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  1. UNreal

    Enjoyed the show, a pleasant chat (Ab & Xileffelix)

    In the audio you mention the ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’ and the list of 200 suspected intelligence paid “truther” outlets. The reason Patricia Steere, Russian Vids, Peekay or Globe Busters do not figure in that list is simply that there are only audio-shows that are referenced for now. However, maybe YouTube and TV shows should be included on the same list*.

    The notion that Conspiracy culture in itself is a PsyOp managed from its inception by the intelligence community is an important notion and the central point of what is described as the ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’.

    Rather than looking at the 1% of conspiracy culture that may not be part of the conspiracy culture creation, the ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’ looks at the 99% and try to analyse what it means that the majority of “truther outlets” are intelligence led and paid operations.

    In the list of 200 radio and podcasts listed, there may be a fraction that are not intelligence backed but the point of the ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’ list is to show how big the Conspiracy Culture PsyOp really is and how many intelligence operators that are part of it. In short, the ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’ list of conspiracy culture outlets is not meant to be 100% correct per say, but outline how 95+ percent of these shows and presenters are intelligence created and backed.

    So far i’ve not found any legitimate conspiracy outlets* to figure on the ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’ list, but again – the point is not the small percentage of ‘possibly legit’ outlets but the majority of intelligence created and financed truther outlets – and what it means..

    The realisation that there are 150+ radio and podcast hosts that are paid intelligence operators trying to convince us they are genuine grassroots researchers should make any honest amateur alternative researcher scratch their head and take interest – Conspiracy culture is a PsyOp in itself.

    The Conspiracy Conspiracy (article)

    The Conspiracy Conspiracy (Fakeologist forum topic)

    *there is a separate list for video outlets on the ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’ spreadsheet (excel file availabble here)

    *i’m open for suggestions for ‘legit shows’ despite that this being outside the main focus of analysing the heavy trend of intelligence backed and financed outlets – the 99% majority

    ( Hereunder the “roundtable” participants at the 2015 Secret Space Program conference, left to right: Olav Phillips, Linda Moulton Howe, Daniel Liszt, Catherine Austin Fitts and Dr Joseph Farrell )

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