Up from the ashes

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Flight 175 Greenwich Ave. and other familiar numbers.

Lucky Larry must be getting on. Wonder if he’ll get to see the whole place finished.

3 World Trade Center, reported by The New York Times to cost $2.7 billion, stands at 175 Greenwich St. It is the second tallest building in the 16-acre World Trade Center site that also includes the Memorial and Museum, the Oculus transportation hub, 7 World Trade Center, One World Trade Center, and 4 World Trade Center. The Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center and 2 World Trade Center are still under construction.


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6 thoughts on “Up from the ashes

  1. Faye

    Interesting also the business man Ronald O. Perelman who is also a major art collector.


    As well as his enterprises that go back to the year 1850:

    MacAndrews & Forbes & Co. was founded in 1850 by Edward MacAndrews and William Forbes, a distributor of licorice extract and chocolate. (Cacao: child slavery)


    MacAndrews & Forbes
    Allied Security Incorporated
    AM General
    Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc.
    M&F Worldwide (MFW)
    Revlon Group, Inc.
    Scientific Games Corporation
    SIGA Technologies Inc
    TransTech Pharma


  2. watermanchris

    The “Oculus” transportation hub? Nothing to see here folks, move along.

    It seems you can’t comment on that article. I wanted to post a hat tip to Dave J – NDNGH.

    BTW, I don’t buy the official story of “lucky Larry” collecting double the insurance money. I think stories like that are floated to keep the conspiratards doing figure 8s. Larry Silverstein seems to be a good actor playing Emmanuel Goldstein for the James Corbett types.

      1. watermanchris

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he lives a very comfortable life way beyond what us “normies” could ever afford but i feel he has to live that life with the sword of damocles always hanging over his head. “Go off script and you’ll be written out of the story.” I’d rather be poor.

          1. watermanchris

            I guess I’ve never been offered anything significant to be an actor so you’re probably right.

            I don’t begrudge the guy, i just don’t like lying because it stresses me out having to remember the lie.

            I used to have a roommate that was a pathological liar and he used to always get pissed off at me for not remembering his lies. I hated that but maybe for a few million bucks, I’d be able to remember


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