Humboldt hockey hoax hex reminder

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Just in case you forgot Canada’s biggest hoax to date, just in time for Canada Day, we have this downer.

What is it about head ons in rural Saskatchewan? We will have to wait for the answer. Roundabouts at every intersection, paid for by federal dollars?

A small Saskatchewan community is mourning the death of a former Humboldt Broncos player and his young family, who were among the six people who died in a car crash in southwestern Saskatchewan on Friday.

Officials identified Troy Gasper, 26, his wife Carissa Gasper, 28, and their three children as five of the victims of the fatal crash near Elrose, Sask.…

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3 thoughts on “Humboldt hockey hoax hex reminder

  1. ab Post author

    Lots of self referential media material, but no walking and talking actor for us to evaluate. They are doing nothing to make this hoax realistic. Even if you are not a fakeologist, the lack of information should make believers question this nonsensical lack of detail.

  2. xileffilex

    Relocation time, relocation time! A more obvious #NDNGH one couldn’t imagine – whole family “declared dead at scene” – check
    71 year old ditto – check
    both vehicles burst into flames [no photos] – check
    crash debris not photographed, cleared overnight – check
    Lots of nice family photos uploaded for the MSM on Carissa’s facebook page, pre-relocation – check
    Miminal evidence we have of a “fatal crash” – check….

    Kelly S Gasper Saskatoon April 7 2018 “Humboldt Strong” superimposed on image the 3 subsequently relocated grand children of hers…
    well fancy that!

    No grieving post from grandma, however…

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