1 thought on “CSPAN caller mashup on 9/11

  1. xileffilex

    Comedy gold.

    That spooky Jim Lacey character at 17:25 interest me – says he was on the 82nd floor of the WTC [building not specified] on 9/11 “before I was going on this career path” LOL!

    However, in 2011, he specified he was in the South Tower, WTC2
    On 9/11, my office was on the 82nd floor of the World Trade Center’s Tower 2. In 2003, I traveled with the 101st Airborne Division during the invasion of Iraq. Since then I have been over to Iraq on multiple occasions.

    Who occupied, allegedly, the 82nd floor of WTC2? Fuji Bank.

    Jim Lacey is an analyst at the Institute for Defense Analyses and a professor of conflict and global issues at Johns Hopkins University
    “Fuji banker James”

    BTW here’s a fictitious “escape” story from the 82nd floor of WTC1.

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