FAK203-Faye and Sean

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Faye and new voice Sean from SoCal.

Call in at  518 639 6233

When? June 24, 2018 @ 1211h EDT

Who? Faye and Ab go over the week’s events on fakeologist.com

Listen live @ fakeologist.com/s/radio2

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6 thoughts on “FAK203-Faye and Sean

  1. xileffilex

    Nice find, the 35W bridge collapse in MNinnesota which passed me by in 2007 and 2017. The miraculous escape story of Lindsay Walz from her auto at the bottom of the Mississippi is beyond ridiculous.
    But quite a bold #HRDPAR
    She was rushed to a nearby hospital in the back of a pickup truck.

    A script device later used in the Pulse Nightclub #HRDPAR where #NDNGH

    Hoax management….
    Lindsay Walz, the survivor who was trapped in her car under water, said her back injury still plagues her, and it took her five years to pull through the emotional distress of the incident.


    LRF thread
    from which we learn
    all the traffic cams had been shut down in the area due to the construction

    Lindsay remembers her escape story in 2014….

    Memorial for the 13 recycled fictims, including 22mo girl and mother. Fairly predictable stuff.

        1. xileffilex

          There’s always hoax management/ continuity.

          July 10 2017

          Scott, as well Mullen Trucking and Tammy Detray, his pilot driver during the incident, have all accepted responsibility for the bridge collapse as part of a 2015 lawsuit filed by the state, according to a report in the Skagit Valley Herald. The lawsuit is currently on hold pending an appeal by Mullen Trucking.

          More fake work to keep the lawyers and journalists fed. We’re not finished with this hoax yet.

          They are not the only defendants in a lawsuit filed in 2015 by the state.

          The state contends that while Scott, Mullen Trucking and Detray are each at fault for the collapse, truck driver Amandeep Sidhu and his employer, Motorways Transport Ltd., are also at fault.

          Despite knowing Scott was hauling an oversize, over-wide load, the state contends Sidhu negligently attempted to pass Scott on the bridge, essentially forcing Scott to remain in the right-hand lane, which had less clearance due to a curve in the bridge’s overhead trusses.

          Also included as a defendant in the state’s lawsuit is Patty Auvil-Handily, the owner of a pilot car company who hired Detray to be Scott’s pilot car driver. Those parties have not admitted liability in the collapse of what is now called the Trooper Sean M. O’Connell Jr. Memorial Bridge.


          overtones of the staged Humboldt Hockey “crash”. No further updates on the “appeal”.

          original 2013 report to kick off the hoax management

          pilot driver hoax management from 2015

          More pilot hoax management in the courts from January 2018
          Like I said, the lawyers still need a drink from this #HRDPAR #NDNGH

  2. UNreal

    Guess some now qualify me as a ‘paranoid conspiracy theorist’ and what really stood for me in the FAK 203 podcast was Sean Daly’s contribution and how he actually did not come across as a genuine grassroots researcher despite his assurance of “I’m a very honest person” and “I’m just a regular guy”.

    As part of the two-person team of the premier edition of The Realist Report Broadcast Live* by Renegade Broadcasting, it seems pretty obvious that Sean Daly* can not objectively contend being merely an amateur alternative researcher or average regular guy. At least – i’m not convinced Sean Daly is an everyday amateur conspiracy “fan” and thus find it amusing how his type of character so often pop up* seemingly ‘happenstance’ and emphasize how they’re just part of the general public like any other Fakeologist.

    Some additional statements from Sean Daly illustrate obvious contradictions and curiosities such as “when i started in this business” and “my brother is a nuclear inspector”.. Looking closer at the content and contributors to Renegade Broadcasting (list below*) it is even difficult to find a single genuine researcher or authentic content on this platform – John Friend and co-host & cameraman Sean Daly included.

    The first hour (1h18m) with Faye and Ab’s did however make the broadcast worthwhile – thanks to both of them for being able to keep their weekly engagement.

    *The Realist Report: Oregon Militia Standoff (1-8-16) with John Friend & Sean Daly

    *Daly – Da Ly or ‘the lie’ (phonetic anagram)

    *another hard to believe “coincidence” is how Sean Daly got so lucky coming on air while apparently he didn’t even know when the show was going live.. To me Sean Daly was simply blabbering away without even being close to consistant or entertaining – coming very close to wasted time

    *Renegade broadcasting hosts and affiliates:

    Kyle Hunt
    Charles Giuliani
    Shaun Surplus
    Sinead McCarthy
    Nick Spero
    John Beattie
    John Friend
    Dana Antiochus
    Set The Nemesis
    Pat Privelege
    Paul Hickman
    An Observer
    Mike Sledge
    The Celtic Rebel
    David in Texas
    Heks and Sinead
    Andy in Canada
    Paul Preston
    Will Miller

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