Fakeologist on JLB

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I was a guest on a show of a favorite Fakeologist of mine, JLB.


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6 thoughts on “Fakeologist on JLB

  1. matti

    Ab is doing a great job and yes, he has good voice and yes, he allows open dissent on his site and in the comments and the audio; that’s rare. In fact the whole package is rare if not unique! There should be an international award for such cutting edge sites.

    I thought I would put up a big-up Ab comment because I think it so often and rarely post it!

    Donation on the way…

  2. Eva

    Ab spoke thoughtfully and intelligently from start to finish. I’m not sure why time was wasted trying to get him to attack another person. He responded like a gentleman.

    Perhaps one should consider that the whole”going down the rabbit hole” meme is a psyop .
    Rabbitt holes are dark and cause peripheral vision.

    1. watermanchris

      Ab has given Simon a lot of play and has even intimated that the “flat earth movement” was created to counter Simon Shack and “the Tychos”. Shack originally made that claim and at the same time refuses to address simple questions about “his” model which I was only exposed to because of Fakeologist.com

      This was a call that was created specifically for the members of johnlebon.com and these are questions we are interested in.

      I hope you gained something from listening.


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