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  1. anounceofsaltperday

    Triffik chat all round… I trust that Markus has had his appetite sufficiently whetted to continue contributing in his well known persona.

      1. dante

        the more money he makes > the happier wifey is > the more she can leave the house to spend it > the more time he has to covertly join Fakeologist chats!

        positive feedback loops : )

        *so how can his fans contribute to Truthin7minutes or purchase his services? i’d pay for him to assist on seo with a site i think would really benefit from it. but i’ve yet to communicate the on page meta / off page linking concepts properly.

  2. dante

    what a pleasant surprise to hear from Markus, one of my all time favorites in this scene. gave an extra bounce in my step when i saw the new post, and listened in lieu of music at the gym earlier.

    – i can’t speak for JLB, but as a foundation member of his site, i’d love to listen to you guys deep dive into topics, whether on his platform or for public consumption. i can tell he’s been busy the last few weeks so hopefully it’s just a matter of logistics / timing, not ignoring. i’d wager it’s the former as your content has been referenced, appreciated, and missed on more than one occasion by both he and others on calls and comment threads.

    – re: Bin Laden: Faye, were you trying to raise issue with Markus’ questioning of Simon Shack’s brother’s alleged ties to the Bin Laden family, if Bin Laden didn’t / doesn’t ultimately exist? Or perhaps deem it less consequential if the business dealings happened years prior to 2001? If so, my immediate (and forgive me if it’s obvious) thought was that if Simon is a reputable ‘truth’ figure – at least insofar as 911 is concerned – i think it is highly suspicious if a family member of the central character in the terror story is documented to have been doing business with a close family member of a ‘leader’ in this truth scene, chiefly 9/11 investigation. assuming it is true, this information certainly raises an eyebrow as to how well connected SS may be to the folks who carried out the contrived event. which leads to further questions and implications – not all necessarily negative, especially if one is of the NDNGH mindset – but significant to say the least!

    but i do agree this minutiae is small potatoes or ‘conspiracy candy’. not to dismiss it entirely because with each little pixel, i hope to get a higher resolution image of the overall puzzle. but with finite time together
    – i’d be in favor of spending this time identifying new pieces and bridging connections rather than continually getting bogged down with every incidental issue.

    – re: missiles: curious for Markus to expand on why the media would be absolved if there were in fact missiles? any person open minded to alternative explanations of the event would be able to conclude that the media would still have to be complicit because who else could overlay the missiles (in ‘real time’) with planes? and since it’s even more unlikely Osama and his bandits could commandeer aircraft that shot missiles, it follows as the night the day that the media was directly involved in fabricating and / or participating in an alleged publicly televised mass execution.

    – re: helicopter shot – this is definitely obvious (to folks like us), but if regular folks refuse to reconsider their views on no planes after seeing the nose out footage, i’m not sure this will be of any more help to them, even if viewed more than WTC7. coupled with Shanksville and Pentagon, if people cannot sort out somethings amiss with the ‘flights’ – it’s truly hopeless. i agree that there are way more people aware of these hoaxes today, but the number of those who ‘know something is off’ AND are capable of even conceptually bridging this awareness to the bigger ‘Truman Show’ level lies…are still few and far. it’s almost as if the majority of people – even smart and successful in the system people – just cannot think in ways that seem so obvious to most of us in the fakeology universe.

    – re: estrangement from family, i disagree with Faye (and most people) who assume family is so important that it’s not healthy to excommunicate them. i argue the contrary especially if these relationships are toxic. and where did this ‘rule’ / mantra originate? Godfather movies? if family doesn’t act like ‘family’ why invest in and continue to maintain relationships with those who in many instances – aside from ejecting out of the same birth canal – we’d never tolerate in our personal or professional lives? just because?

    re: egi – i’d always wondered when i was younger why i never found some of the ‘hottest’ celebrities that hot. i do think there are masculine looking women, but upon closer inspection it would not surprise me one bit if some of these famous from childhood stars were engineered. i also agree with SMJ that one can have amazing talent like Tiger Woods if you just go all in and do one thing since age 2. many professional basketball players benefit from having been bred into a family of athletes or pro players (steph curry and klay thompson’s fathers were pro) with all the resources, relationships, coaches and 24/7 ability to improve one’s craft. i will be looking into the nba refs / high school angle. irrespective of Donaghy who got ‘caught’ gambling, it’s not that hard to fix games / series / seasons with the officiating. a call here a call there. don’t need players to be involved explicitly. foul trouble et al..can easily shift the score / spread if outcome pre-scripted.

    – re: how they do the psyops. i’m curious if anyone has insight / ideas into how they hire so many crisis actors and do these crisis actors live amongst the general population? here and there i’ve seen material suggesting drills get regular folks to participate. but given these events small and large have a wide demographic, are these seemingly regular humans among us in this ‘matrix’ going along like life is normal? . are each of us Truman Burbanks – where others outside this realm can zoom in and entertain themselves -watching our day to day like a video game? i am beyond a reasonable doubt confident there were real humans that allegedly died on 9/11. perhaps a lot were made up whole cloth, but not all of them. if alive, do their families all know? are they sole plants? the depth of it is truly mind boggling when considering the implications.

      1. dante

        lebron looks far more similar to Nate Thurmond, former NBA player (and Cav) than the deadbeat guy they say spawned him out of wedlock.

        he’s an amazing athlete and player no doubt, but the amount of traveling and bullyball / offensive fouls he gets away with – even in this soft league of today – is obscene.

        1. smj

          nate the great was a bit old to have knocked up gloria, but who knows? larry nance’s boy is another akron kid that played in this years nba finals.

          1. dante

            agreed, but her age range doesn’t seem too narrow. delonte west!

            since that 2002 Game 6 with Kings / Lakers, i knew something was seriously wrong with the NBA, my favorite sport to watch and play.

            i def think Jordan’s first departure was more than just him being tired of playing. his father’s murder was vears suspicious.

            ewing’s lottery with stern folding the envelope.

            and the list goes on as i’m sure you know.

            1. smj

              oh, its show business; but i can’t guard any of them dudes out there. i don’t watch it all that much anymore. i still can’t quit osu football fersome reason though. that’s just as orchestrated of course

              1. dante

                i used to root for the Buckeyes as a kid back when. mostly cus they were michigan rivals and had the cool helmet stickers. then years later they got really good. once i stopped wagering with the parlay sheets and weekly pools – i just fell out of love with football for some reason.

                hoop still has me like an unrequieted lover…especially playoff time. prolly cus i played it growing up. but knowing all the chicanery going on with these fiefdom leagues, gambling ties, the media etc… the excitement has lost a lot of its luster.

    1. xileffilex

      Some good comments, dante

      re-estrangement from family. I’d say that many “vicsims” are only to pleased to get away from family, ex-husbands and wives and children, off to climes new with a new lover perhaps and a new intel-created identity. Win win, act out the role and disappear. How are they recruited though? see below

      How do they do the psy-ops? Start with the small ones, well known person dies in a certain #HRDPAR. How are they recruited? They scale it up to medium and large scale disasters.

      Incidentally, doesn’t JLB’s conspiracy MO mirror that of Ole Dammegard? [only full members can see part 2….] Sorry, I can’t find the time stamp in the audio when this ‘hook the curious’ technique was mentioned.

      1. dante

        Some good comments, dante

        >thank you sir. i’ve been meaning to interact here more often, but only so much time in a day :/

        re: estrangement from family. I’d say that many “vicsims” are only to pleased to get away from family, ex-husbands and wives and children, off to climes new with a new lover perhaps and a new intel-created identity. Win win, act out the role and disappear. How are they recruited though? see below

        >>ok but across all the events across the lands, we are talking about tens of thousands of people that would have to fit this bill. if this is the inevitable conclusion that must be drawn..so be it. but im not so sure this is the case. it does make sense to just invent identities, but i know at least some of these identities were not whole cloth fabricated. i.e Linda Gronlund on Flight 93.

        How do they do the psy-ops? Start with the small ones, well known person dies in a certain #HRDPAR. How are they recruited? They scale it up to medium and large scale disasters.

        >>what is the HRDPAR acronym? i see it written here a lot and assume it’s short for hoax / drill of some kind but would appreciate you spelling it out for me : ) . using this hypothesis, you’re saying the vicsims of 9/11 were engaged in smaller staged events at some point in their life – and then leveled up for more pay? off to whereverland with facial reconstruction? never to see fam again? no mom, no dad, siblings, friends.. i think that’s a bit of a stretch but i’m happy to go with it. but given this dynamic, i understand why most regular people will never be able to get to this level.

        Incidentally, doesn’t JLB’s conspiracy MO mirror that of Ole Dammegard? [only full members can see part 2….] Sorry, I can’t find the time stamp in the audio when this ‘hook the curious’ technique was mentioned.

        >>not quite sure what you mean by MO mirror. also not sure who Ole Dammegard is or what he does but i recall his name associated with Fetzer when i used to listen to that fraudulent fxck. will look into him later.

        i definitely wasn’t ‘hooked’ into JLB like a click bait or an opt-in sales funnel from a google or facebook ad. and he hasn’t employed the part 1 free / art 2 paid method.

        i first checked out his site after listening to a few Ball Earth Roundtable episodes. enjoyed reading his long form articles which applied scholarly research and writing to ‘conspiracy’ topics, as well integrates philosophical / existential concepts. this aspect still resonates with me most.

        we have no more stories that sate our need to know why we are here, when we are, et all… and the people in power are engaged in deliberate deception. now what?

        also, his attention to detail is impressive, from the penetrating questions while hosting chats/debates to his willingness to take skepticism / evidence / logical inferences – to wherever they may land and whomever they may upset, including oneself. no nonsense like ‘we only deal with building demolition’ . anything and everything is open for research (and ridicule).

        but despite all the seriousness of it all… he’s funny. i enjoyed similar traits with Markus too, who has a dark, tongue in cheek sense of humor when discussing this stuff. unfortunately, as AB has stated on a few occasions, there are so few characters worth listening to in this scene.

        as i write this, i sense it may be coming across as a public service announcement (not my intent..just want to be thorough with the answer), but i’m far from a JLB disciple. i disagree with him on several matters, but i continue to get value out of the subscription in a variety of ways.

        a lot of the material there is free so worth signing up. you could even pay one month and download all the paid stuff. and cancel. not suggesting you are, but it’s bizarre how many people scoff at his (or anyone else’s) paywall. who can afford to invest dozens of hours per week without any remuneration or sponsorship? i can barely write comments let alone carry out original research and production work!

        essentially, the jlb operation forces me to be sharper with my thought processes (and writing) and serves as a useful tool in figuring out what the hell to do with my remaining time on this earth. *that feature is not on offer and i may be the only one who derives that value from it.*

        given i / we are born into a colossal ‘lie system’ and the majority of fellow humans in my personal and professional life are completely oblivious to it …and couldn’t care less…and attack / disparage me for daring to disagree with them, the tv or the ‘experts’!

        how absurd this existence is…and not in the french new wave sense of the word! to have some people scattered around the world that share some of your perspectives…i guess it’s a little less lonely. but more importantly, others have insight on how to deal with x or y – and supplying resources (albeit meager in USD…less than a 6 pack of IPA per month) is worthwhile and worth nourishing its author to keep it going.

        the amount of money i’ve ‘blown’ on self destructive products and services could pay for a lifetime subscription for every member on Fakeologist 10 times over 😛 .

        Likewise, Fakeologist – while free to the world – is worthwhile too. and i plan to support it in perpetuity. if everyone deriving value here just gave up just one night a year of drink, drugs, junk food, wasteful expenditures et al… and threw those funds toward Ab…just one day / night! – it would be great for them, for the host, and great by extension for all the guests.

        positive feedback loops : )

        Read more: fakeologist.com/blog/2018/07/2…

        1. watermanchris

          HRDPAR – highly realistic drills portrayed as real.

          Hey Dante, some great comments here. I really like to see participation on the blog in written form as who knows what will happen to platforms like discord.

          I agree with you re: JLB.com. Unfortunately, there does not exist another place like it on the interwebs as I feel that more people could progress past the “baby hoax” level and arguing about – was this event/death real etc. type of paradigm if there were more “protected” communities. Some people do not like JLB’s blunt style of delivery so another outlet with a “softer” approach could do very well.

          I have only listened to abot half of this audio but it’s pretty good so far.

          A big thanks to the participants!

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