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Introducing L, cooler, and their introduction to September Clues.

I thought for sure that K and L were the same voice, but apparently I was wrong.

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7/22 Toronto Danforth shooting

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As soon as I say goodbye to Xilefelix, complain that we haven’t had any #HRDPARs, particularly in Canada, I go to bed, and wake up to this likely #HRDPAR #NDNGH.

Warning: Video contains graphic content Two people are dead and a girl is critically injured after a shooting rampage Sunday night on Danforth Ave. Police Chief Mark Saunders confirmed that a young woman had died and 13 other victims, including a 9-year-old girl, were injured by gunfire on the busy Greektown strip. Saunders also confirmed that the alleged gunman was dead. The police chief said there was an “exchange of gunfire” and that the shooter had used a handgun. It was not immediately clear w

Source: Woman dead, 13 injured in Danforth shooting rampage | The Star

Xilefelix, as always, will hopefully dissect this event.

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When CNN has this on their front page, you know it spells hoax. I haven’t watched much of the Toronto police chief speak, but the video on the CNN page looks like he’s bumbling and stumbling with the “facts”, to the point he looks hypnotized and even drugged.


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FAK207-Show notes

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FakeologistToday at 7:24 PM

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Predictably, the Dallas shooting has been declared a hoax by so-called alternative media. Videos and blogs are being pumped out at a furious…

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