Thai cave hoax

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I haven’t followed this story closely, but it was the #1 story on the major media for many days. Coincidentally, it’s about football, and football has the world’s attention now.

I heard many strange twists to the story on the radio this week, including the idea that they weren’t going to release the names of the rescued children until everyone was rescued. The poor parents would just have to wait to see who one the rescue .

There were other anomalies that the media had no answer for, to leave the world stuck in puzzlement. Fakeologists may leave them below.

Like the 33 Chilean miner story years back, this is a good news story for the most part. It is a made for TV drama to distract the world.

Be sure that the movie is already in the can, and will be released in a theater near you in time for Christmas.

The 25-year-old assistant soccer coach who took 12 schoolboys into the flooded Tham Luang cave in Thailand has been criticized by some for his actions, but the parents of the boys are calling him a hero for keeping their boys alive. Ekapol Chantawong, or coach “Ake” as he is known to his players, took members of the Wild Boars soccer team into the cave more than two weeks ago. Eight of the 12 boys trapped have been rescued from the cave, but five others, including Chantawong, are still inside

Source: Thai cave rescue: Soccer coach hailed as hero by families of boys | CTV News

Not too many hoax videos anywhere.

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17 thoughts on “Thai cave hoax

  1. xileffilex

    Hoax management – April 18 2019
    Joshua [“Josh”] Bratchley, a hero diver who helped “save” the 12 Thai boys ** has just been rescued [April 2019] [lol!] fro a flooded tunnel in the US after 28 hours trapped underground…

    suuuuuure he has
    ** for which he was awarded the MBE, as noted earlier here in January 2019

    “Expert divers” were flown in from Arkansas and Florida to the cave in Tennessee [surely they could have brought in the expertise of the UK military?] where Bratchley was trapped in an air pocket [allegedly]

    2018 – Bratchley taken over the jumps in August 2018 by Piers Morgan

    All to keep the original phoney story alive.

    If that wasn’t enough, that story coincided with an honour bestowed on an Australian doctor involved in the hoax rescue, anaesthetist Richard Harris and another Australian diver, Craig Challen –…
    April 19 2019

    Here’s Dr Harris in February , before the award…Most Admirable Order of the Direkgunabhorn Harris sedated the boys [surely not that old hoax technique, the induced coma!] before they were brought out one by one on stretchers….

  2. xileffilex

    The hoax continues to give for the news media and the hoaxers have been shut up/rewarded for their work by bravery awards from the Queen.

    A team of British divers have been decorated for their role in rescuing a boys’ football team from a Thai cave.

    Richard Stanton and John Volanthen, who were the first divers to reach the children, have been awarded the George Medal, the second highest civilian gallantry award. ***

    Three divers were made MBEs and two others receive the Queen’s Gallantry Medal.

    Divers Joshua Bratchley, Lance Corporal Connor Roe and Vernon Unsworth, were appointed MBEs for their role in the rescue, while Christopher Jewell and Jason Mallinson have been given the Queen’s Gallantry Medal for exemplary acts of bravery.

    *** after the George Cross…
    The medal only came to be awarded posthumously [reflecting the trend towards the faking of death] in 1977.
    This mirrors the awards made after the phoney London Bridge “attack” of June 2017, in which Spanish banker Ignacio Echeverría, 39 was posthumously awarded the George Medal for ‘dying’ while wielding a skateboard against the ‘attackers’, and two police officers involved in the staged event, PC Wayne Marques, a British Transport Police Officer, and PC Charles Guenigault ,were also awarded the ‘George’ and so too was the ‘late’ PC Keith Palmer from the Westminster Bridge farce, also ‘posthumously’.

    The QHM the Queen’s Hoaxing Medal ought to be an even higher award.

  3. xileffilex

    Peekay has called out this Thai BS –…

    neat comment below it
    Skepticon 2 weeks ago
    But, of course. It’s all about content creation…without lawsuits or tainting jury pools in real trials. Throw in a little native advertising (leave a bunch of Nikes lying around….or, whatever) and, Netflix will buy anything. At the end of the day (cringe)….it’s just another wrap party.


  4. ricky

    You hit on it in your’ number three scenario Terran, it’s about how you focus your’ energy, at least that’s been my experience. Great question insofar as how much our controllers use this information, it’s probably enough to just create a fake media reality knowing that the majority of people will follow along believing it. God knows how effective it’s been when trying to talk to the indoctrinated about how they’ve been fooled! You’re lucky in having these experiences, just go with it.

  5. ricky

    Great thoughts Terran! I also vote for door number three, I’ve had similar experiences many times but in different areas. I could tell some stories most people wouldn’t believe to the point it seemed I could bend physical reality to my will. Never premeditated and the revelation would only occur after the fact. These are things I can’t summon at will but believe there is something far beyond mere coincidence going on.

  6. Terran Downvale

    Hello, everyone. I really need your thoughts about something here. Something very strange that I’ve been experiencing for a very long time. Last night, someone contacted me asking if I knew of any blogs covering the “Thai cave boys” story. Here was my reply:

    Hi, XXXXXX. Thanks for the positive feedback. You know, I haven’t really been following any new stories for a while now so I’m pretty out of the loop. I did notice they’re talking a bit about that story at Fakeologist, but I haven’t personally read anything about it at all. Here’s the link:…

    But it’s funny cuz seeing those words “Thai Cave Boys” immediately made me think of the so-called Thai Ladyboys:

    It may sound silly, but could there maybe be a “vaginal” theme here with these boys getting lost in the cave? I see the cave in question is called the “Great Cave of the Sleeping Lady”:…

    I dunno, this could be something about people being “violated” while sleeping. Perhaps symbolic of all the sexual assault hysteria going on or even the idea of the “sleeping sheeple” being taken advantage of by the controllers? LOL, I’m probably just reading too much into it as usual.

    OK, so there I go doing my crazy-ass symbolism interpretation thing. I’ve always felt fine about it, but it is something I’ve received criticism for in the past (but not here, as far as I can remember). Anyway, this morning, I checked the Yahoo homepage as I usually do and witnessed a very interesting coincidence, synchronicity or whatever you want to call it. I wrote back to the same reader with this follow-up message:

    Hi again, XXXXXX. Check out this interesting twist. I dunno if this is a case of the internet algorithm feeding me this story because of what I typed last night, but check out what just happened to appear as the main headline on the Yahoo homepage today:…

    I’ll have to look more into that story to see if there are any more connections. I’m really at a loss as to how to explain “coincidences” like this anymore. I used to think I was simply right about these symbolic themes and had a knack for spotting them in a timely fashion. This sort of thing happens to me all the time and is basically what has made all my investigations even possible. I’ll just dive into a story and the “clues” will magically start popping up, one after the other. But I’m thinking there must be something else going on here. Either something mundane like “you will always find these kinds of connections if you look for them” (i.e. seek and ye shall find) or maybe some technological explanation like the algorithm thing. OR perhaps something even weirder about the true nature of our reality! You have any thoughts about this? That’s quite an amazing coincidence for that headline to pop up the morning after I wrote that last night!

    Here’s a screen shot of how Yahoo homepage appeared to me this morning. It just recently changed within the past 5 minutes or so (although the rape story is still one of the sub-headlines).

    So I figured a joint Google/Yahoo algorithm would be the simplest, most rational answer for this phenomenon. After making my suggestion in that email last night, I did search for stories on Google about “sleep rape” to see if anything was currently running. I saw a few stories that might qualify, but figured it was just a case of pretty much any kind of story existing in the news somewhere at any given time. I don’t recall specifically seeing the Kellen Winslow Jr. story, but it’s possible it was there. Anyway, since I did do a Google search on this, it’s possible the algorithm simply pushed that story to the top of Yahoo on MY specific feed so I would see it the next day.

    BUT, after running a test, I’ve determined that it was in fact NOT the algorithm. About an hour ago, I went to a random Web Development chatroom and asked someone to check out the Yahoo homepage and tell me what the featured story was. Here’s a screenshot of the exchange.

    So this story just happened to be featured at the top for EVERYONE. So WTF just happened here? As I mentioned before, this kind of stuff happens to me ALL THE TIME. I look into a story, notice a symbolic theme and then all the confirmation clues start popping into place. So since it’s not the algorithm, I see only three other possibilities.

    1) I’m super-awesome at interpreting symbolic themes in psyops, I’m right about what they’re doing and somehow have a knack for discovering the themes “just in time” (unlikely, but I’m open to it, lol).

    2) Yahoo determines their news feed for EVERYONE based on MY online searches (lol, highly unlikely).

    3) We live in a reality that works much differently than we have been led to believe, in which “cosmic synchronicities” abound and perhaps even reality itself is shaped/created or otherwise influenced by our conscious thoughts and how we focus our energy.

    Can you think of any other possibilities? I’m seeking both the “rational/logical” explanations usually found at Fakeologist and anything “wacky” as well (JLB?). As I’ve stated before, I do think there’s more going on here than simple mundane “money and control-motivated” psyops bound to our current public layman’s understanding of how reality works and I don’t think we’re EVER going to really get anywhere until we gain some more understanding of what else could potentially be involved.

    1. willard

      I am inclined to believe #3, cosmic synchronicities, as I would experience the phenomenon many times in the years before the Internet as I poked around used bookstores and the dusty corners of libraries. AA Morris currently has an excellent series of podacst “Freemasonry and Catholicism” where he reads from the book of the same title and features narratives with powerful archetypes and symbols. I believe these are the mechanisms to “summon coincidences”.

    2. watermanchris

      I’m with Willard. It is definitely #3. has a whole section on sync. Perhaps you should read The Sync Books. The sync book guys are condpiratards in that they don’t know anything about media fakery but they definitely have some valuable insights when viewed through the lens of media fakery.

      1. Terran Downvale

        Thanks for the input, guys. So the question is, are these synchronicities occurring independently from the hoaxes or are they somehow being “summoned” as willard suggested? And if they are being summoned, then how the hell is that? This would add whole whole new level of manipulation to their hoaxcraft, one that calls into question our very nature of our reality. Something that has been deliberately kept from us that the culture creators know about and are skilled at using. It’s interesting that such synchronicities support the idea that these stories are fabricated hoaxes if they’re not actually purposely written into the fake narratives as symbolism.

    3. Tom Dalpra

      Hi Terran,
      My tuppence ha’penny. For a start , let me say that, for me, you are ‘super-awesome at interpreting symbolic themes in psyops’. You’re a great brainstormer with bundles of energy, a positive nature and a live, open mind. Great to do research with on a shared issue of interest.

      This ‘live’ mind along with your prolific writing does characterise your style as perhaps ‘ up hill and down dale’- if you excuse the pun- at times. Strenuous and persistent and you cover a lot of ideas.

      So yeh, a bit of option 1.

      However, I’m not sure it’s such a great coincidence from the evidence you’ve presented. We have to take your word for it, but I’m sure there have been other instances, as you say. Perhaps we could liken it to an athlete ‘being in the zone’. You’re a researcher so refined, in a way, that you seem to be able to do it instinctively and the world seems to fall into your lap in an uncanny fashion. Beautiful.

      How does that work exactly ? Clever though! 🙂

  7. xileffilex

    This Telegraph article tells me that it was a UK script…

    First on the scene was Vernon Unsworth, who is from St Albans but now lives in Thailand.
    Mr Unsworth, an experienced diver who now lives close to the caves, was crucial in persuading Thai authorities to bring in UK expertise.

    …..the tight-knit community of cave divers. [Jason] Mallison previously rescued six British cavers from Mexico’s Cueva de Alpazat cave system. **

    Also on the scene was Tim Acton, 39, who grew up in Harwich and first learnt his trade diving off the Essex coast.
    He moved to Southeast Asia 12 years ago and now runs a holiday complex in Thailand with his wife, Took.
    In 2004 he was caught up in the Boxing Day Tsunami and earned a commendation from the British Ambassador for his efforts to save lives when the village where he was running a diving school was swamped.

    And the heroes? They’re all now “resting” or gone camping..…

    “The fact there were children involved made this one extra special …

    Always a good recipe.

    Yes, Ab, the movie can’t be far away from our cinemas.

    ** another psy-op?

      1. xileffilex

        The Mexican cave rescue by the “Brits” of the [military] Brits was in 2004…

        The men refused local offers of rescue, instead preferring to wait for two specialist British divers who flew to Mexico to escort them out.

        one of whom was involved in the recent Thai Sai-op………

        In 2010, the pair attempted the rescue of accomplished French diver Eric Establie, who was trapped by a silt avalanche inside the Ardeche Gorge, near Marseille.
        It is believed the French government requested Stanton and Volanthen by name. The duo received medals from the Royal Humane Society for their eight-day effort to save Establie, whose body they recovered from the cave.

        The Royal Humane Society is not averse to giving awards to hoax participants, notably in the 7/7 terror drill –
        Mr [Timothy] Coulson, of Henley, Oxfordshire, was awarded a bronze medal by the Royal Humane Society and he also accepted one on behalf of Mr [Peter] Zimonjic, who lives abroad. Alison Sayer, whose life was saved by Mr Coulson, said: ‘Tim is indeed the bravest person I’ve ever known.…

        RAF Lyneham hero Craig Staniforth who plucked a survivor [Australian John Tulloch] to safety in the London bombings has been awarded a medal for his bravery.
        Wing Commander Staniforth, 42, who trains medical staff at the airbase, was presented with the Royal Humane Society’s bronze award.…

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Yes, this one had the feel of a British military operation from the start to run in harmony with the World Cup.
      Having read other signs of a big English showing at the Cup and invested some disposable income on a possible England win, I found this story encouraging in that respect as it was drawn-out in parallel with the tournament .
      rgos noted the obvious set-up of this story in the forums. We’ve followed a few tournaments and seen things before.…

      However, as the Thai football boys ( the England team were the youngest team in the tournament ) were shown all saved and on their way ”home” on the day of England’s semi final, I started to have some doubts that England were pencilled-in as tournament winners. The photos of the ‘saved’ boys duly included one lad in a red England shirt.
      The timing made it obvious, really. The boys who had held our attention for three weeks, were ‘going home’.

      A museum and a film have already been proposed for this effort. Text book.…

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