FAK206-Fakeologist Open Mic

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I’ll have Skype (fakeologist), Discord, and phone lines 518-639-6233 open for a few hours starting now.

If you’re on Discord, you won’t hear anyone on Skype. I’ll integrate them shortly.

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1 thought on “FAK206-Fakeologist Open Mic

  1. UNreal

    Good news for the live FAK broadcast – you clearly have a new French listener* !

    As always, i appreciate the regular schedule that you (Ab) are able to maintain as of late and hopefully you will be able to invite guests on more frequently as you were able to do last week*.

    During this FAK206 show, the Jewish question relating to conspiracy theory came up, and i got the impression that my recent comment on the “Clues on Jews” post (here) was particularly ill presented. Maybe you didn’t read it all* which might explain misunderstanding any particular point i tried to make.

    What i tried to highlight by my comment was how i’m not on either side of the artificially construed debate on Jews, and find none of the extreme positions of either/or any good. I’m not blind to the fact the Elite and power-structure is more than one faction (ie Jews) but rather a number of factions of which Jews are clearly a part. We should indeed speak about Jews just as we debate Freemasons and other powerful factions of the Elite.

    The term “Jew” is by itself weaponized to the level of what the offensive expression “nigger” can sound like to a black person – but unlike the many ways to say African American without causing raised eyebrows, there is no two ways about calling Jews as an ethnoreligious group by any less provocative term – if there are inoffensive synonyms for the Jews/Jewish lobby i’ll gladly use such neutral language.

    In short, Jews are indeed a powerful group that should be investigated and held responsible (ie Holocaust, Hollywood) just as any other group. The irony from Cluesforum is of course that they are cheerleading for respect and tolerance while they frequently judge and exclude those who hold opinions different to their own*.

    You can’t have freedom of speech and tolerance if you chose to exclude part of the discussion – regardless if you like and agree with the arguments/discourse or not. Censorship is not gradual, either it is in practice or it’s not*.

    *i do try to listen live when i have the chance, but i did not have the opportunity to listen to FAK206 live yesterday

    *have to admit i didn’t listen to the Tychos FAK204 show yet – but find your (Ab) interviews commonly very well handled with good tone and intelligible discussion

    *now have posted 3 comments in the Clues on Jews discussion thread

    *even spelling errors, syntax or wrong typefaces can disqualify someone at CF where they now ask for tolerance and world peace…

    *regarding censorship i also denounce this when done on this blog, as expressed here previously

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