An Assault by ‘Miles Mathis’! – Allan C. Weisbecker

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The Miles vs. everybody, including Allan W, continues. Truther drama is the best way to describe it.

Those of you who are familiar with the web persona known as ‘Miles Mathis’ are probably aware of my Open Letter to Miles Mathis from a while back, which outs ‘him’ as a committee of spooks, likely out of the Tavistock Institute in Britain. Well, old ‘Miles’ has mentioned me (and not too kindly) a couple times in past essays on his site, but I hadn’t realized the impact I’ve had on the psy op until a few days ago when one of you alerted me to a MM post that demonstrates how upset they are about my exposés.

Source: An Assault by ‘Miles Mathis’! – Allan C. Weisbecker

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14 thoughts on “An Assault by ‘Miles Mathis’! – Allan C. Weisbecker

  1. UNreal

    Herunder Fakeologist members* Ricky & Waterman Chris comments on controlled opposition and ask why it matters – which is a good question.

    Controlled opposition really matters in my view, as it is the very construct made to channel popular dissent back into the hands of the Elite themselves. This basic human reaction is mimicked in the mainstream polarization of political parties where the public is channelled in the very same manner. All political parties are of course controlled and their discourse tailored to respond to some basic reaction against or in favor of the program of the day and thus quiet popular dissent and unrest.

    In the ACT* realm as Ricky well describes our type of community, we clearly have fallen outside the influence of the mainstream mechanics of mind rule (or govern ment). Today with social media and people-tv (YT) it does appear that ACT opinions are encouraged even in the mainstream, so the Elite strategy seems to be slowly shifting as technology and social habits changes.

    As the Elite have the resources and ambition to be ‘in control’ they are working very hard to fulfill their aspirations. When we look back at the ACT movement it is clear that the Elite have been behind the most popular conspiracy theories since day one, from JFK to the moon landing*. The reason here is simple – when your ambition is control there is no space for coincidence. There is no control outside of total control.

    As Fakeologists, most of us have in common that we’re already suspect of major conspiracy outlets such as Alex Jones, David Icke, Jim Fetzer, Corbett Report, Jeff Rense, Renegade, Tragedy and Hope, Coast to Coast and many more. These type of outlets constitutes what we might call the mainstream ACT movement and should agree by now they are all intelligence operations.

    I would assume most members of this site have come all the way here after having first followed some sort of ‘mainstream ACT‘ and that they no longer find it worthwhile to follow this type of media.

    When we are able to discern how even ACT is controlled and managed much like the mainstream media, the next step would be for us to look for fellow grass-roots ACT amateurs. And here we are, as Fakeologist is a true grassroots ACT media outlet where amateur researchers can interact, discuss and publish their work and opinions.

    The nature of the Elite’s ambition for control, as mentioned already, means it cannot exist outside of total control and unfortunately also the grassroot level outlets are targeted to be controlled. And this is when it should begin to matter to be able to identify controlled opposition as it exists even at our level, but not in the same form as in mainstream ACT.

    As soon as we are able to understand that the Elite will not leave us alone or outside of some type of influence, then we are in a position where we realize that the only research we can actually trust is our own. The caveat here is that we do not have the time to do all type of conspiracy research by our own means. We are thus either forced to investigate only a limited number of topics on our own, or… rely upon fellow grassroots researchers for at least parts of the subjects we take an interest in.

    For the Elite in search of total control there is no doubt that our type of community (Fakeologist, Cluesforum, Hoaxbusters) is the most difficult audience to manage as we no longer trust any ACT authority. The very reason most amateur members even are on this site is commonly found in the distrust we have against the controlled mainstream ACT.

    “It’s hard to tell who has your back from who has it long enough just to stab you in it”
    N. Richie

    In essence, every authentic member of Fakeologist aspire to escape the powerful hand of the Elite and their agenda. Unfortunately, we are not left alone and therefore the need to identify false grassroots researchers is very relevant to the very reason we are all here at Fakeologist – to investigate controversial topics with an open mind outside of the Elite’s influence and insight. This is our right, not a privilege.

    When we look at exactly how the Elite infiltrate and tries to infiltrate our type of grassroot ACT community, it is much more fine-tuned than what we would detect in more mainstream controlled opposition. Operators that can guide discussion, raise topics and willify ideas will have to do so in another fashion, often by suggestion and always from a layman’s perspective.

    The layman agent is thus the response to the Elite quest for total control and there are apparently many forms that this type of agent will espouse. What both Rickie and Watermanchris contends when they believe they can protect themselves from such hard-to-detect-entieties is that their skill of logic will prevent them from any damage this type of agent can provoke.

    I must say i strongly disagree with the assumption we are not damaged by the layman Elite agents who are present on this website and on other outlets like Fakeologist. On the contrary, i think the reason why the Elite continue to produce this type of agents in itself attests to the efficiency and value of this form of a program.

    Lastly, it is clear that i have taken a strong stance against those who can verifiably and logically be identified as being part of the Elite layman agent program*. It actually does not please me to have spent much time listening to what i thought to be fellow layman researchers that today can be identified as agents. And to involve our community in sterile debates and waste ressources on inoffensive topics is part of the Elite plan for our contention as amateur researchers. Simply waste our time – Ken Dull…

    *if i’m not mistaken, both Ricky & Watermanchris are equally JLB paywall members

    *ACT aka Alternative/Conspiracy/Truth

    *there has also been conspiracy theory popularized before JFK/Apollo but for us in modern times these would be central to our flavor of the ACT. A good reminder of the rich past of PsyOps can of course be found in the Fakeologist Histogram and more recently in the Fakeopedia List of PsyOps

    *despite many do ressent appellations, ELA (Elite Layman Agent) actually is a quite a good description of the entities we are confronted with at our grassroot level of alternative research

    1. ab Post author

      No doubt this is a worthwhile thread. Thanks for all for participating in it, even if I disagree with your final analysis Unreal that Bobby is Chris. I also disagree with DaveJ on many of his points, but I don’t mind reviewing them and tossing them out (the two Tonys).

    2. UNreal

      The points that i try to address above is of course not the Bobby vs Kendall audio likeness that some seem to insist doesn’t exist in the slightest*.

      On the other hand, what is addressed above is how grassroots conspiracy communities may be infiltrated – and why i’m of the opinion that they are infiltrated and why it matters. Some Fakeologists seem to be of the opinion that it doesn’t matter whether we uncover who are deceptive (Elite) Layman Agents or not. I strongly disagree as this type of false allies and false discourse actually alienate us from the very reason we follow this website (Fakeologist .com) as these entities deprive us from our quest and right for respect and honesty.

      The reason to consider Chris Kendall to be part of controlled opposition under the disguise of a bipolar layman is not based on his curious voice similarities to Bobby of ‘The 138 Show’, but rather it is based on Chris Kendall’s associations* and particularly his recent deceptive defense of John Adams in the Annette A. Carrion death hoax.

      The nature of an Elite Layman Agent as described above makes it difficult to detect who may be proven to be such an operator. What is certain is that when we are in the rare position to actually possess solid evidence – as in the case of John Adams* – we must call such deceptive agents out with insistence in order to protect our right for respect and honesty in our limited (and fragile) community.

      *the voice similarities between Bobby from The 138 Show and Chris Kendall of the Hoax Busters Call are adressed in FAK 201 and FAK 202 comment sections.

      *not only Kendall’s co-host John Adams is a fraud, but also past co-host Marcus Allen was exposed on Fakeologist – the staged phone calls with YT fraud Jeranism also count imo – but the Carrion case alone amply condemns both these layman ‘truthers’ (Adams and Kendall)

      *let us not forget that neither John Adams nor Chris Kendall ever considered or called themselves Fakeologists – and reasonably so from what we now know

    3. watermanchris

      I disagree with your premise on this whole paid shills thing. In my opinion there is no need for “the elite” to control our little corner of the internet. First of all, the people who run the show (I don’t consider them elite), RUN THE SHOW. We are no threat to them. They showed people an aluminum and carbon fiber hollow plane completely passing through a concrete and steel building and the vast majority of people believe that it was an accurate representation of reality. This is just one example in a huge list of the ridiculous stories people believe because it was given to them by an authority.

      Secondly, the people who end up making it to outlets like Fakeologist or Hoaxbusters or Clues Forum, etc. are the fringe of the fringe of the fringe and they are by their very nature suspicious of their fellow humans. This usually leads to the people here falling out with one another over relatively trivial (IMHO) matters. I know you will say that deceit is not trivial but I argue that everyone is deceitful, especially people who see through the lies of this strange time and place in which we find ourselves. If we were not deceitful, we would go through our lives constantly being attacked, probably physically and definitely verbally. For instance, when someone brings up the holohoax, do I immediately tell them the idea that 6 million people were systematically murdered by people in the military (an institution which most of them worship) is patently absurd? Of course not, but that is what I’m thinking. In those instances, I’m being deceitful. When my mother-in-law cooks food that does not taste good to me and I tell her it’s excellent, am I being deceitful? Of course but I would argue that in this case a lie is better for the audience (my mother-in-law) than the truth. If I was honest, it would just hurt her feelings and she has been overcooking food since my wife was a child so she’s not going to stop just because I tell her the chicken is dry. You get the point.

      I am not claiming that the people who run the show are “doing it for our own good” but I don’t put myself in the same category as the lemming masses. I do entertain the idea that maybe the lemming masses are happier believing in bogeymen in caves pulling off 9/11 or that 90 lb teenagers can kill more people that Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator, after all, it keeps them from focusing on the reality of their plight as cattle in a giant human farm. I can and do think for myself. I don’t just accept a story told to me by the mainstream media, the mainstream ACT, the “members” at Fakeologist, John Le Bon, or anybody for that matter. If it is something I feel is relevant to my life, I investigate it before coming to a conclusion. I understand that our time is finite and we don’t have time to investigate every story but I have learned to recognize the things that are important and focus on them using logic and reason and disregard the rest.

      I understand that we will likely never see eye to eye on this but I don’t think we should let it distract from what I believe is truly important – creating a community where we can discuss the strange world in which we find ourselves without ridicule or judgement. If I want to be judged and ridiculed, I’ll start telling everybody the truth. LOL

        1. watermanchris

          Hi Ab, thank you. That is a good clip of some truth being spoken. I agree that acting is a better description. It’s possible that some people on this website do go around telling everybody “the truth” but it’s unlikely. If they do, they probably are very lonely as most people don’t like to be confronted with reality.

          On one of his Member Skype Calls discussing The Prestige, JLB likened it to someone showing up to a magic show and “exposing” the magicians tricks to the audience. The audience (the vast majority of humans) are there to be fooled and would not take kindly to some rabble-rouser ruining the experience for them. I thought that was a good metaphor.

  2. ricky

    I think we agree “watermanchris,” I was merely suggesting some of these disagreements by the very nature of “fakeology” must always be present for us to find our own level of “truth. I agree with Ab that most sincere people on this site can develop a good sense of discernment. ” Faye had some good comments on this subject in the most recent 55 chat. Don’t waste your’ time in Cali, it’s done! LOL! Come up to Or, it’s still pristine.

    1. watermanchris

      I’m in South Florida so I wear a 3/2 full suit when the water hits 70*! I don’t think I would last long in OR. LOL I’ll just need a 5/4 with a hood, gloves and booties.

  3. ricky

    @”watermanchris,” I think your’ posts are very good and for the most part I agree with your’ premise that these arguments about who is legit or a shill can get overdone and tedious at times. It has become a natural bi-product of the study of fakery, we can’t possibly have one without the other. We’re on a quest where we can never know the whole truth in many fields, “unreal” is firm about Chris Kendall as an impersonator, “smj” totally disagrees, two fantastic sources whov’e I’ve learned a lot from. I don’t especially enjoy reading contentious dialogue on a site where in theory most people should be on the same page. I always have to remind myself of the ideas and people I read and trusted that have turned out to be liars, “fakeology” seems to be a constant exercise in disappointment and enlightenment.

    1. watermanchris

      Thanks Ricky. I have been enjoying your posts as well. Frank the salt guy must be right as we that spend a lot of time in the sea tend to end up here in greater numbers. Never surfed Cali but I’m hoping to get out there one day.

      I think the most important thing that we can do is to look at ANYTHING that ANYBODY says and evaluate it based on the available evidence, if any exists. In the case of Bobby is Chris Kendall, I’m not sure that we have much to go on. Perhaps if we could be shown some kind of voice analysis (I know this exists and I’m fairly certain a “voice morphing machine” will be detected) that can be independently verified would go a long way towards supporting the claims of either Sean or Andreas (UNReal). I believe Sean has met Chris Kendall “in real life” but that could also be seen as a negative in that it is often hard for people to think critically about events/people they are close to.

      Even IF (and that’s a big if), it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Chris Kendall is this Bobby character, what does it really matter? I’ve never blindly accepted anything that Chris Kendall said so it really doesn’t matter to me. Do we then have to throw out everything that has ever come out of his mouth? Obviously not as one can learn a lot from even the most compromised of sources. On the other hand, let’s say it’s proven 100% that Chris Kendall is not this Bobby and Annette A Carrion did in fact die in a motorcycle accident. Do we then accept everything that comes out of the mouths of Chris Kendall and John Adams as truth? Of course not.

      This is one of the biggest problems I see with the ACT realm – egos and personalities. People get connected to their favorite online persona and end up having to go down with the ship or completely check out when they inevitably “jump the shark”. For a few examples think Alex Jones endorsing Trump, Simon Shack and his “Tychos”, and Jesse Waugh telling us that people died on 9/11. It’s a fairly regular occurrence so be prepared.

  4. watermanchris

    This character, Allan Weisbecker, “believes” JFK got his head blown off in Dallas and that people died on 9/11. While I think Miles Mathis is wrong about a lot of the things he “researches”, and I don’t think he’s nearly as smart or admired as he claims, I don’t think he’s a “committee of spooks” or even an individual “spook”.

    This whole “everyone who is or has been wrong about anything regarding Fakeologist topics is a paid shill” mentality is not very healthy or productive.

    Even IF (and that’s a huge if) the ACT realm is infested with “paid shills”, is it healthy to constantly focus on this? Just about everybody, no matter where they are on their journey through this maze of media magic, has gained knowledge or insight from even the most obvious of disinfo. For instance, how else would we realize that 9/11 was a made for tv movie without the mainstream media’s “live footage” from that fateful day?

    Simon Shack, no matter how wrong I think he is about his “Tychos” model, has brought us September Clues and some great work at So, even IF, Simon is a paid shill like some people claim (I don’t believe he is), does it make sense to focus on this or is it more productive to examine the research and build on it or find the flaws in it? I think the answer is obvious.

      1. watermanchris

        Seems like a good way to cross market.

        Have you ever been contacted by another ACT (Alternative/Conspiract/Truth) personality and offered a deal to increase your exposure?

        We know scandals are often manufactured in the mainstream in order to boost the profile of the participant(s). Is it far fetched to think that people in the ACT realm would use similar tactics in an attempt to increase their exposure?

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