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Hoi says everything I think that I wish I could write as coherently about this pervasive alt media myth.

Anyhoo » July 21st, 2018, 6:50 pmwrote:
To this I say: Is not hate the proper response when one discovers who is behind 9-11, which Simon Shack for some reason will never talk about? I give a big hats off to Simon for helping me see the hoax that 9-11 was,

Wow. There are so many things wrong with your post, I am surprised you are here. Zionists are different from Jews. Most people are lovely. But every society has its conservative psychos. Which are you?

Hate is not a proper response. As Simon has dedicated his research to truth and justice and peace, hate is the opposite response you should have. He is not shielding any one person. He is trying to help everyonegain control over their own lives from those in their community who have failed them. So naturally, if you have some inner hate or fear, it will increase your paranoia that everyone benefiting will result in your hated feared person benefiting too and, in your mind, 0;anyone that looks like or remotely benefits my enemy is my enemy”. Well, that’s exactly the path to world wars you fool!

Furthermore, it’s really foolish to think one people alone advanced imperial evils on their own without the complete collaboration of all the nefarious power circles of the world. Psychopathy is the true enemy. Don’t let it infect you.

Anyway, if you truly hate a single group of people, then you’re not understanding the research at all. Everyone uses propaganda. What people do you come from that has been historically immune from weaving mythology about itself?

The goal humanity must have now is to understand and forgive the mythologies used to survive and move on to a place of truth.

But that’s not going to happen if you rave about your innocence vs. that of your scapegoat. Even if it’s a popular scapegoat.

but I condemn that he refuses to go further and identify the perpetrators and the reasons for the hoax, which involve a particular race of people.

So says you. So because people disagree with your particular bias and prejudice … that means our motives must be bullshit. What if I called bullshit on you for pretending to be a racist to cause the forum to appear to be supportive of hate, violence and war?

It is not Hate to

blah blah blah. You say “I hate Jews” but “it’s not really hate” in the same paragraph.

Duh. You are too stupid (Or is it self-loathing perhaps? Needing someone to blame?) to be responsible with this information. Ah, but perhaps I have “misunderstood” you because you “struggle” with language? Is that what you mean by this:

Take this any way you want.

That’s very generous. So if I take it as you are asking to be asked about your community, your people, and your self and what you have personally done to discourage psychopathic behavior, I can take it that way? Great. Let us know!

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10 thoughts on “Clues on jews

  1. watermanchris

    Thanks for the link, on the previous page I found Hoi Palloi playing thought police in a most SJW kind of way. Is this guy for real?

    Between these goofy outbursts and his disaster of an interview on the Tacos, it remains to be seen why anybody still has any respect for Max Kon.

  2. Faye

    I am saying that the attribution of anything to a collective of any kind is a primary form of fascism.

    I am saying that the pro-and-anti semitism psyop is the easiest way to obscure the real powerstructure.

    I am saying that there are no norwegian, jewish, orthodox, catholic or any other such psyops but all psyops are conducted by the military intelligence apparatus which works on all levels from glogally centralized under the control of britain-france-us-israel at least since 9/11.

    1. UNreal

      all psyops are conducted by the military intelligence apparatus

      From what i understand of your (Faye) comment, you seem to limit yourself to Media hoaxes if your sole perpetrator is the Army*, and the powerstructure is clearly more complex than how you portray it in your comment.

      Money/finance and Religion for instance are just as fundamental as is the military intelligence community – and the military intelligence community is in itself a very vague description of who and how this part of the global powerstructure is controlled.

      I find it falling short to be satisfied with using one single expression for the complex system of rule that we are subjected to – of which jewish groups are a part, as are Catholic groups and Freemason lodges to name but a few.

      The communality between all these groups seems to be philosophical and not based on any known structure such as a military apparatus. The military takes orders, and real power does not. The military apparatus is a tool, and not the architect.

      *the angram for ‘Army’ would be ‘My Ra’

      1. Faye

        I find it falling short to be satisfied with using one single expression for the complex system of rule that we are subjected to

        I agree with you on the above and that is why “the jews” are not a category to analyze as a political subject.

        The military intelligence apparatus is just a term i created to signify the dispositive of power in the 21. century. It contains the media as the platform of propaganda. It consists of the transnational network of decision makers in production, services, distribution, transport and military.

        Yes, religions were and are also a military organized network of decision making and propaganda.

        We must talk more about these important things. Thank you for the input and your thoughts which are for me very inspirational.

  3. Faye

    I am happy to know that there are people around like Hoi who can bring to word the intuitive approach to this so dramatically repeating pattern in every historic phase when the ptb are deploying a new attack on even more aspects of the existence of humankind.

    I actually am very troubled to understand that people in this surrounding do not have the instinct to dissect this pattern, so much that i developed a suspicion against everyone that even uses the word “jew” to do it knowingly and consciously supporting what i believe to be the central ideological psyop of the last 150 years.

    I am studying the topic, i want to track back this psyop and understand how it was implemented and why it still can be used (not so effectively i think as in the previous years because luckily many people overcome out of free inspiration their so called programming…).

    There are psyops that create dialectical conflicts, others create wishes and desires, so many schemes… i dont understand them all…

    But the jewism-antisemitism psyop was planned and uphold with the combined powers of the british and french empire somewhere in the half of the 19th century when it became evident that the technologies of image creation and distribution will play into the hands of those who deploy them first.

    It was one of the biggest moments of the evolution of cinema that implemented the narrative of a french jew who passed military secrets to the german enemy of france – and britain of course.

    it is a new interpretation of modernity what is needed, a production of our past as it might have really been under the light of what we know today about the massive scale of deceptions and creation of guilt and debt.

    On a subjective level there never was, is or will be any kind of reason which would allow a comparison between two human beings under it.

    There are no jews as a plural.

    Only power is collective.

    It is time

    1. UNreal

      There are no jews as a plural.

      Maybe i misunderstand what you (Faye) allude to when you state that there are no jews.. Maybe you consider the presence of PsyOps and Propaganda related to zionism and antisemitism as your criteria for your determining if jewishness is real or not ?

      To clarify then, i guess you (Faye) will agree there are indeed millions of people who self-identify as being ‘jewish’ and thereby ‘jews’ today and since a long time back ? (wiki)

      According to officialdom, there are today over 15 million people worldwide that define themselves as belonging to the ethnoreligious group we call jews – including a nation, Isreal. Isreal is of course a recent creation, but the population and religion are not merely a hundred and fifty years old, but clearly as old as we would consider the Bible*.

      We might not like the appelation ‘jew’, but we have no other term to describe this very influental ethnoreligious group who themselves identify as jewish and who indeed have their particularities & culture worth a mention as they do influence on the world we live in today*.

      To not distinguish between jews, christians and arabs would be to ignore by what philosophy and culture large groups of people live and identify – liking the term ‘jew’ (or not) is secondary. And just as there are Jewish Psysops there are Christian Psyops, Arab Psyops or even Norwegian Psyops – but this doesn’t mean there are no Christians, Arabs or Norwegians.

      Regarding the underlying opinion “jews don’t matter” it is in itself a dismissal of critical thought and a celebration of ignorance. We need to study jews in just the same manner we investigate other selfidentifiying religious, philosophical and ethnic groups of people and their culture.

      Of course, jews are among the most powerful groups of people which has made their attention hard to avoid – by design, but also by the real existence of 15+ million people who consider themselves jewish and live by it – be it religiously, politically or not.

      *regarding history, the “verifiable” history is quite recent and books like the New Testament or Bible are clearly not as old as claimed ( Christophe Pfister – A Manifesto for New Chronology )

      *many if not most of the proponents of not discerning jews as a group are of course jewish themselves which is hypocritical and self-contradictory

      1. Faye

        my grandparents on maternal and paternal side were greek orthodox, my parents are greek orthodox.
        i am not religious in any form of institutionalized set of wisdoms or rules or such, not christian, not muslim, not yoga, not truther, not mysticist, not…

        1. smj

          instead of saying ‘fuck the jews’, what term should imuse fer that particular tribe? is it ok if i still say ‘fuck the quakers’? cause the quakers hustle is way tighter than the feckin jews is of course.

  4. UNreal

    Maybe ‘No Clues on Jews’ could be an alternative title on this story.

    As much as one can agree that many jews are not among the uttermost Elite or all freemasons, jews as a group are nevertheless problematic as their presence in important positions and industries is as troublesome as their general attitude is towards nepotism and defence of their undue position as a percecuted minority.

    Just a PsyOp like the Holocaust is a good exemple of how a lie can survive when there are enough liars to support it – in the majority jews and not only rich jews but also the jewish community as whole as they despite the lie find it beneficial to continue to support this false narrative*. So if truth is to be defended, it seems jews does a pretty bad job of it – on purpose – which is ironic as they are so influential in the Media.

    So although blaming the jews for everything is unwise, it is no better to ask that jews not be pointed out and held responsible for their disloyal behavior as a group and name their deeds by their proper name – regardless of institutions of lies made in their name like the ADL – or Hollywood for that matter.

    *the jewish community in Norway as an exemple have lobbied for decades to send not so rich jews around to childrens schools to lie about being “Holocaust victims” seing people burned in ovens, mamed, tortured and having their teeth pulled out for gold.. I was about 10 when i was left defenseless crying from these false stories – pretty abusive behaviour, vetted by a whole community on underaged “Goyem” children

    ( herunder the Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin, Germany )

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