Salt psyop

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Are @anounceofsaltperday and others creating a false dialectic to sell salt? Can they prove double blind studies are false?

“Like any group with vested interests, the food industry resists regulation. Faced with a growing scientific consensus that salt increases blood pressure…major food manufacturers have adopted desperate measures to try to stop governments from recommending salt reduction. Rather than reformulate their products, manufacturers have lobbied governments, refused to cooperate with expert working parties, encouraged misinformation campaigns, and tried to discredit the evidence.”

The evidence they’re trying to discredit includes double-blind, randomized trialsdating back decades.…

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3 thoughts on “Salt psyop

  1. anounceofsaltperday

    This post provides EXACTLY the evidence that I have repeatedly discussed in podcasts and on this outlet. The focus is on blood pressure and it makes a big to do about the Yanomomo Indians of the Amazon and the remote tribes of Papua New Guinea. What is the average lifespan of the Yanamomo indians? 29 years. But sure, they have really low blood pressure… especially when they are dead. Japanese, Icelanders and Sardinian’s live long, healthy lives completely flouting the advice given in this vid.

    The data for overall mortality clearly indicates a sweet spot for average salt intakes between 6gm and 15gms per day.

    1. watermanchris

      Nice comment Frank! I say eat as much real salt as you can and spend as much time in the sea as possible. I don’t believe there are any negative consequences of consuming salt and have seen first hand the tremendous benefits salt water from the ocean has on the body.

      Any time I have a cut on my body, I go in the ocean and it is healed after a couple of days. My father is a retired commercial fisherman and scuba diver who is 75 years old but looks 10 years younger. This despite the fact that he was in the “evil sun” for 6-12 hours a day for 35 years.

      I have had the best results doing the exact opposite of anything I read/hear from the dope pushers in scrubs. They do not exist to heal people as a healthy, happy population means they are out of a job.

  2. watermanchris

    I read the article and a couple of the “studies” and there are a couple of glaring red flags. Number 1 is the fact that they never establish WHY high blood pressure is an inherently bad thing. Claims made by the American Heart Association are pointed to as evidence. This organization has been around since 1924 but “heart disease” has done nothing but increase on their watch even though many people have adopted their diet (low fat and cholesterol and high grains/carbs). I am in the best shape of my life at 38 and I eat high fat, cholesterol, and salt and low carbs/grains. My blood pressure is “normal” but I wouldn’t change a thing if a clown in a white coat told me it was off the charts.

    The second thing the article conveniently leaves out is the type of salt used in these “studies”. The sodium derivatives used in preservatives is a far cry from Sea Salt that is found in nature. It is similar to the “fluoride study” that concluded fluoride strengthens teeth. If you look at what they used in that study, you will see they used calcium fluoride but the substance added to the drinking water is sodium fluoride. What form of “salt” was used in these “studies”? I will investigate further when I have time but I highly doubt it is a simple substance found in nature i.e. sea salt.

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