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Educate the propagandists

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It’s time to respond back to the whitecoats who inject fear into our psyches daily.

Click on the link and send this Doc a fakeologist inoculation.

Mail the Doc the text below.

Nuclear weapons are a (long running) hoax.

Please do your research.
The only way nuclear weapons can hurt is by inducing extreme fear in the victims of the propaganda, such as your article.
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I’m not Simon but…

likes this

We get letters.

It proves not everyone is up to speed even in 2018.

Simon and Hoi are touring America this summer.

Name: Petra Liverani

Email: xx

Comment: Hi Simon,

Thank you for your great work on the planes and the vicsims.

I’d seen your stuff about there being no dead awhile ago and thought well perhaps not all the people died but I couldn’t reconcile no dead at all with the seeming fact that people were targeted in the buildings. Then the other day a video of William Rodriguez started playing randomly on YouTube while I was getting ready for work and even though I was only half-paying attention it hit me. He was a fake semi-whistleblower! And then over the next couple of days I realised there were quite a few: April Gallop, Richard Grove, Bob McIlvaine, the Jersey Widows and possibly more. I also realised that these fake whistleblowers were specifically aimed at those of us who recognised 9/11 as an inside job and who would thus be susceptible to thinking no one died so they had them all planned in advance for that inevitable scenario. They really don’t want people thinking no one died. How clever.

I haven’t read all your stuff so I don’t know if you’re aware that the power elite mash their hoaxery in our faces. They believe that if they tell us what they’re up to through clues, things that don’t add up, ridiculousness, contradictions, the actual truth and so on they won’t suffer karmic repercussions. I’d only applied this idea to recent hoaxes because I thought 9/11 was too “serious” and was not a complete hoax in that people died then I realised that it applied equally to 9/11 which probably helped push me into recognising that no one died (or, if any did, only very few because they were wanted rid of). So, if you didn’t know that and were wondering why they would pop the plane out the other side of the building – I mean, really, it’s too good, isn’t it? – now you know.

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