitler was just a puppet of the Zionists” Makow (pronounce Ma-kov, not Ma-cow)…. jewish authors who are awake and have published about the jewish scams going on….

    As a false dichotomy the “Nazis” are presented, as if those are the only two possible flavors.

    Snaketongue obviously hasn’t read (and actively suppressed) any of the vast amount of research into Nazionism and how fecking con-trolled those “Aryan” Nazis actually were by the big jewish families, just like the commies.

    In my naivety before I thought it was a matter of persistent leftist mind control on the part of Snaketongue in Greece (with a huge commie party) and Germany (one of the most extreme policor countries in the world). Now I see much clearer and how she tries to spin everything away from Jewish Hidden Hands in present and past (and future)….

    The false dichotomy counternarrative of “the only problem is jews, and jews only” (dixit Andrew “The Daily Stormer” – named after Abraham Goldberg, sorry Julius Streichers propaganda rag” Anglin) is equally false, as explained here:


    But keep misdirecting Snaketongue, you expose yourself better and better by the minute, excellent Arbeit. Und dass macht Frei!

  6. Eva

    Those who believe that the Jewish people are at the top of the food chain might want to investigate the work of Eric Jon Phelps, Barry Chamish and Leuren Moret. They have done research over many years and have some unique and interesting things to say.


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