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When? July 15, 2018 @ 1211h EDT

Who? Faye and Ab go over the week’s events on fakeologist.com

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11 thoughts on “FAK205-Fakeologist 55

  1. Faye

    The missing twins were found among the 26 burned on the free parcel (field) together with their grandparents (WTF).

    Pay attention also to the image in that articel were the firefighters are so close to the alleged burned that it would be impossible to breath and smell.

    www.tovima.gr/society/article/… (article in greek)

    1. xileffilex

      Just the silly twins story shows how it’s all staged
      sadly been found dead, as confirmed by their family friend Georgios Tsoukalos.
      Yesterday, the parents were at an Athens’ morgue handing over some of the girls’ belongings to be used for DNA testing, while holding on to hope they were still alive.

      suuure why test if “George” has confirmed it? Total nonsense.

  2. Faye

    Interesting developments.

    BBC – Greek fires: Arson suspected in deadly Mati blaze

    And a channel on 153news called Truthtrundle:

    Greek Wildfires Evidence of Directed Energy Weapons

    Of course “directed energy weapons” is a cover phrase for misdirection. It is used to explain why the imagery is so strange. Could it be possible that the imagery is completely fictitious as in 9/11? I mean the toasted cars and the untouched trees?

    Interesting also that two months ago greece and israel signed a military cooperation agreement which allows the use of a drones bases near Larissa for operations in the middle east (they previously were operated via Rammstein in germany, if im not mistaken.

    The connection I see is the following:

    In my estimation the fire happend really but not as presented in the media. I still can not imagine how they did it. Was it a full drill with an previously evacuated village (im talking only about Mati) ?

    Are drones able to set buildings on fire without harming nearby trees? Are microwaves a possible scenario for this?

      1. xileffilex

        DEW looks like another psy-op. Note the aerial image provided by the EU/ESA [BBC link…] Copernicus satellite

        My feeling is that staged air crashes are passe, the new synthetic disasters are fires, with nice global warming scare overtones.

        Thanks for the 153 video and comments, Faye. At least some people are finding it curious. Those aluminium rivulets were also noted in the fires in the California wine region.

        1. Faye

          Agree with you, Xile, directed energy weapons are part of the story – the opposition, the critic if you wish.

          The idea that synthetic nature psyops are en vogue does resonate with me ding dong:)
          I would prefere to call them artificial nature psyops so to indicate from the beginning that also in these psyops NDNGH.

          In my estimation the Mati-story is exactly such an artificial psyop, no wildfire, no victims, only controlled demolition in order to rebuilt the aerea and profit from the translation of shock and death to coins.

  3. Faye

    There is such an amount of info in the greek media i can hardly keep track of it and translate it but i will do so when i find enough time to compile a page for a fakeopedia entry of this story. Here are some notes/comments by myself (links to the greek media, sorry):

    * the phony stories concentrate on the village Mati, northeast of athens en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mati,_Gr… – about 200 permanent residents which have built their houses over decades without licence (mostly working class people) and many hotels (also without licences)

    * The greek president of the state Pavlopoulos visited the injuries in Evangelismos, there were 8 injuries – 8 ? that does not really sound convincing with a 81 fatalities and hundreds of missing people.

    * The greek government applied for subventions from the EU

    * Fake fotos circulated in the internet but were discovered and documented by greek media – probably to distract from the fact that there is too much phony imagery from this fire e.g. drone imagery where one can see the same building in multiple variations.

    * 26 burned were found on a free parcel (or field) – but on the images one sees clearly a dummy

    * A funding account was created by the greek gov for the reconstruction of the area

    * legendary military ship rescues people that had fled the fire by swimming www.tanea.gr/news/greece/artic…

    * the story with the twins is ongoing as the father was mistaken when he thought to have seen them on a rescue video.

    “The father thinks he saw his twins”: www.star.gr/video/eidiseis/ell…

    “NO these are not my twins” www.star.gr/eidiseis/ellada/43…

    I have not yet an overview over the story. I find it not impossible to kick a fire in a building and stage the rest in that area. it is well defined through the Poseidonos main road (west) and the sea (east). The permanent residents would have to be in and the hotels also. Not too many…

    1. xileffilex

      another old favorite – photos of “the missing” posted on social media. – check
      English speaking victim [Irish] for increased world interest – check

      calls for privacy – check
      Brian O’Callaghan-Westropp, who was on honeymoon with his wife Zoe Holohan, became separated trying to escape the flames in the seaside resort of Mati.
      In a statement, the two families said they were “deeply saddened” by his death.
      They also asked for privacy “as we grieve and as Zoe makes her recovery”.


      These autos didn’t get separated….


    1. Faye

      Thanks Xile for mentioning that story, it gave me even more motivation to follow it. I was already suspicious from the breaking of the news, especially the alleged victim numbers that were absolutely new for fires that are a routine in greece every summer with thousands of hectars of forests burned down mostly for being able to declare them to inhabitable zones and building construction.

      The second point which made me to pay attention was the immediate reaction of officials. PM Tsipras made statements about a possible act of subversion of his goverment and declared the state of emergency for the whole region of Attica.

      I hope i will be able to collect some material about till the next open mic on Fakeologist. Would be great if you would like to call.

      1. xileffilex

        It really does look like a made-for-TV disaster. 26 bodies indeed….
        love the “Tunisian beach massacre” style picture with smouldering umbrellas


        3 days of mass grieving….
        echoes of California and Fort McMurray in Canada in the imagery. More toasted autos in the above links. Perhaps searching in the Greek language might produce more hoaxy images.

        We’ve got doggie stories and survivor stories [videos] and missing children, as expected but : twins in this case for maximum effect] An old disaster favorite, parents losing their children….

        That burnt elbow looks rather flexible and mobile in the video.


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