Psyop couple f/Ariana Grande

like this

hoax management is efficient. They use the same players/lifetime actors and their spawn for their stories.

Manchester bombing and are linked in many ways, and now we can add celebutard 0;marriage”.

Ariana Grande has had a tattoo in tribute to Pete Davidson’s firefighter father who died on 9/11.

Grande, 25, and Davidson, 24, began dating in May and earlier this month it emerged the couple were engaged.…

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4 thoughts on “Psyop couple f/Ariana Grande

  1. Henkus

    This video has it ALL.
    And yeah she is tiny.

    Enough internet for today. This is just INSANITY.

  2. Henkus

    Thing with this ‘story’ is that is multi multi multi multi layered. Let’s say there are many layers.
    It is like the “why9/11” Jaguar advertisement in this dutch golf mag that was posted by someone on the forums when I just joined.

    I will give a swing at this one.

    It reinforces 9/11, wich opens up a BIG BIG BIG thing. (many layers)
    It reinforces the tewowist ‘attack’ at HER concert. Of witch we have ZERO video. Only people running down stairs looped for hours on CNN etc. Oh and this ‘dashcam video’ of a car parked in the ‘neighborhood’ that ‘caught’ the AUDIO of a ‘bomb’ at the stadium. Imagine that in a stadium where there are cameras EVERYWHERE.
    Think of the ‘audio’ of the ‘caged’ children at the borders in the USA.

    Many things more….. but other things I wonder now :
    This couple HAS to stay a (hollywood) ‘couple’ now right? How can you have the tattoo of your ‘first husbands father 9/11 death’ and then EVER divorce? (seen in the sense of the psy-op where she also endured an attack).
    Maybe a future story about how she removes the tattoo? Very unlikely? right?

    Before this ‘attack’ I had never even heard of this girl. She seems very tiny to be called ‘grande’.
    Maybe there are more clues in her songs but…not sure if I can endure watching any of them for long.
    Will try i guess……………..

  3. Henkus

    How do you even find these ‘stories’?

    When i see things like this i well… loose my mind almost.
    I consider a story like this as a DIRECT assault on my sanity.

    Thank you for pointing out the insanity.
    Things like this are to me way more important than the new drama with simon and john etc.


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